Why can’t I sleep even though I am tired?

Why can't I sleep even though I am tired

Why can’t I sleep even though I am tired? : You are facing the same question and trying to have a good sleep. I guess I’m right. Anyways here in this article I am going to tell you about the reasons due to which you can’t sleep even though you are tired. So, that you can avoid those reasons and can easily sleep.

In today’s world if you want to achieve any of your goal then you need to do hard work and put best possible efforts in it. In order to stay happy in your life it is very important for you to be happier from inside rather than maintaining a fake smile after going to gym and being fit. With the regular exercise, you will always need to add a proper diet, to get desired goal. Be it fitness or weight loss, having one or two kinds of fruit in your regular diet will help you in unimaginable ways.

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If we go by the common saying “Health is wealth”, we will find that there are secrets and mysteries of Ayurveda and many other medicinal branches that have been there since a long time.

10 Reasons due to which you can’t sleep even though you are tired

We are alive on the way of how Ayurveda and science have developed over the years. But if we talk about sleeping, there are various reasons that even if your body gets tired you would not be able to sleep. Let us see the reasons for the same:

1. If your mind is still active

May be you have fallen asleep but you mind is still racing against the thoughts. This is in general why you cannot really sleep even though you are physically very tired. Try scribble down these thoughts before going to bed would help.

2. Do not drink coffee

Do not at all drink any caffeinated drinks before going to bed. Coffee enables the active energy which prevents the sleep.

3. Usage of technological gadgets

Using mobiles, laptops, palmtops etc. before going to sleep is very much disturbing for the sleep.

4. Drink a lot of water

You need to keep your body hydrated before going to bed since you can feel thirsty in between the night which can disturb your sleep.

5. Do not exercise before sleeping

If you have done heavy exercise before going to bed, then your body might respond in an active way and keep you awake for longer time.

6. Follow a healthy diet

Diet is a very crucial part of your daily health since without a proper diet, and then you might hamper the sleep.

7. If you are having stress

In case if you have extra tension, you can be deprived of sleep as well.

8. If you cannot think positive

Your thoughts play a vital role in making you fall asleep. If you cannot sleep then there might be ways to think positive. If you are facing a problem, then try to bring down a solution of it. This might help you to sleep.

9. Try meditation

Meditation is a way to get back your normal life on focus and also to get control on your minds as well as on your thoughts. Therefore, if you cannot sleep, you can try meditating beforehand and bring down all your thoughts together before sleeping.

10. Wrong room temperature

If your AC is too chill or your room heater is too hot, then you might face a problem and your sleep might be disturbed. So fix the temperature and set it in a proper way so it does not interrupt your sleep.

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Therefore, here are the reasons with few remedies of why you cannot sleep and what can be done. So let us hope now you will have a good sleep at night. Good luck!

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