What Are The Qualities Of True Friend?

What Are The Qualities Of True Friend?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are the qualities of true friend? Friendship is the only relation in the world, which happens without any expectation. It is a mutual affection, love, understanding between people. It is familiar relationship, where can read each other minds, they understands each other. In fact, friends are one of the top prior people in one’s life, who understands his/her friends feelings without even listening to them. Friends trust each other and share all their feelings, secrets to each other, which they hesitate to share with anyone else.

Friendship is a very true and special bond in a person’s life. No matter, with how many people you are surrounded with, but if you are not your actual self their instead you are pretending to behave as they are expecting then that is of no use. The only thing now matters is you having a true friend with whom you don’t need to pretend, you are just free and can be your actual self. Here it is very clear that a true friend is how much good for your mental health.

What are the qualities of true friend?

Friends are the only one, who brings more happiness into our lives. Close friendship do not happen with everyone, but once you got a close friend it would be very impactful for your physical health also. A friend is basically a person who is not from your family or just a known person from anywhere, he/she is the one, who’s company you enjoy, with whom you feel happy. True friendship is an unbreakable bond. Here are top 10 qualities of a true friend-

1. Never judge

Never judge

Everyone out in the world are judgemental. A true friend will never judge you. A true friend will accept you in the way you are. No matter what happens, what is going on in your life he/she will never judge you on any of the stuffs which is going on in your life. They are never going to judge your actions instead they will support you in your decision or will make you understand the difference between right and wrong. True friends can never be judgemental towards you, because judgemental person can never be a true friend. If you get in touch with someone who is judgemental you can never say that they are your true friends.

True friends understands that just being judgement towards his/her friend will hurt their friends and will make them more disturbed.

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2. Guides you

 Guides you

In today’s date there are few people who will guide you and show you the correct path. A true friend are like parents. They are by your side always. At every situation you will find your true friend to guide you, even after you say that you do not need their guidance they won’t listen because they love you. They guides you in every situation or circumstances you are stucked in. Basically they are with you always to take you out of any situation by giving you a correct solution and guidance. They will scold you at your wrong decisions and praise you in your correct decisions.

3. They will be honest to you

They will be honest to you

Everyone knows that honesty is the best policy, but in today’s world it is very difficult to find a person who is honest to you. A true friend is always honest to you in every aspect and you should be the same from your side with your friend. If you will hide anything from your friend or do anything behind their back that they may find afterwards from someone else is not a good quality of a true friend.

If you have something planned with your friend and all of sudden you have to change your plan and go somewhere else, be honest and tell your friend about your sudden plan. A true friend will always understands you and if you lie to your friend and he/she find it later may affect your friendship.

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4. They are trustworthy

They are trustworthy

Very less people are around us who are trustworthy, on whom you can rely on and trust. A true friend is trustworthy. You can anything and everything with them without even thinking twice.

If your friend share something very personal and confidential with you, never ever break their trust by sharing it someone else. If from anywhere your friend comes to know that you have shared something with everyone which was meant to keep confidential, will hurt your friend a lot and can also break your friendship.

And if once the trust is broken your friend can never trust on anyone else instead they will start doubting everyone.

5. Listen to you

Listen to you

Nowadays, no one listen to anyone, even it’s something good or bad. Even family members avoid each other when it comes to just listen someone. And at that point every one needs a good true friend because a true friend listens everything all your bad things and good things. Even at your bad times you have the shoulder of your to friend. Your friend is always a good listener towards you.

As we speak out our feelings openly we realize about things easily and even our heart and mind feel light, without worrying of our feelings to get to everyone’s ear, as we trust on our true friend and he/she is a good listener.

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6. Always encourage you

. Always encourage you

 People today are mostly having competition build in their mind wit everyone, that is the reason no one out encourages each other. Only a true friend encourages you without any selfishness. Your best friend, your true friend is your personal cheerleader who is always there for you to cheer you for your achievements. They will always focus on your positive aspects and encourage you to build all your strengths more stronger.

A true friend will always remind you all the good things which are in build within yourself and encourage you to make them best. They will encourage you to achieve your goals and everything else you deserve and want.

7. They are loyal and caring

They are loyal and caring

Loyal friends are more precious than diamonds, because we don’t anymore have loyal people around us. A true friend will never spill out your secrets or gossip about you and such friends are called loyal friends.

A true friend is very caring. They will love you truly and will also remind you to love and respect yourself. Your friend needs sometimes to be pampered, a real friend only pamper you and give you love without being irritated.

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8. Accept you the way you are and sticks by your side

Accept you the way you are and sticks by your side

A good friend will never change your nature, they will just try to change the bad things in you. The actual nature of yours will not matter to your friend, they will accept in the way you are and will not try to change you.

They will stick by your side always in every situation. A true friend will not just enjoy in your happy times they will be by your side at in your bad times also.

9. They are helpful

They are helpful

Everyone needs someone at certain times to help them and a true friend is always there to help you. He/she always have your back and you have their back.

If they come to know about your problem, they will try to take that problem to themselves. In every aspect your friend will be ready to help you, either emotionally, mentally or practically.

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10. Be happy for each other

Be happy for each other

True friends be happy for each other in their happiness without being selfish. You truly feel happy for your friend when they are happy without any greed. You feel happy in their success, you feel happy when they achieve their goals and establish their career from the core of your heart.

But if you once also think to be in your friends place so that you also have those things, which your friend have. Then you are a true friend.

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