How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Touches Him?

How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Touches Him?

In this article we are going to talk about the How does a man feel when a woman touches him? Touches releases HAPPY HORMONES and makes us feel pleasure. We all are familiar with good touch and bad touch. Not only females, but also males are the victims of harassments. But the thing that females faces is way different than the males. Here, we are having a look at “how man feels when a woman touches him?” Everything depends upon the relationship that a man shares with woman. If the woman is his wife, girlfriend , mother or sister then the touches are normal and acceptable to him.

But if that woman is not even known to him, then her touches can make him feel insecure. But then this depends upon the man too, whether he is loyal to hi values or not. Because all men are not  same. Some get excited when a random woman touches them whereas some feels bad about it. Some men take the advantage of that woman for their enjoyment while some gets afraid and thinks why that thing happened. Sometimes, the woman, who has a relation with the man also comes up with the bad intentions. The domestic violence against men has increased in recent years. Many cases go unreported as men feel too ashamed to report abuse, due to male ego. 

How does a man feel when a woman touches him?

When a woman touches a man whether appropriately or inappropriately, that depends upon the man how to react on the situation. When the touches are inappropriate, it gives rise to the feeling of anger, fear, stress, loneliness, pride, revenge, disgust, happiness, excitement, satisfaction. Given below are some feelings whether good or bad, and how to overcome them.

1. Feeling of Anger

 Feeling of Anger

When being at a public place, if a woman touches a man inappropriately, the man may get angry. Anger can have many physical and mental consequences. He would end up leading destruction to his physical and mental health. Inspite of anger he can slap or threaten the woman. But, he should try to keep himself calm and maintain safe distance from that woman.

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2. Feeling of Fear

Feeling of Fear

Generally, men doesn’t get affected due to anyone. But there are few self-estemed men, who loses their confidence due to such incidences. When a random woman touches him for the first time, he develops fear in himself. And from the next time whenever his sister, mother or girlfriend touches him, he gets disturbed. But this type of men should practice mediatation and should try to overcome their fear.

3. Feeling of loneliness

Feeling of loneliness

There are some men who just gets isolated from friends and family. Such instances, destroys their trust for everyone. They start giving invitation to negative thoughts. The only remedy for them is their family or a close friend or a close sibling. They can overcome this problem by sharing it with their close ones, who can again develop trust in their minds.

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4. Feeling of Pride

Feeling of Pride

It has been observed that, there are so many males, for whom only touch or sexual satisfaction matters. It may be a random female or a known female, this thing is out of context for the. They feel proud when a female try to take his advantage, and in return they also start taking advantage. Instead of focusing on single woman, this type of men’s mind roams here and there for every another woman. The only solution for this type of men is some strict punishments. Also, mothers should raise their male as well as female child properly and make them understand about the good touches and bad touches.

5. Feeling of Revenge

Feeling of Revenge

When a female try to harass a man, this sometimes gives rise to male’s ego. In order to take revenge, this males plans and plots something very dangerous for that woman. Revenge is necessary for this type of women, but instead of planning something against that female, he should do police complaint. This will give you justice and also make that female understand that she did something very wrong.

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6. Feeling of Disgust

Feeling of Disgust

Woman’s inappropriate touch at any body part of the male, leads to the feeling of disgust in males. Whenever someone else touches that part of the body, they start feeling anxious and depressed as they remembers that situations everytime. With openness and time, we can overcome the feeling of disgust. The person should stop making his own judgement upon people’s intentions and motives.

7. Feeling of Happiness

Feeling of Happiness

When mother, sister or girlfriend or someone who is very close to the man touches him with love and care, the feeling of happiness arises. Sometimes, a random person’s touch also gives happiness if the man had the ability to understand the motives behind the touch. Not all the woman comes up with evil motive, some are genuine. So one should always try to understand before thinking negatively.

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8. Feeling of Excitement

Feeling of Excitement

When unknowingly man’s crush touches him, he gets excited. “Butterflies in his stomach” type of feeling occurs in him. Girlfriend’s touch sometimes excites the man too. But all this type of feelings are natural.

9. Feeling of Stress

Feeling of Stress

This can happen in both the cases, the woman is known and the woman in unknown. When an unexpected known female or unexpected unknown woman touches a man randomly, it creates a stressful condition for a man. He starts to get worried about what purpose or plans that female is holding. If the female is known to him, he should directly confront her in front of a understanding family member. With the unknown woman, he should start maintaining distance without freaking out the situation.

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10. Feeling of Satisfaction

Feeling of Satisfaction

This is the most common type of feeling in men. This type of feeling is possible between husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend. Feeling of satisfaction keeps the relationships healthy and balanced. Females touch with good intentions satisfies the males.

This are some of the feelings of a man and the remedies to overcome them.

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