How To Start A Phone Conversation With Your Crush?

How To Start A Phone Conversation With Your Crush?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to start a phone conversation with your crush? Conversation with our crush might not be easy as it seems that too, when you are especially introverted people. When you see or hear out to your crush, you might feel butterflies flying in your stomach or as many opines that our face becomes red and we start to blush. We feel all these kind of emotions when we’re around your crush, so it is also important to impress your crush so that if you have any real feelings about him or her, then definitely it will help in taking it to the further stage.

Communication is the key factor to any type of relationship. In order to keep the relationship lively, conversation is very essential, so conversation with your crush helps you to know about him or her better. And also it paves the way to bridge the gap between the two.

How to start a phone conversation with your crush?

Conversation is the thing that anybody notices, and it is the thing that makes the relationship interesting.  Face to face conversation is really quite obvious and some feel shy and uncomfortable. So phone conversation is somewhat interesting, flexible and easy as well. So phone conversation may include chatting with your crush or u can make a call. It is very important that you pick a topic which is interesting, general and comfortable as well. So here are 10 ways to start a phone conversation

So here are ten ways to start a phone conversation. Phone conversation is best for those who may. Feel they will not be able to express their feelings face to him, though this conversation doesn’t give a clear note on how your opposite person react, they might give only the slightest idea on their feelings, but they also helps to keep the conversation going and taking the relationship to the further level.

1. Start a conversation on a positive note

Start a conversation on a positive note

How  you start a conversation is the most important aspect in a phone conversation. So when you are on a call or on when you are messaging them, Make sure you greet him or her in a casual manner. As for me, the thing that invokes some curiosity is the best conversation starter. After greeting them, ask about the whereabouts. You don’t have to be too much in your words as it may seem like you’re over controlling. So make sure you only stick to the basic and simple questions like how are you, what you’re doing, etc. Keep your topics related to his or her interest and keep it light and start a conversation on positive note. Sharing some good or relevant topics might help. Make sure to sound happy and comfortable in and around the conversation so the conversation is smooth and light.

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2. Keeping an eye on the tone

Keeping an eye on the tone

Turn something that shows how you sound while you are in a conversation. It is important factor which keeps the Conversation moving in the relationship. A tone also conveys what do you mean really. Your tone also affects how the opposite person are receiving what you actually mean, so make sure the you use the right tone according to the situation. If you’re happy, then your tone itself will show that. Note that even sometimes when you are saying a positive thing, But it might sound rude and also vice versa. In many situations keeping a standard tone throughout the conversation helps it to continue.

Tone is not only important in a phone conversation, but also it is very prominent aspect in the way you message also. So make sure you to keep an eye on how your tone should change according to what you’re saying To make sure that the opposite person is perceiving it fully without any obstacles and confusions.

3. Sharing the good news

Sharing the good news

As I said earlier, in order to keep a conversation moving, there should be an interesting topic as well. If you succeed or achieve in anything that you like, make sure to share it with your crush also. As it builds  a good, healthy relationship between the two and makes it feel like that you are sharing your feelings and thoughts with him or her whole also it brings a sense of goodness, as in when you see that people are coming towards you to share something of their success, and also if you know that your crush has achieved something, make sure you congratulate him or her.

Keep identifying their achievements and success in order to  make them feel that they are acknowledged by the people. Like you. And also tell them that you are just a call away if they want to share anything with them, it may be their success or it may be when they feel low or dejected. So make sure that you will be always there for them, whatever might the situation be.

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4. Listen to them

Listen to them

If you make a call, it is important to be a good listener In order to get to know your opposite person’s reaction. if you Listen to them. You might get the idea of how they’re feeling. You also get to know that if they are interested in the conversation or not, if you feel that they are not interested, then make sure you to discontinue the conversation and tell them that you will make a call next time and if you feel they are  interested and happy, then make sure to continue the conversation and gradually start to express your feeling.

Also, You get to know a person very well only if u give them a chance to speak up so that you can whether is it the right time to say a specific topic or not. Also listening to them will give a special feeling and they might be happy to think that there is someone who can listen to them without getting tired.

5. Relevant response

Relevant response

If you are a good listener then you should also be a good responder also. Whenever your crush or any other people share some of their thoughts, feelings or problems with you, you should be able to give them your suggestions or opinions or just you can give them motivation that they need in their life. Also, you should be very knowledgeable to respond to the questions or the opinions that other shares with you, so that you can also respond well and you give them a relevant response. Relevant responses to other’s opinions will always make you to stand out of the crowd and other’s will also start to see you in a respect manner and your crush is no different, always be sympathetic towards your and always be available to help him or her in their difficult situations over the call or in person.

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6. Talk interesting topic

Talk interesting topic

The only way to keep the conversation going with your crush is to talk about the topic which you both are similarly interested in. Before that, you must find out what is your crush’s likes and dislikes, so that you get an idea about what are the topics and what are the subjects that you can take up to continue the conversation. According to me, the best thing is to start with the general and a simple topic instead of going with a complex one.

Make sure that you give your opinions and take their opinion as well so that the conversation moves forward Try to avoid irrelevant topics so that your crush don’t end up being uninterested. You both can talk about your hobbies or your favourite actors food, pets ,hobbies, passion, future goals, etc. And there are billions of topic that you can speak up . So finally my suggestion is to finish it up as soon as you start getting bored.

7. Sense of humour

Sense of humour

According to me, a good sense of humour is the most thing that many are attracted to and this is the way which keeps the conversation fun and enjoyable. A person who possesses a good sense of humour sees their happiness by making others laugh. So a person with this quality never keeps their surrounding boring and that’s what makes them special and unique than other people. They keep their circle happy and stress free. So a good sense of humour in a phone conversation works wonder by changing other person’s bad opinion about you.

Every individual need to cultivate this ability so that they can keep themselves happy every time and can attract a lot more people just by their good vibes. It also makes the conversation effective and makes the person more likeable. So even if you are bad at communication having a good sense of humour helps a lot.

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8. Check around surrounding

Check around surrounding

While having a phone conversation it is very important to make sure that you have a suitable environment . Check for the disturbances or network issues that might pop up which decreases the quality of the conversation. And there are also chances where you meant to say something but that was misunderstood by the opposite person because of not clearly audible audio or not clearly using the words in messages. So make sure to avoid loud noises around you if you want the other person to understand the message clearly without any confusion or duality. Also you should be able to know if the other person’s environment is also suitable for both to have a meaningful conversation is very essential in order to not make the other person uncomfortable without having the knowledge about who is there in their surrounding.

9. Avoid indirect sentences

Avoid indirect sentences

Many of feel uncomfortable or feel confused to answer if the question from the other person is in indirect form. In order to keep the flow in the conversation we should make to have a direct approach instead of do so as this make the conversation easy and light. We also should make sure to avoid sarcastic comments while in conversation as this might end up in discontinuity. We should be able to provide comfort and warmth to the opposite person so that they can open up about their thoughts and feelings .

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10. Wrap up the politely

Wrap up the politely

Ending the conversation correctly is as important as starting the conversation. Many of our end words is the thing that makes a wide impression about us among others. Many of us might not get the answer we need or the conversation might not go accurately as we expected but this shouldn’t change our feelings and behaviours about the opposite person. So make sure to end the conversation politely and in a good manner no matter how ever the situation went up. It is also very important to form a good impression about us in our crush.

So here are 10 ways to start a phone conversation with our crush

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