Relationship Advice for Women

Relationship advice for women

Relationship advice for women is given in this article. Relationships are hard. That is a fact. Most of the times it is like navigating the dark with your partner, holding their hand, neither you having any idea where you’re going. You fall into potholes sometimes, break a limb maybe, and sometimes you heal, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you lose your grip on the other’s hand and have to stumble around till you find them again. And if you don’t, you have to know when to stop searching. Sometimes you need to let go of their hand and search for somebody else. Metaphors and symbolisms work up to a limit, but after that you need some practical, real life advice.

Top 10 Relationship Advice For Women

Here is the list of top relationship advice for women listed below:

1. Communication

Always speak your mind.  No healthy relationship can flourish without proper communication. The need for mystery in a relationship is overrated. Brutal honesty is what you need. If there’s something troubling you, say it. And encourage your partner to do the same. Most problems can be resolved by open and honest communication. Open those channels of communication from the first date onwards and keep them going till the end.

2. Compatibility

No amount of talking things out will keep the relationship alive if you are fundamentally incompatible in some way. You have to be physically, mentally and emotionally compatible with your partner. If you’re not, it is most probably apparent from the very first. But most people ignore some parts of it, because of the presence of others. For example you might have great sexual chemistry, but you can’t have a proper conversation with the guy. Or you might be intellectually the perfect match, but the intimacy is not great. In these cases, the relationship will not last long. The foundation needs to be stable, then only we can build upwards.

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3. Never take others for granted

Even if you have been married for 30 years, treat your spouse everyday as if you were on your first date. When we take her other for granted, we pay less attention to them, give them less affection, care less about their needs. That is when a relationship goes stale and the spark begins to die. Be comfortable with them, but not too comfortable as to take for granted that they would never leave. The excitement of the courtship and the wooing, that needs to be revisited to breathe energy and life into your relationship. This means the little things. A passionate kiss everyday, the occasional surprise gift, and even simply just saying the words I love you.

4. Fight without hurting

Fights are healthy for a relationship. You need to resolve issues lest it stay bottled up and poison you from the inside. But never say things in anger that would hurt your partners feelings. Empathize with your partner. See things from their side too. Make them understand your views. If you say hurtful things in a fight that you do not mean, you might not be able to take them back. They might do permanent damage.

5. Personal space

Respect that your partner has a life of their own apart from your life together. Respect their personal space. And it is important to have that. Do not let the relationship consume you. You need to maintain your individuality. Have hobbies and interests of your own that doesn’t concern your partner. Don’t neglect your friends. Don’t let your partner consume all your time. Personal care is important.

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6. Be whole on your own

If only you are a secure person on your own, can you accommodate another person into your lives. Do not rely on your partner to boost your self esteem or self worth, that you have to do on your own, then only can you have a healthy relationship in your life. Don’t use them to fill a void. You are not a half of a whole. The two people in a relationship are two whole individuals who come together to build something. Do not put on your partner the responsibility of making you happy and fulfilled. You must do that yourself and can only share your feelings with each other.

7. Expectations

Make it clear from the beginning of a relationship what your expectations of the other are. Do not hope or try to change your partner in any way. Get in a relationship with a person only if you can accept them as they are, not as who they could be. At the beginning of a relationship ask them about their expectations of their future. Their concepts of marriage and family, do they want to have kids, how much of their life is consumed by their career, if they are planning a move in the future, everything. Because if further down the line you figure out that your expectations do not match, that would be painful. You would either have to change yourself or change them. And those are not healthy options.

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8. Respect

No relationship can exist without mutual respect. It is even more important than love. Respect means respecting the other’s choices, decisions and lifestyle. If you do not respect them as an individual, then there is no hope for a relationship. Talk about this at the beginning. Make sure their views and opinions are one you can respect and get the same assurance from them.

9. Compromise

In a relationship, you need to stop thinking in terms of ‘I’ and start thinking in terms of ‘we’. That means compromising on certain things to accommodate for the other. It is delicate balance between compromising, and not losing your individuality. Empathize with your partner. See things from their perspective too. Make room for them in your life. When a problem arises talk things out and arrive at a middle ground. Meeting the other in the middle is key to any relationship. Do not be inflexible.

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10. Know when to let go

We have ideas of forever and soulmates drilled into us from a very young age. We are taught that there is one person for everyone and if you find that person you should never let them go. But you need to learn to let go. We can learn about how to make a relationship work out, but we also need to learn about what to do when it simply doesn’t. Sometimes a relationship starts off great, seemingly perfect, but over time, it doesn’t seem right anymore. You can try to salvage it, learn what went wrong and correct it, but there is a point when you need to stop trying and declare it dead. Else you may be stuck trying to resuscitate a dead relationship for the rest of your life. Then there’s the other case. Abuse. Never, ever tolerate abuse. At the first sign of it, pack your things and run for your life. There’s no compromise, no tolerance, for abuse.

Navigating the waters of a new relationship is hard work, but it is worth it. To share your life with someone is a beautiful thing, and however hard the journey may be, you’ll have someone to support you. So, these were some top relationship advice for Women. I hope you liked this article.

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