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best social media sites

The best social media sites are listed in this article about top 10 social media sites that mostly people use to socialize themselves over internet. Gone are the days when every thought that a person wanted to convey had to be done using letters. People had to wait for days on an end for one letter to arrive. Pigeons don’t seem to be the rage now either. We have come to a point in time where sharing huge amounts of information, thoughts and ideas are super easy. Even filing a glass of water requires more effort than sending a bulk of documents. We have devices that add to our convenience. Our laptops, tablets, phones and even watches allow us to perform miscellaneous tasks.

We no longer need a physical calendar to check the date or a calculator to perform calculations. Everything is within our grasp, we have access to a huge amount of knowledge which can be accessed at the tap of a finger. Not only that, they also help us connect with other people. In this day and age people keep moving to other places, because of which maintaining contact with them becomes difficult. However modern problems require modern solutions. There are many social media applications and websites that allow you to be in touch with them. Not only friends and family, they provide you with the opportunity of connecting with the world.

Top 10 Social Media Sites

Here are 10 Best social media websites listed below:

1. Instagram

“Wasn’t that boomerang really cool? Let’s try another one”, haven’t we all heard or said something along the same lines. Instagram is a wide platform that provides you various features. It focuses on pictures and text. You get a wide range of filters to choose from before you post any picture or video. You can play with contrast, saturation, brightness and much more. Not only can you text your friends but also video call them. Instagram allows you to send posts to your friends.


Don’t we all come across hilarious memes? Why go through the trouble or saving or sending screenshots when you can send it directly. You also have the option of uploading a story which stays for 24 hours unlike your posts. This is a fun way to catch up with what’s happening in the world and your friend’s life as well as telling them about yours. Having more than 1 Billion downloads on Playstore, it is a preferred choice for brands. They advertise their products and services on this platform easily.

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2. WhatsApp

Don’t we all have atleast 2-3 WhatsApp groups which keep our phones buzzing all the time? But this application has eased the process of sending and receiving information. Groups not only help you connect with a variety of people but it also helps you send information quickly to a large number of people. We have the option of sending documents, pictures, voice messages and text messages to our contacts.


WhatsApp also provides you with a unique feature of sharing your location. You can let your parents look at your location while you travel without having to call and let them know every 5 minutes. WhatsApp allows you to make voice calls as well as video calls. Although you don’t have the ability to post pictures that stay forever you can still use the feature of stories here that allow a photo or video or text to visible to your contacts for 24 hours.

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3. Facebook

Facebook is the one which took over Instagram and WhatsApp and transformed them into their latest versions. Facebook provides its users with numerous options. Texting someone? Sending pictures? Posting pictures? Uploading stories? You name it, Facebook has it all covered. Not only that, you can post statuses on your profile as well. The new category ‘market’ allows you to buy and sell products on this platform as well. Haven’t we all been saved with those birthday reminders by Facebook? This is the only application that takes personal information.


You can choose who that information is visible to. The ‘Messenger’ by Facebook wasn’t a separate entity initially. Although you still use your Facebook profile as a basis, the messenger allows you to message other people and much more.

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4. Twitter

Seen tweets go viral? This is because this social media site caters to people from around the world. Tweets are basically messages which are used to interact with people. From celebrities to politicians, you can find most of them using this platform. If someone finds a particular tweet interesting they can retweet it. Retweeting lets you show your support as well as allows that message to reach more people.


You can choose whether you wish to post a tweet that is public or one that is only visible to your followers. You can find discussions about almost everything on this platform from entertainment to politics. Using a hashtag allows that topic to get connected with others. This also helps a topic to become trending.

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5. Snapchat

Don’t like typing too much? Think pictures convey more than words? Then, Snapchat is the best application for you. It allows you to send as many pictures and videos as you want to your friends. You are even given the option of saving pictures in your memories. You can keep your pictures in the app itself without saving a copy in your internal storage. Also, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of having to delete copies of pictures after you send them, then this is perfect for you.


However you can only view the images/videos once with an additional replay at most. Snapchat also provides the option of sending messages and calling someone. You can even keep those dog ears on while you video call. It is your decision whether you wish to let your messages vanish after seeing them, keep them for 24 hours or forever.

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6. Pinterest

Do you lean towards the creative side in life? Pinterest cares to all your creative needs. Having over 100 Million downloads on Playstore itself, this application provides you with posts about almost everything. Are you stuck in a creative rut and are looking for some creative inspiration? This is the place for you. It provides you with a huge range of ideas to choose from. Whether it is home decor, hena designs, hairstyles or anything in between, Pinterest has got you covered.


You can even pin your favourites to your board. This board can be kept private and can be made public. Marriage is no exception either, you want to have a floral wedding, a simple wedding, a beachy wedding, a starry wedding, a fairy tail wedding, you name it, this platform has creativity blooming everywhere.

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7. LinkedIn

Breaking the norm, LinkedIn is one social media site that caters to a different ideology and set of people. This is the social version of your CV or resume. You can use this platform to connect with companies, people and much more. You can use your connections to get jobs and even recommendations.


The option of sending messages is also present. You can upload your experience, your job history and your achievements and get a better chance at employment. This helps the companies in getting a better idea of the employee as well.

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8. YouTube

Populary know for videos, this application has quickly become an important asset. YouTube allows you to watch videos on almost any topic from news to space to music. The premium version offers you the option of playing videos without advertisements. Whereas many companies tie up with famous YouTubers to endorse their products. YouTube can be a very informative source as well. With experts around the world, it helps you learn from them without having to physically reach out to them.


Many students rely on YouTube to learn and give exams nowadays. Although YouTube gives the option of sharing pictures, videos still remain the hype. Any person can join the community and reach out to people. If a person is able to achieve a good number of viewers then he/she can earn through it as well.

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9. Tik Tok

We’ve heard about Bollywood starts, Hollywood stars and Tollywood starts but Tik Tok stars seem to be the rage nowadays. Tik Tok provides you a huge gallery of music to choose from. You are required to make videos which can be kept personal or shared to the public.


This application lets you lip sync to the songs of your choice and perform along with them. Haven’t we all sung along with our favourite songs on one occasion or the other? This application gives us a much more holistic approach to it.

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10. Tumblr

When we meet someone, we ask them about their hobbies, their likes and dislikes. These are the same factors on which relationships are built. We are able to connect with those people better who have similar interests as us. Similarly Tumblr lets you connect with people having similar interests. You can follow the people of your choice and much more.


This platform allows you to send messages as well . You can post live videos, photos, audios and almost anything. This platform allows you to express yourself. You can customise your fonts, layout and everything according to your likes.

Have a good time connecting.

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