10 Best Ways To Develop Public Speaking Skills

Best Ways To Develop Public Speaking Skills

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 best ways to develop public speaking skills. Speaking in front of a group of people is not everybody’s cup of tea. It requires great courage and confidence. One should not be dubious while speaking in front of a throng. But it is not impossible either. With current guidance, one can become a great public speaker. So, today we are here to guide you through your journey from an ordinary person to an extraordinary public speaker. Just follow the steps below and be consistent at your work and you will make it to your destination.

10 Best Ways To Develop Public Speaking Skills

Here is the list of best ways to develop public speaking skills discussed in detail:

1. Always Introduce Yourself

Always Introduce Yourself

The first step is always to introduce yourself before starting the speech. It is a necessary action. The throng needs to know about the speaker and will be able to analyze you and they will be able to understand you in a better manner. Speak a few words about yourself. Keep it short but make sure you convey all the important details. And the important thing is while giving your introduction you need to bold. In the very few words, you speak the listeners judge your character and your personality. So you need to make sure you speak well, at least the introduction part.

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2. Practice


“Practice makes a man perfect”. It is not new to any of us. We all know the value of the right amount of practice. One can achieve anything with the right amount of practice and perseverance. So be consistent with your self. Hang in there and practice a lot before going in front of a throng. And it is better if you practice in front of a mirror. In that manner, you can see yourself while speaking and correct if there are any mistakes. Believe me, speaking in front of the mirror and practicing really helps a lot.

A lot of practice will also help with your stage fear and nervousness. It improves your confidence and makes you ready in all aspects. You must always speak loudly and clearly. You must always make sure that people understand what your speaking. Otherwise, there is no point in speaking. So speaking clearly and loud enough is important. So always remember the key to success is a good amount of practice with persistent hard work. Good luck.

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3. The Content

The Content

The next most important thing is the content you speak. Try to develop interesting content. Do not brag or drag your speech. It should be short and sweet and should be to the point. Do not speak about anything that is unnecessary. Try to put into words exactly what you think and try to deliver it correctly without any pronunciation errors. Try explaining things with stories. people love stories so the speech might seem interesting. Remember the goal is to make the content interesting for the group. Try to use some old idioms or sayings and explain them. That might also spring up interest in the audience. Try to crack some jokes that relate to the content you are speaking. This might also make people attentive to your speech.

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4. Confidence


Everybody is afraid of something. One should get through these fears to achieve the unbelievable. Try and improve your confidence by doing some tasks daily. The tasks can be like always staying positive, saying positive things to yourself, writing a journal daily, dress in a confident manner, give a firm handshake to people you meet. Daily simple tasks like this can help you build up your confidence. Confidence is an important key to a good speech. You must be very confident while speaking. Your confidence should be felt through your voice. Your voice must be as bold as a lion. Remember confidence is important and small daily activities improve your confidence and also helps in reducing stage fear.

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5. Know The Throng

Know The Throng

Know the audience you are speaking to. This gives you a sense of confidence. Knowing what kind of audience you are speaking to beforehand is quite helpful. Know the mindset of your audience and speak in their perspective. This might also grab the attention of the throng. It also increases their curiosity and interest. Speak in a manner that gets your audience to appreciate your speech and views. Knowing the whereabouts and interests of the audience is important and helpful.

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6. Feedback And Change

Feedback And Change

The measure of intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. Fear is common to everyone. We all fear change. But one needs to adapt oneself to good changes. Speak in front of someone you believe in and take feedback. it might be your friend, your mother, your sister. Find someone you trust. Try to get feedback hoping they were honest. Try and change yourself accordingly. Do not be afraid of change. Try to adapt to those changes and improve yourself. Let them correct you and see the results. Understand where you are making a mistake and then plan things out. It is an effective method because you get to know your flaws and correct them. Be a little curious to know how you sound and look. And it may bring out some secrets they may be hiding…open up a little bit maybe.

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7. Pauses


Whenever you read an interesting book and you put the pieces of the puzzle and complete a big loophole you just put the book down and let the information sink in. You take a deep breath and then continue reading… ‘Yes you are sure now than Ron killed Jessica’. In the same way, you need to just give a pause in between your talks. It also helps you and your audience. They will get some time to decipher your words. They will listen to you attentively. You can stop and take a deep breath. It is a good method to prepare yourself for whatever you were about to tell next. Stop and take in the seen of your audience. Try and figure out their expressions.

If they look bored try talking in a different way, crack a joke. Try to grab their attention back to you. Something like ‘Can I have your attention’ or ‘hear up’. Don’t get nervous at your pause. Get used to the silence. make sure you ask a question before you give a pause. Make them feel like you are waiting for an answer. That will help with the awkwardness that may build up. Give a gap and make sure the audience doesn’t nap.

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8. Body Language

Body Language

Your words convey your intention, while your body language conveys your emotion. You need to sound bold and act boldly. Make sure your body does not give out the nervousness in your mind. Smile no matter how afraid you are. And also smile every now and then. Your facial expressions will decide the mood of the audience. So make sure you smile and pass around an aroma of pleasantness around the audience. Get comfortable with the environment. Do not start speaking right away. get yourself comfortable first. take 1 to 2 minutes to adjust.

Let the environment to sink inside of you. Before you start speaking make sure you pass around your pleasantness to the audience. The group of people sitting in front of you should start to feel the pleasantness. It should be that good. And then start to speak. Get your audience to your mood, not you to theirs. Try to act naturally. Move around the stage if possible to look natural. Do not mimic or act artificially. Be your true self on the stage. Describe your own points and views. Do not mimic others or other’s points. Make sure you look good. Looks do matter. Your looks make your first impression. So make sure you look good and dignified.

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9. Start-A Story

Start-A Story

The start is always important. The first impression is the best impression. So you need to make sure that you grab everyone’s attention before you begin the actual content of the speech. One such way to grab the attention of the audience is to start off with an interesting story related to your topic of course. Or you can tell any story and can relate its moral to your topic of speech. In this way, it will not be a boring start and you get all the attention you need before you start speaking.

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10. Recording Your Speech

Recording Your Speech

If you are not comfortable speaking in front of your trusted person,(as suggested in point 6) then you can always record your speech and then listen to it. Record your speech, listen to it and correct yourself before practicing. This way you can keep practicing to yourself. you do not need to worry about other people watching your speech before it is delivered. You can also practice the time limit in this way.

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So these are some of the things you can follow and improve yourself in public speaking. I hope it helps.

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