How to Improve your Vocabulary in 30 Days?

How to Improve your Vocabulary in 30 Days?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to improve your vocabulary in 30 days. Expanding your vocabulary might seem like a tedious and far fetched goal. It might seem difficult especially for those trying to learn a new language. This however, should not stop one from building and expanding their vocabulary. Here are some methods you can use to build your vocabulary in 30 days.

How to Improve your Vocabulary in 30 Days?

The 10 Ways to Improve your Vocabulary in 30 Days are discussed below in detail here:

1. Post its

Post its.

One of the most effective methods of building one’s vocabulary in any language is by sticking post it notes all around their place of dwelling or where one can come in contact with these notes on a daily basis and it is in their visual field. Research has shown that by looking at information on a daily basis helps register the information in our mind subliminally. Thus, based on this research, it can be understood that if something is constantly in the visual field of the student or the learner, over time it will get registered in their brain.

By using post it notes, one can label each item with post it notes in the language one is trying to learn. For example, if you are trying to build your vocabulary in Spanish, by labeling the the ‘lamp’ as ‘Lampára’, the word would get registered efficiently over time.This way, if one comes across these words on a daily basis and practices it daily their vocabulary can be expanded.

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2. Five words per day

Five words per day

Simply learning five words per day can improve one’s vocabulary to a great extent. If one learns five words a day and remembers them, over the course of a month, approximately 175 new words will be learnt. If this is done diligently and regularly, it can help expand one’s vocabulary extensively. This would essentially require a dictionary but there are several online sources through which one can easily learn new words everyday. Spending a few minutes everyday to learn five words everyday can help expand ones vocabulary. If possible, the number of words learnt per day can be increased but one must try not to cram to much in one day as it can effect learning.

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3. Books and newspaper

Books.and newspaper

Reading pieces of literature written in the language you are learning is a sure shot way of improving your vocabulary. Reading allows for exposition to more words that one might not come across in everyday, conversational language. The reading activity allows expanding one’s vocabulary through the understanding of context. This allows for the words to remain in the mind of the learner. Classical literature is often difficult to understand when trying to learn a new language but it allows proper and fuller expansion of vocabulary. Reading newspapers is also one of the most effective methods of building vocabulary.

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4. Films


Watching films in the language one is trying to learn can also aid building ones vocabulary. For example, if one is trying to build their vocabulary in English, watching movies in English especially films and movies that are considered classics, will expose the learner to fluid, well structured sentences and phrases in English and watching them will allow the learner an opportunity to build and improve their vocabulary.

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5. Songs and Audio

Songs and Audio.

Our auditory system is connected to faster learning and memory. Listening to songs and audiobooks in the language one wants to build their Vocabulary in will prove to be extensively effective. Audio books are extremely convenient. They can be used even while one is busy engaging in other activities or one is traveling. Simply by listening, one can easily build their vocabulary and learn more through the process.

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6. Find a Partner

Find a Partner.

Finding a partner to work with to build and expand your vocabulary can be very helpful. While working with a partner, one can keep a check on the progress of the other and vice versa. Peer groups and friends can prove extremely effective. Weekly revisions and tests will help the consolidation of the newly learnt words. New words can be learnt by each partner or member of the group and can be shared with the other members of the group. Learning with a group or with a partner can not only expand the vocabulary but can also prove to be fun and enjoyable as multiple, creative methods can be employed to ensure learning.

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7. Talk or converse

Talk  or converse.

Talking or conversing in the language you are trying to build your vocabulary in is crucial. Learning new words is not enough. One must try and make an effort to employ these words in their conversations. It is only through this that one will be able to retain these words for a long period of time. Once the words are understood in context, it remains in the mind. Hence this is a very important step to building one’s vocabulary and has been proven more effective than mere rote learning. One can also practice giving speeches in front of a mirror. Employing the words one has learnt and presenting it wither to a group of people or even to oneself in front of the mirror can also prove to be highly effective in building ones vocabulary.

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8. Write


Writing words one has learnt can help building vocal at a rapid rate effectively. One can learn new words and write them down and can even make a vocabulary tree. It has been proven that writing down things registers information more effectively than simply reading. Writing a journal can also prove to be effective as it consolidates the word and its meaning effectively in the mind of the learner. Writing short stories and poems by employing new words one has learnt helps in contextual understanding and learning of newly learnt words. Barely writing the words one has learnt is also very effective.

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9. Games


There are a number of word games that are available that can be use to improve ones vocabulary. Several games are available online as well and allow for efficient expansion of a person’s vocabulary. Games like Scrabble or Crossword help in building vocabulary. This allows one to build one’s vocabulary through a fun and enjoyable method.

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10. Word association

Word association.

This method allows for a person to learn and remember words through the association she/ he makes between the word and an emotional memory or event. This association could be made to images, remarkable events and experiences, sounds or audios, smells or scents and even tastes. These images, events, sounds or scents are termed as cues or stimulus and the word that is associated with these cues are called responses. A word in itself could be a cur for another word. Through this association, one can recollect or remember a word by recollecting the cue. On the other hand, when the cue or the stimulus is presented to the learner, it results in the learner remembering the response word. For example, A learner has learnt the word ‘Scrumptious’ which formally defined means extremely tasty or delicious.

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If the learner makes the association of this word with the image of their favourite food, whenever they are presented with that food, they will recollect the word scrumptious. Here, the cue or the stimulus is the food and the response is the word ‘scrumptious’. The association here is made between the food and the word. Therefore even if one wants to recollect the word, the image will aid the recollection of the word. Thus as a result, through associations, ones vocabulary can be expanded extensively because meaning from ones own personal life and associations with their own experiences are made by the learners themselves.

Building your vocabulary begins with appreciating and embracing the language one is studying or learning. Language is a manner of communication and every language has its own unique and individual characteristic features and attributes. Learning must be made a fun process and then and only then will one be able to learn more. One must open their mind to learning. Expanding and building your vocabulary is as important as it is to appreciate the culture and origins behind the development of the language you are studying. This opens your mind and broadens your horizons. Building your vocabulary might seem difficult but if you put your mind to it and try to do so diligently, it can be achieved by following a few easy steps. Any form of learning takes time and this rule applies to vocabulary as well.

It is important to keep in mind that learning can never end. At no point can an individual claim that she/ he has learnt everything. The same applies to language. With changing times and the evolving world, new forms of speaking and new additions to vocabulary are rampant. Thus one can never truly complete learning or studying any language. Language is continuously evolving and one must continue learning and building their vocabulary. Thus in thirty days one can definitely develop, expand and sharpen their vocabulary, but they cannot completely learn every single word in this time. These methods can be used to build and expand and highly improve ones vocabulary to a great extent and that in turn can help in building ones personality because the manner in which one speaks, the sentence structure she/ he uses and their choice of words says a lot about a person.

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