Why Is It Important To Have Good Writing Skills?

Why Is It Important To Have Good Writing Skills?

In this article we are going to talk about the why is it important to have good writing skills. Efficient writing refers to the ability to write something with clarity and precision and the skill to complete the task without making any spelling or grammar mistake. Among the various soft skills, effective writing holds a prominent position. It has become a requisite of today to master the art of writing. From writing a personal letter to your friend to writing a resume for a job interview, writing skill has now become a necessary ability in all walks of life.

Why is it important to have good writing skills?

There are several reasons why it is important to have good writing skills. Here are some of them.

1. Conveys an idea completely

Conveys an idea completely

The biggest advantage of acquiring good writing skill is that it helps you convey a message with clarity and precision. A good orator should have the ability to hold the interest of the audience. The major part of his success is in the words he speaks and in the efficiency with which he handles the same. Writing down the message with clarity is the first step before conveying a speech. Writing skill provides the writer with the advantage of arranging his ideas in the perfect order so that it can be delivered easily and effectively.

Also, the aptitude to write well is influential. It is considered the best method to propagate ideas through print media. In print media, the words act as weapons. If used dexterously they can produce unexpected results. A person who is skilled in writing well will always have an upper hand. History provides ample evidence for the same. The reason why Adolf Hitler burnt books during the period of Holocaust was that it had the power to change the perspectives of the mass. Words are like arrows. When it is in the hands of an expert archer, it produces the desired result.

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2. Increases job opportunities

Increases job opportunities

Writing is a skill. It can be directed towards the aim of attaining a job. Today, unemployment is increasing in society. With limited talents no person can find a decent occupation. Writing skill act as an added advantage in these circumstances. Even while filling a resume, a person with good writing skills will be able to present it in an attractive manner. He will be capable of designing the letter in such way as to attract the readers. The chances for mistakes, particularly in spelling and grammar is a common phenomenon.

If able to write efficiently, such mistakes will not reduce. Before a person is called for an interview it is the curriculum vitae and the request letter that are looked into. It gives the interviewers the first impression about the interviewee. If a person is able to impress them through his writing it could determine their chances for employment. Writing skills can be acquired through practice. Try to develop a skill in writing efficiently which can increase your chances for professional work.

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3. To express yourself in a better way

While writing a letter or when using digital platforms, one of the crucial problems faced by many is the inability to convey their feeling and beliefs in the desired manner. A person who can write well can express himself through words. Social medias and other print medias often exemplify the difference a well written post has with other texts. Inability to convey the message efficiently is a major problem faced the people. This can be their feelings or emotions. It can even be a person’s opinion. If not conveyed prudently and properly it can create misunderstandings leading to serious conflicts.

Writing skills are also useful to write artistically. Such people make use of words to express who they are and what they feel in such ways as to influence people. Anne Frank was an ordinary teenage girl, one among the thousands suffering under the brutal forces of the Nazis. Nevertheless, she was able to express her emotions and opinions in her diary which later became a principal text in knowing about the brutalities of Hitler. It was her skill to express through words that resulted in her becoming a renowned figure in world history.

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4. Helps score high during exams

Helps score high during exams

It is important to train a child in writing efficiently from the lower classes onwards. It is a necessary skill to be taught, right from the childhood. During examinations a student is to express her knowledge on the subject by writing them down in answer sheets. A student skilled in writing would be able to express his/her idea better within the limited time. They might not have to strain themselves to find the right word nor will they find difficulty in completing the exam within the prescribed time limit.

Usually there will be a word limit for every section where the students are requested to write the answer within the given word limit. Most students find it difficult to handle brevity and clarity together causing panic. This can be avoided if the person is skilled in writing. It also fetches them high marks. Most times it is not the knowledge of the student but the manner of expression that creates impression. It shows how important is writing skills in day to day life.

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5. Communication becomes easier

 Communication becomes easier

Another advantage of good writing skill is that you can communicate with clarity. There would be situations where a person is to convey the news euphemistically to a large audience. In order to prevent a chaos, the writers manipulate their articles so as to prevent any uprising. Authorities assign such duties to diplomats who have been trained to handle such situations. The public speeches delivered by politicians and renowned personalities are often written by efficient writers. They know how to deliver a message in a convenient manner.

The power of a good writer can never be replaced. It has its importance in all sectors. Advertisements are the best examples for the same. The words and ideas used in ads remain in the mind of viewers. The producers of those ads employ talented writers to create advertisements which can hold the attention of the common mass. The words used in them may be common, but they create an impact. It is the proficiency of those writers that produce such results.

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6. Helps in attaining a job

Helps in attaining a job

With the advancement of print media and information technology the scope for getting a job has also become easier. There are numerous opportunities for a person with good writing skills. Journalism, content writing, digital marketing and report making are few among the hundreds. There are several online jobs and part-time ones which can be used as a means to gather pocket-money. It is the language proficiency and writing skill mainly focussed upon while selecting an employee. Writing news-paper articles, contents for the various web pages and companies, creating advertisements are some of the common areas where these skills are required. A person who has the ability to write effectively should put deliberate effort to improve them so that it can help them in future.

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7. For recording information

For recording information

Several ancient writings are still preserved with care due to the gallon of information attained from them. The scholars who wrote them were highly talented such that their texts contain deep valuable knowledge. While writing a report, an effective writer could productively use limited words to convey the required information. He/she would also be skilled to include the necessary information alone, eliminating the trivial details. Such records can be preserved for future reference for they provide valuable information on a particular event. Writing skills are required not only in arts subjects, but in science too the skill is relevant. For a scientist to explain a particular theory or problem, he requires the expertise to convey the matter to the audience without causing confusions. Effective writing skill is the key factor behind them all.

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8. Make writing an effortless task

Make writing an effortless task

A person who loves writing or is skilled in writing may find long assignments and projects an enjoyable task. People proficient in writing would have a fountain of ideas waiting to be expressed which makes the process easier. Speed is another advantage. People who write well will automatically acquire speed with time. They may not take as much time as an ordinary person to write something. Efficiency in writing also indicates creativity. Such people will have a talent to express matters in a unique manner using appropriate words.

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9. During competitions

During competitions

Arts festivals and other writing competitions are a suitable platform for people with good writing skills. They can win prizes in competitions like story writing, caption writing, essay writing and so on. Good writing skills and a creative mind is the only criteria to win prizes in these items.

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10. Improves memory

Improves memory

Writing is good to improve memory. Not only is it useful during studies but also an essential skill in daily life. A person who writes well think for a second time in order to write it down. This helps them memorize the incident than anyone else. Also, writing is an exercise for hand and brain stimulating them both.

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Writing skill is an ability. It can be achieved by anyone willing to work for it. Effective writing is an unavoidable quality looked upon in every sector of work. Try to develop good writing skills. A habit of reading books and practicing the art of writing are the two best ways to master effective writing.

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