What to do on the internet when you are bored?

What to do on the internet when you are bored

In this article we are going to discuss about what are the things to do on the internet when you are bored? In today’s world we have lot of work to do that even we forgot to spend time with our family, friends, and loved ones. But on weekends we are at home away from our families, sitting alone on the bed and thinking what to do and getting bored, then we think to do something to utilizing our time and to avoid the feeling of getting bored. Well there are lots of things that you can do at home to avoid the boredom. Now a days internet make our life easy and convenient, not only for work or to connect with family and friends, it also provide us lot of other stuff as well that help us in our other daily task or we can say that internet is another world or virtual world, which provide us lot of things to do and to learn. So if you are at home, alone and feeling bored and not able to think that how can you avoid that boredom, then we say that internet can help you with it. How? We are going to tell you how. Here in this article we are going to discuss about 10 things which you can do at your home without going outside, on the internet when you are getting bored.

What are the things to do on internet when you are bored?

So here we are with 10 things that you can do on internet when you are bored at your home:-

1. Google yourself

Google Search Engine

Sometimes we are so much bored that we don’t have anything to do, and we don’t want to do anything at all, we just want to lay down on our bed and want some entertainment but the problem is that we don’t have anything to entertain us. So, when you are getting bored and don’t want to work at all, you can just google yourself. Yes! You listen correct go and just google yourself on internet. I know it sound little crazy but we are one hundred percent sure that you going to enjoy it. Google your name on internet, surf about yourself or about people who have similar name like you. This is a different task and entertaining as well. So, don’t sit at home go and google yourself and enjoy your spare time.

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2. Tour a place that you love with google street view

things to do on internet

So, many people out there setting at home are getting bored as they don’t have anything interesting to do. You people definitely have lots of dream about tour and travelling as well. You definitely planned so many trips to different places but due to some unwanted reasons your tours and trips not get succeeded. So, don’t be sad we know going to a place you always wanted to see, is the most loving thing, but if you can’t go there physically then try something virtually. Go to google street view and watch your favorite place closely on internet and enjoy your spare time.

3. Plan a trip for a place you always want to go

things to do on internet when you are bored

Lot of you planned many trips and travels to many places and trying to see those places virtually on internet, as we suggest you that idea in above point, but if you still not planned any trip or tour to any place then it is the right time. You are free at your home, getting bored, so why don’t you utilize that free time to search for the places you always want to visit. Google the details about the place and plan a trip, you find it interesting and definitely going to learn new things about your favorite place and may be you find some new places as well to visit.

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4. Try some new food recipes

Try some new food recipes

So, this idea most probably goes for those people who love to cook casually or who love to cook in their spare time. Today internet provide you everything even the food recipes, whether you want a written recipe or a video, just google it and you got a lot of stuff on your page. So this time don’t get bored go and google some of your favorite recipes and try it. And for entertaining yourself little more, share your cooked food with your friends on internet or on your social media account and get appraised by your social media friends and enjoy your day.

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5. Learn something new

Learn something new

Well there are lots of things that you always wanted to learn in your life. But due to some unwanted circumstances you never get a chance to learn them. So if you are getting bored at home and want to entertain yourself then use the internet and learn something new something interesting which you always wanted to  learn, whether its dance, cooking, singing or something else. You definitely going to find what you want to learn just google it and learn some new skills.

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6. Play some online game

Play some online game

Well internet provides you lot of things and online games are one of them. The best part of online game is that you can play these games with your friends’ online setting at your own home without going anywhere. Just go to google play store search some online games and download one of them which you find interesting and enjoy it, if your friends don’t have time to play the game then nothing to worry, you can play it with other people on internet as well, and can change your boring time in gaming time.

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7. Keep in touch with your old friends

Keep in touch with your old friends

People are so much busy in these times, but if you get some free time at your home from your busy schedule and getting bored. Then don’t be bored utilize it by calling your old friends. Get in touch with them, who fade away from your life due to your busy schedule, just go to your social media account find them from your friend list and chat with them and call them, share some beautiful memories and make future meet up plans. You will definitely going to enjoy talking with your old friends and about your old memories.

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8. Start your own blog

Start your own blog

This one idea works more for those people who are interested in writing, whether writing your own thoughts, poems, ideas, informative content, or whatever. This free time provide you a chance to showcase your skills to other. You can open a blog where you can write whatever you love to write, and if you are worried about starting a blog then we will happily tell you that there is lots of website which provide you the facility where you can open a blog for free without any hassle. So take out your skills and write some blogs and entertain other people as well.

9. Watch online shows

Watch online shows

If you don’t want to learn something or not want to do any skill task and just want to end your boredom without getting up from your couch, then there is a way to not get bored. Google some good shows, which are very famous and people are recommending them on internet to watch them, and then go to the app or website which is providing these shows to you, watch the show and series whatever you love and entertain yourself.

10. Go for online shopping

Online shopping on your Computer when you are bored

So this one for those who love to do shopping, well as we already say that internet makes our life convenient and easy, it make shopping easy as well. Now you don’t need to spend hours in markets to buy something or in a shop to get the exact thing that you want to wear or have. Just google the website which provide you online shopping facility chooses the category from which you want to buy, whether its clothes, grocery, home décor, food stuff whatever you love to buy. Search your favorite stuff and order it. Who don’t love shopping? and if you can does it at sitting at your home then it definitely going to double your entertainment. So don’t get bored just go on internet and do some shopping and buy your favorite stuff.

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So, here we are with 10 things that you can do at your home to entertain yourself, to avoid boredom, with your internet. So whenever you are getting bored at your home and thinking that what should you do to avoid that boredom, just try these ideas to entertain yourself, we are sure that you will enjoy doing these things. Choose according to your preference whether you like cooking things , or you want to play online or just want to lay down in your bed and want to watch show or google your name, whatever you want to do. But these things never let you bore at your home. Try these things on internet and change your boring time into some entertaining one and learn new things as well.

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