Best ways to make your wife happy everyday

Best ways to make your wife happy everyday

The best ways to make your wife happy everyday are mentioned here in this article. Saying “I do” or “Qubool Hai” might seem like an easy task. Two words that take no more than two seconds to say hold a lifetime of significance. The second you finish the seventh Phera, it is said that you are now husband and wife. Taking 4 Laava Pheres around the holy Granth “Guru Granth Sahib Ji” is the custom followed by Sikhs. Each religion and culture has their own rituals and ceremonies. But everywhere the concept of marriage is pious. You vow to bind your life to another human, to care for them and be with them in their times of happiness and sorrow. Surely getting married and sharing your life with someone else might seem like a huge task but it can be a huge bliss if both sides make efforts. 

Working a 9 to 5 job could be toll taking on your body, you might be traveling a lot for your job or you might be very busy. That doesn’t mean that over time you forget that you are married and that you are also responsible towards your wife and your family. Just because you have a marriage certificate with an approval seal by the government of the country doesn’t mean you can forget to take care of her like the ten year old cutlery set in your house. She is a breathing, living and growing being who needs your care and attention.

Top 10 Ways to make your wife happy everyday

So buckle up men, these are 10 Best ways to make your wife happy everyday:

1. Wish Good morning

To be an orator, people are taught voice modulations to be able to put across their message better. The tone of the voice speaks more than the words used. Isn’t that the reason why children can be pursuaded better when they are spoken to in a coaxing and sweet manner instead of being scolded? Mornings are the most important part of the day and it’s good to start off on a good note. Greeting your wife with a Good Morning or a few sweet words can put them in a good mood the entire day. It is however the manner in which you say it which matters the most. Mornings are also the best times to start afresh, let bygones be bygones. You might have had a quarrel with your wife the previous day but starting afresh is always possible.

2. Avoid nagging

Although the society likes to believe that women are the most aggressive naggers, men are also acing in this department. Whatever may be the reason, long work hours or burden from the boss, you must not release your emotions on something else. Once you leave your workplace forget your anxieties, stress and deadlines there. Don’t carry it home and let it affect your personal relationships. It is very simple to ask for something you want in a better manner. Instead of nagging your wife over a chore that she hasn’t completed or if it isn’t to your liking, discuss it with her. 

3. Physical Intimacy

Years pass, the times when he didn’t want to go to work and stay in bed change to those when they kiss each other good bye to merely acknowledging their leave. Holding your wife’s hand and giving her a hug every now and then might not be a huge task but it can bring a big difference. It will give her a mental assurance of being wanted and loved. Small acts of love can seem childish after one gets married but over time they aren’t given importance anymore. Walking while holding hands with your partner while going to the grocery store can help you rekindle those good memories.

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4. Chore chart

We are all humans and if being a salary man has already left you with too much on your plate then think the other way around as well. Your wife works for you the entire year without holidays, caring for your children, cooking meals for you and much more. She too deserves to take a break like the Sunday holiday you might have. Make a chore chart or discuss with your partner when you should take over and do a few tasks in their stead. When we have roommates in college we work hard to adjust with them while dividing our tasks so that we can live together longer and have a better time. Why not in marriage? Because you know she won’t change her room because she’s your wife and not your roommate so there is no need for an added effort?

Best ways to make your wife happy

5. Honesty is still the best policy

We might think that truths are over rated and that a few lies don’t hurt. But over time you will need to tell a second lie to cover the first one, a third one to cover the second and the circle in endless. You’re completely trapped in a vicious cycle. As a couple you will spend your life time together and that amount of time is more than enough for any truth to resurface. It’s better to tell your wife that you’ve incurred a loss while investing money somewhere instead of letting her find out later that you don’t have money to buy the car you both were waiting to buy. When you lie instead of telling the truth, it might fix the problem temporarily but it leaves a big hole which is very difficult to repair. A hole of suspicion and distrust. It is better to tell the truth and face the problem head on together.

6. Give them freedom and time

Remember the girl your wife used to be before she married you? She was the pride of her family with a good education and a fabulous set of friends. Wasn’t it all these fascinating qualities about her made you fall in love and want to marry her in the first place? Growth is a never ending process. You must let your partner grow with time as well. Allow her the freedom to meet her friends and spend time away from you as well. The proverb “absence makes the heart grow fonder” explains it all. Allowing them some ‘me time’ helps them rejuvenate and restore the uniqueness that fascinated you about your partner in the first place.

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7. Make an effort on your appearance

Getting comfortable with your partner is a very cozy feeling. It is good to know that your partner loves you even when you are not wearing makeup or a tuxedo. We compliment our partners about their appearance when they go out. But we stop really doing it for our own partner. It doesn’t mean that you need to dress up to the nines for a simple stroll to the garden. It entails to putting in a little more effort than absolutely none at all. When someone does something bad we immediately notice, similarly if your wife will see you put in effort for her then it will surely bring a smile on her face. 

8. In sickness and in health

Vowing to spend the life together means that you shall face a lot of circumstances together. Life is not always rainbows and roses, there are also thorns that come along with it. Being sick can make a person really cranky and needy. Catering for your wife’s needs can be the best way to show your love for her. It brings reassurance in a relationship, the feeling that “Yes, he will always stand by my side through thick and thin”.

how to make your wife happy

9. Don’t be her third kid

She married you because she needed a partner and not because she wanted another child to take care of. Remember that the next time before asking for her to be on your beck and call. You aren’t at a hotel where you can leave your socks anywhere and the room in a mess. You don’t have to increase her work by being stubborn about the way she woke you up or how she forgot to make your favourite dish. Man up and assist her. You might be the best when you are at work but that doesn’t mean you can go lax in your personal life.

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10. Keep your tongue under check

‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ rightly explains the importance words have. In the heat of the moment we many a times lose track of the things that we say. In an argument it is very common to say things that you regret later on. It is better to hold your ground and not spill foulness from your mouth. Mostly the problem is that the right messages aren’t being relayed across. We tend to take a subroute rather than directly approaching a topic. Sit down and talk about the main issues instead of wandering around it. Talk about what made you feel happy, which thing made you sad or about the time when the other person did something that made you feel frustrated and disappointed. Relay feelings and not merely words.

It is right that divorce only happens after marriage. But not every marriage leads to the court, it is your decisions which lead the way. You could be the example that your children set for themselves while looking for a partner later in life.

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