What Are The Things That Can Make You Happy?

What Are The Things That Can Make You Happy?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are the things that can make you happy? It is proved by many scientific types of research and spiritual findings that the core purpose of life is the journey to find happiness. Interesting, right?  So in this article, our readers are going to find out the top 10 things that can make you happy. This article can be beneficial for anyone sad, a victim of depression, and curious people. Spoiler alert happiness is not owning a big house, luxurious car, or dating that sexy girl. If you want to understand the true meaning of happiness and want to dig deep to find what are the causes of happiness then this article is for you. Keep reading.

What are the things that can make you happy?

The top 10 things that are mentioned in this article will be based on long-term happiness. Please don’t confuse happiness with dopamine detox activities such as smoking, drinking, and sex. We all know what makes us happy in everyday life in the short term. Things such as sleeping, smoking, masturbation, sex, drinking, shopping, and the list go on. But all of these activities we do are giving you temporary happiness on a superficial level which can disappear within moments. This article is finding the core happiness. Let’s get started…

1. Relationships


From the day we were born till the day we die, we have someone who cares about us extremely. They are either our friends or someone close in relation. When somebody takes birth, the first person you develop a relationship with is your mother and father. Human beings need many years to stand up on their own feet to survive. Our mother and father are those who take care of us until we are financially independent to take care of ourselves. On the journey to be self-sufficient and survive we meet many new people while we are in school, college, and finally at work.

We make many friends, many leave us, we leave many of them. Once we hit puberty we develop a sense of sexual attraction in our body. Finally, we make a relationship with someone with whom our personality matches. We decide to spend the best years of life with them, the spouse, and at the next phase we will reproduce and we will have our own child similar to us. But why are we talking about the human’s journey? I am trying to show you how much of our life is influenced by relationships either it is parents, spouse, or friends.

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2. Passion


Passion is something that we love to do without anything in exchange or greed. Each and every individual will have their own set of passions. Someone might be passionate about art like music, dance, and literature. Someone might be passionate about business and not for money but to see the business grow, while some are great about relationships and all they care about their life is relationships.

3. Physical Health

Physical Health

If you are shocked to know that physical health can make you happy and assuming that you have a fully functional body with all the body organs working perfectly. Now imagine people who are blind, deaf, or dumb. Imagine someone who has a major disability like deformed legs or paralysis. Observe I am not trying to demotivate you or show you all the negativity in life but we never actually feel grateful for the good things about our life. Working out and keeping yourself fit should be your habit in day-to-day activity and you should respect your body as well to support yourself. And at last, the old saying “Health is wealth”.

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4. Financial Stability

Financial Stability

Now many of the readers will disagree with me on this and start to argue that money is not everything which is absolutely true. But imagine your life without money to buy food, clothes, and shelter. The majority of the Asian and African countries are suffering from poverty and the whole world comes forward to help them when times are tough, so the idea to adopt the mentality that money is not the cause of happiness is very easy if you already have it.

5. Purpose of life

Purpose of life

Purpose! Sounds artificial right? Well, human beings have the tendency to think that if they can survive and live a prosperous life then they will be happy. Is that true? The purpose will propose a counter statement against the 4th point of this article but remember ensuring survival is the top priority. Only if you have life then you will have the opportunity to be happy or sad.  Let us now discuss directly why Purpose is important.

Like passion, the different individuals will have different opinions about purpose. A child who grew up in poverty will set his purpose to become rich, some might set their purpose to be peaceful and it varies from person to person. But having a purpose is very important because if you don’t have a purpose then you will wander here and there wasting time, money, and energy on stupid things such as parties, addictions, and social status.

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6. Gaining knowledge

Gaining knowledge

Researches say that a person who is learning something new every single day tends to be happier than the one who has limited knowledge and a rigid mentality about life. Learning can be anything like learning a new skill like driving, swimming, music, entrepreneurship, leadership, or parenting. Anything that lets you understand life on a deeper level and gives you new experiences is gaining knowledge.

7. Being respected

Being respected

Do you like to be disrespected? Obviously, the answer is no! When we are young let’s say we are kids or teenagers then we do not care about respect or understand what respect is. But once we start knowing the reality of life and understand the game of survival, we start seeking respect. You might wonder who isn’t respected so for your clarification let us take the examples of terrorists, thieves, murderers, and scammers. Will you ever respect them if you are sane? Will they ever be happy when they aren’t treated properly?

In our lives in many instances either we do not pay the due respect that someone deserves or we do not get respect. And expecting to gain respect from everyone is impractical because everyone is different. Every individual will have their own metric for respect, some might respect you because you have a certain power in the society, some will respect you for your positive qualities, and most respect rich people. So you need to decide how would you like yourself to be treated to earn respect.

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8. Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Please don’t expect that I will ask you to leave everything and climb up a mountain and start meditation. Peace comes from many factors, some get peace from money, some get peace from the relationships that they have and it varies from person to person. But some things give us peace. Maybe it is because we see our parents in front of our eyes, winning an award, climbing Mount Everest doing something challenging in life. So when we have the things that give us peace or if we are pursuing things that will give us meaning to life then we will gain peace of mind. Even the process of reaching there gives you peace of mind.

But how is peace connected to happiness?

Let us take two cases, The time period of World war 2 or the time period of the COVID-19 pandemic, do you find that the chaos is making you sad and stressed?  Similarly, peace is the pillar of happiness.

9. Traveling


Travelling does not mean exploring the whole world or different countries around the earth. For some people traveling to the nearest park or traveling to meet their parents can give them happiness while for some people who are naturally adventurous and want to explore, traveling to other continents and knowing their culture gives them happiness and this completely depends upon your nature. Basically traveling is related to wisdom and independence that gives us happiness.

If you do not agree then think for once, Why are criminals put inside a jail for a limited time or lifetime? Your answer will be to punish and make them feel bad because of their previous actions. Isn’t traveling and spending time in a room exactly opposite to each other concerning the prison’s analogy?

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10. Donating money to the needy

Donating money to the needy

Now donation can be a broad spectrum. Giving a child education, giving a stray dog or cat a permanent and safe house, donating money for the people affected due to COVID-19, or people going through poverty. You will find that most of the rich and successful people make huge donations to charity or give away their services for free. Why is that? They claim that it gives them joy, well maybe it is true. Have you noticed when you were a child some of your elders like your elder sibling, uncle, or parents give you many things without expecting anything in exchange? Many types of research show that spending money on others gives people happiness, whether it is to help or to see the smile on someone’s face.

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