What Motivates You In Your Life?

What Motivates You In Your Life?

In this article we are going to talk about the What motivates you in your life? Ever since our young years, we all lay out a rough outline of what we want to do for ourselves. If we don’t, our parents, relatives and neighbors ask us this every once in a while. This is some sort of mandatory question being asked at family reunions. We have big dreams for us, so do our cousins and our peers. Everyone at every stage of life has dreams and aspirations they would like to pursue.our passions and goals serve us a direction and a clear vision of what we want our life to be like. How we want to live your life.

We make plans to reach our goals.  Some goals are short term and some goals are long term. Short term goals are made as  stepping stones to reach those long term goals. These goals could be as recent as getting ready to go out for dinner or as long term as getting into a good college,  getting your dream job. When we have a clear vision then nothing can stop us from reaching those goals. We stay motivated all the tie because no matter  whatever we’re doing it revolves around the goal we want to pursue.

What motivates you in your life?

Once our focus is set to a point we can then work our way to that set point.

One of the most frustrating things however is  that we lose motivation to do something. This leads to anger and frustration with oneself as one seems to be stuck in a rut. When we  feel low,  one of the most effective sources of comfort is perhaps recalling our achievements to see how much potential we have and how capable we are. This is a means through which one can feel a sense of comfort in the panic.motivating factors can be different for different people but the ways to reach the goals set is solely by means of determination and hard work. Motivation is fundamentally the will do succeed, the ability to strive for something and seek a sense of soothing comfort when the desired goal is reached. It is like a gratification process. Motivation can be seeked by many sources. Let’s discuss  a few!

1. Desire for Achievement

Everyone has an innate desire to achieve. This is a part of intrinsic motivation where the motivation comes from within. One wants to attain something be it a car, a house, a degree or a pet dog! Achievement could be psychological where one thinks they are emotionally balanced and content . Economics where they think they have reached a stage of financial independence and can live through the worry of monetary goals. A state where one feels like they have achieved something is the stage which is accompanied by the feeling of belonging. One believes they belong when they have achieved a certain level of status symbol and are identified as a part of a group. The gratification achieved provides happiness and comfort and joy. Often accompanied by a celebration.

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2. Power


People are generally self motivated or motivated externally to achieve a position of power. From an evolutionary perspective, everyone wants to climb the highest position of dominance in the hierarchy to be seen as important. Having a sense of power is different from having physical strength.when one is powerful, everyone listens to them and they have the ability to make a change because they do not have to use their actual physical strength to be able to induce a chance around them This sense of prestige and authority can provide a person with motivation. Motivation is fundamentally persistence of will. How much will power does one need to  have to be after their goals and pursue them This could be motivated to study to give an exam of judiciary. Be a judge then make a change. Feelings of power provide one with a sense of motivation to succeed .

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3.Rewards and money

Believe it or not, nothing in this world happened without the use of money. Money is the currency of life and is needed every step of the way. When one has plenty of money, they feel safe and secure and do not have to worry about anything. They can live a peaceful and comfortable life. Whereas when one does not have money to meet their basic needs of food and shelter, it  is one of the most devastating things in life.Nothing is more discouraging than some constantly hustling to make both ends meet yet unsuccessful to make the cut.Money is a noticeable factor to motivate someone. Someone might to like their job but would still continue to have the motivation to work to be able to sustain himself. He would think of the salary he would be getting at the end of the month to push himself through the month.  

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4. Passion


When someone is passionate about something, they will do anything and everything to follow their passion. They will troubleshoot any problem, any obstacle that comes their way only and only to achieve and pursue their passion. They would overlook the obstacles and hindrances that come in the way. Passion is fundamentally an immense drive to dive deep into what you love doing and perhaps making a living off of it Majority of people regret in later life if they do not pursue their passion and settle for something else. Passion is a sense of madness as if one is under the spell of something to keep doing it forever. A dancer is passionate about their dance, a painter is passionate about his painting, an investor is passionate about the stock market. Soon and so forth. Passion is probably one of the strongest motivating factors to any individual.

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5. Growth


Every human being wants to know more, understand, perceive and eventually gain knowledge and wisdom to grow. Achieve self actualization and self growth. Everyone wants to thrive and be the best version of themselves. Try a hand at everything to see what skills they are good at and wish to master. We are innate explorers, there is indeed a ‘dora the explorer’ with everyone of us. Also, We want to row, explore, see , seek knowledge and wise. We want to share our experiences perhaps because we want to entertain people or  a means to guide the generations to  come so that this helps the other people avoid the mistakes we made.We want to know about things, how things work, their stories and histories.

Also, We want to be in touch with our feelings and emotions, our triggers, our guiding factors. In this drive to find oneself, exponentially grow and be the best possible version of ourselves, lies the motivation. The innate motivation to intellectually flourish and prosper.

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6. Freedom of choice

Freedom of choice

One wants to make decisions for themselves. We have a need and desire to be able to choose for ourselves. What clothes we want to wear, what kind  of a house we want to live in, even what country we want to live in. We want to reach a level where we can make these choices for ourselves. A point in life where we do not have to think twice before deciding for ourselves and have all the means to make changes and amends, be it subtle or sudden in our lives.

We all want to be fully equipped with the sources needed to exercise free will. To have a free choice and pursue what is in our best interest or what it is that makes us truly happy, gratified and content in life. The idea of being able to do all of that is what serves as a source of motivation to be able to be persistent in what we do and eventually excel in it !

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7. Success stories

Success stories

When one is feeling low or feeling really ambitious, hearing motivational success stories of people really helps. It helps by either eliciting an uplifting effect or by equipping them with enough mental faculty to be resourceful by optimizing their resources and time. Inspiring stories can truly fill in someone’s will to succeed.When people hear about other people, other stories, their determination, willpower and will to succeed and know how they did not let hindrances be a handicap in the way to pursuing their passion. It could uplift and motivate the person and cause them to make a change. Stir their mental faculty out of the slumber to utilize their resources and be the best version of themselves by doing what  is important to them. They spend day and night doing and reaching towards what they truly desire.   

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8. Art

Art can be in literally any form. Poetry, panting, music, dance, anything at all! It is basically a narrative of a person where they document their life and give it a meaning, a perspective. They communicate their way of perceiving the world around them. For someone it might be mud but for someone it would be a life giving force because if there was no soil, no plants would ever grow. It is in the beauty of these things that one realises the true essence of life. There’s a lot to seek from other people’ wisdom and experiences that they articulate in their art. Listening to an inspirational song watching an inspirational movie can instantly uplift  their spirit and fill in them gallons of motivation.

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9. Nature


Everyone likes to be connected to their roots because to them, that is where they belong. There is a sense of warmth in staying near to one’s roots.seeing a flower bloom can invoke a sense of inspiration and motivation in one person. Nature is typically this world in the most raw form and observing it seems soothing and provides inner strength for a person to achieve their goals.

10. Social approval  

Social approval

Being perceived as a dignified individual provides a great deal of security and gratification. Everyone wants to feel the same everyone wants to be respected and treated with dignity, empathy and kindness. Working on self to be able to reach that level serves as a beacon of motivation to many.

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