What Happens When We Read Books?

What Happens When We Read Books?

In this article we are going to talk about the What happens when we read books? Books are said to be our best friends. Those best friends we can rely on in the darkest of times and trust blindly as they would never ever betray us. No matter what kind of books you like to read, you learn a lot of things from them. Some people don’t like reading. It can be difficult for them to develop a habit of reading regularly, while it comes naturally to some people. Some have their noses buried in books most of the time, while some find other ways of entertainment. No matter what kind of person you are, you can’t deny the benefits of reading in our lives.

What happens when we read books?

While some people might say that reading the necessary textbooks and documents is more than enough of reading, but there are people who just can’t stay away from books for long. Nowadays you even have the option of e-books which has made it convenient to read. When we read, we are not just reading. There are a lot of things happening to our mind that we might not even be aware of. This article is not to convince to you to start reading every day, as that can only come from within. When you want to read, no one can stop you. These are just a few pointers that can help encourage you to start reading a little because of the benefits of reading.

1. Safe escape

Safe escape

Everybody has some or the other kind of challenges in our lives. There is no one who doesn’t face difficulties. We want to escape them, even if we are able to do so temporarily. There are many ways to escape the reality. Some people choose illegal and harmful substances to forget about their stressful lives. Reading is another escape. It is like cherishing a childhood habit. Reading is not something done only by children and teenagers because they have a lot of time.

Adults can read too, they just have to take some time out of their busy lives to get lost in the pages of a book and not think about their hectic schedules for a while. You do not need to finish a book under a given deadline. It is up to you how much time you want to spend on one book. If you get very little time to read, it may take weeks to finish just one book but that’s okay; at least you’re reading and not doing something harmful to your health to escape the reality.

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2. Improves vocabulary

Improves vocabulary

It does not even be needed to mention that one of the biggest benefits of reading is improvement of vocabulary. It is obvious that when you are reading good books, you get to learn so many more words in a language that you thought you knew. There are many words having the same meaning and yet, not every word can be used for that context. You have to know which synonym would go the best in a particular sentence. You would know that when you have a habit of reading. It’s not like you have to make notes of each and everything you are reading, you do that enough with your textbooks. You would sub-consciously remember the words and their usage in sentences when you read regularly. An amazing vocabulary helps you in every aspect of your life.

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3. Learn and grow

Learn and grow

It is impossible not to learn something when you are reading.it doesn’t matter what genre of books you like to read, you would definitely learn something for it. It is up to you what kind of books you want to surround yourself with but learning from them inevitable. When you learn so much from such a simple activity, imagine the amount of growth in your character and personality you would experience when you have been reading since childhood and still living up to that habit.

When a person has been reading from a very young age, each and every book that they have read has a role to play in their personality. Youngsters pick their habits from the people they look up to. And even fictional characters or any other person you are reading about can be your role model and you try to be like them. How would you not grow when you have picked up those qualities?

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4. Imaginative


It goes without saying that the people who read are a bit more imaginative than those who like to watch rather than read. People say that watching a movie based on some novel is so much better than reading the novel itself. But when you watch the scenes unfolding in the story, they are already in front of your eyes; you need not imagine anything on your own. But when you are reading those scenes you imagine each one of them on your own. In books, each character is described in detail. Each one of their features gets described and you picture that character as if you are seeing them in real life. In this way, people who have a habit of reading regularly are more imaginative and it is easier for them to picture everything in their minds.

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5. Save your eyes

Save your eyes

People who like reading, read in their free time or they take some time out of their schedules to relax and reading is the way they decide to relax their minds. But people who have free time prefer to watch movies or some show or decide to scroll through their social media or surf the internet. Laptops and phones or any other electronic device have an adverse effect on our eyes. Even if we are sitting at the same place, we get tired easily when we are using these electronic devices because our minds are getting tired. So you can save your eyes by reading rather than using your phones.

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6. Reduces stress

 Reduces stress

As mentioned earlier as well, every person has their share of challenges and responsibilities. We cannot continuously stay in alert mode and carry out our duties. We need some free time out. Also, We need to relax our minds by taking out time for ourselves and our family. When you are not spending time with your family, you can utilise your time to read as it can be the safest escape out of the stressful life we have on a daily basis. Reading reduces stress as we forget about our hectic lives and concentrate on what is happening in the book. Even if it is temporary, we can definitely use some time out.

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7. Focus


Reading requires a lot of focus. You do not only want to skim through the words, you have to understand the meaning behind those words and you automatically start imagining it in your own way. So if you are someone who has trouble keeping your mind focused on only one thing you should definitely start reading. It will help you practice staying focused. You will get to know how to focus on the word you are reading and eventually when you have developed a habit of reading, you wouldn’t even have to try so hard to stay focused; it would come automatically to you. You can start by reading short and light-hearted books and then move forward from there. Don’t start directly from a very thick book. You would also get a sense of accomplishment after you have finished it.

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8. Communication skills

Communication skills

We need to communicate with different kind of people in the course of our lives. So, We need to read those people and some may harm us or some may have ulterior motives behind talking to us. We do not learn how to read people on our own. As We need to come across a lot of people to finally start understanding what kind of people we should associate ourselves with. We learn a lot of these things from books. We come across so many fictional characters that have so many characteristics that we learn about them and we would definitely see those characteristics in the people we meet in real life and we can read people in that way. Also, We would be able to communicate with them better once we have understood their personality traits.

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9. You relate

You relate

You like to escape from the reality and get lost in the pages of a book and the story or message those pages hold. Might be You like a particular genre because you relate with those topics and you like reading about them. This is the best thing about books. You can find a lot of things under whatever genre you want to read about. So when you are reading books you are relating with you discover a lot of things about yourself as well. When you try to read something outside of your comfort zone, you learn that you are relating with those things. So you discover a lot about yourself as well when you read.

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10. Exercise for brain

Exercise for brain

As mentioned earlier as well, when you are reading you need to stay focused to make sense of each and every word and sentence. You picture the scenes that are unfolding in book in your mind and your brain stays continuously active. When you are reading, your brain has its own exercise. Just like how important exercise is for your body it is also important for your brain. When you don’t utilize your brain and keep it occupied, it often diverts itself to useless thoughts and overthinking. So you should keep your brain occupied and what better way is there for it than reading? Thus read and get your brain exercised so that it doesn’t get lazy and start hesitating from functioning.

So these are the few things that happen when you read. Go and buy a book or an e-book and get all these benefits free!

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