How Do You Revise Without Getting Bored?

How Do You Revise Without Getting Bored?

In this article we are going to talk about the How do you revise without getting bored? Human mind get bored very quickly. Doing one things many times make us bored. It is specially seen in students that they get bored easily. They want to do new things. Are you getting bored while doing revision? So, do not take stress. It is very common. Reading one topic from a long time and in same manner makes you bored. As the result of it student do not take their revision very seriously and leave it. Do not stop your revision at any cost.

How do you revise without getting bored?

Doing revision helps you to remember the topic for long time. There are many way to revise without getting bored. These ways makes your revision very interesting and make your revision session very impressive. So, here the top 10 ways to revise without getting bore.

1. Change your place

Change your place

Generally, students have their study room where they do all their work. Doing revision at a particular place can be the reason of getting bored. You can change your place where you study. For example you can go to the terrace of your home to take some fresh air and you will realize that it will infuse some energy to do revision. You can also join the company of your friends to do revision. It will be really fun to do revision with your friends. You can also go to the garden also. It will be really beneficial for you to change your study place. You will see the positive result of it very soon. Thus, if your exam is near and you are fed up by reading one topic for long time, just change your place of study. It makes your revision very interesting.

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2. Take a break

Take a break

Students sometime take stress especially when exam is near. They start studying for a long time continuously. This will make their revision time very boring. Taking a break from continuous revision is always a good idea. Try to divide your daily routine in little revision session. A long revision session is always boring and you also can not concentrate on your revision. So, whenever you are feeling that your revision session is colorless and you are not able to focus on your revision, so take a little break. You can do anything in this break which you like. You can watch television, go for a walk and talk to your family. The result of taking this break is that this break changes your whole mood and again you are ready to do revision.   

3. Not stick to one topic

Not stick to one topic

Sometimes it is seen that while doing revision students just stick to one topic. This will make their whole revision session boring. Yes, it is possible that the topic is very important and expectation of coming that question is very high. This expectation pressurizes the students to revise the same topic continuously. But this expectation can make your revision very dull. So, always try to make your revision interesting by studying various topics in one session. This helps you to make your revision interesting. Sticking to one topic is never recommended by anyone although the topic is important.

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4. Make your notes

Make your notes

Doing revision from printed notes and books is very boring. You can understand the concept and learn from the printed books. But continuously revision is very tough. So, the solution of it is hand written notes. Self written notes are self explained and it increases your understanding level. It is also proven in study that if students make their own notes then they will remember it for long time and able to revise through it very easily and quickly. To make your revision interesting you can highlight the important topic or definition with colorful highlighter. Making notes with diagrams and highlighting the important terms helps you to revise very easily and also you are not feeling bored while doing revision.

5. Do Physical Exercise

Do Physical Exercise

To remain mentally fit you need to keep your body fit and healthy. Doing revision on your study table makes your body tired and suddenly you feel exhausted. If you are feeling just like this take a ten minute run or do some physical exercise. This will relax your mind and refresh your brain. Breathing the fresh air always refresh your mind. In science also if you are studying a lot but your movement is nil then your work done is always equal to zero. Our body needs physical exercise to keep our mind fresh. This is commonly seen in students that when they are getting bored from revision they take a break from revision and do some physical exercise. It is really beneficial to do revision without getting bored.

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6. Study during peak time

Study during peak time

Always try to do revision in peak time. Peak time is that time where you are full of energy. Generally, human mind is relaxed and calm in morning time. So, always try to do revision in morning time. If you want to do revise without getting bored, make a schedule and examine the time when you are full of energy. Now try you use this energy to revise. If you make schedule then your mind and body is always ready to revise in that particular time. You have to make a time table and have to stick on it. There is no importance of just making time table if you not following it. Thus, analyze the peak time of your brain and make time table according to it.

7. Play Games

Play Games

Playing games when you are getting bored is always a great idea. Everyone wants to love to play games. If you are revision and getting bored, play some games. It can be jigsaw puzzle, sudoku, crossword or riddles. It will help you to keep your mind relaxed and sharp. Playing games also helps you to increase your memory power. This is the best way to revise without getting bored. It will change your mindset and keep you refreshed. Playing favorite games is the best therapy and you will never feel bored while doing revision.

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8. Bribe yourself

Bribe yourself

Yes, you read correct. When you are doing revision try to bribe yourself. Bribing is a criminal activity. But if you are bribing yourself for a good cause then it is neither a crime nor it is bad. Just say yourself that if you finish this topic then you will have cup of coffee after finishing it. This is the best way to revise without getting bored. It seems weird but this will really work in your favor. You obviously seen that parents bribe their children to do some work. For example if you finish your work in time then we will give you one toy. So, if you want to revise without getting bored, reward yourself with your favorite things.

9. Keep gadgets far from you

Keep gadgets far from you

Electronics gadgets are the biggest enemy when you are doing revision. Always remember one thing that when your smart phone, laptop or tablet is near you, then you always want to spend time with them. You will find your revision very boring. Your interest will increase to spend time with electronic gadgets. The continuous notification sound also irritates you. Most of students find revision boring when the electronic gadgets are near. Thus, if you want to revise interesting and not getting bored then always put your all gadget in a drawer or handover them to your parents.

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10. Use attractive stationery

Use attractive stationery

Colorful pen, pencil, highlighters and eye catching sharpener and eraser always makes your revision interesting. A pretty good notebook with attractive cover page always draws your attention to revise your material. If your study table is full of lovely pencils and highlighters then you will always want to do study. Always try to do revise with pretty stationery. Always mark the important term with marker. Use sticker on your study table and on your notebook. Cover your notebook front with some fantastic life quotes. This will force you to revise your topic and you will not fed-up while doing revision. Actually, you will enjoy the revision. Thus, using fancy stationery keep your interest in revision.

 Revision is not an easy task. Studying the one topic continuously makes your time boring. But it is also important to revise. Everyone is feeling bored when he do something repetitive. Some people also take break from their daily life to spend sometime with family or plan a trip. This break keeps them refreshed and relaxed. This same is needed while doing revision. There are many ways to keep your interest in revision. You just have to find the most suitable way to keep you refresh. Always remember one thing revision is not boring but the way we do revision makes your session boring. So, find fun in revision and make it interesting. Here, we discuss the top 10 ways to revise without getting bored. You can also use these methods to make your daily routine interesting. 

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