Why We Should Do Exercise Regularly?

Why We Should Do Exercise Regularly?

In this article we are going to talk about the why we should do exercise regularly. You are lazy and you don’t feel the necessity to exercise? It makes you exhausted from your head to toes? So that is more of a reason for you to exercise routinely. Laziness can make you likely to many health diseases. Whereas, exercising regularly can make you fit and healthy, when even getting up from the bed seems like a task to you, even a morning would count as exercising and not only going to gyms and letting your body go through severe pains and hurting yourself is not only exercise but those who wish to achieve their goals earlier can do so but it also refers to going for a run or doing moderate movements that require even a little effort.

Why we should do exercise regularly?

Exercising regularly has various benefits, some of them are stated below :

1. Keeps you fit

Keeps you fit

Exercising regularly keeps you fit and healthy as it prevents a number of health conditions. It prevents any damage to the heart such as stroke by making cardiovascular muscles stronger and lowering the blood pressure. As the blood pressure decreases to normal or what it is supposed to be it makes our body function normally. Exercising daily also prevents you from obesity along with comes a number of serious health conditions. Regular exercise can include any type of physical movement that makes your body put a little extra effort into it.

Exercising daily prevents your body from many diseases not only related to heart but many others. Exercising daily also helps in maintaining good mental health as it relaxes your body and mind and also regulates the blood flow which other major elements to keep your body fit and healthy. It makes you physically stronger. These little extra efforts that you put on your body helps it to say fit and healthy in the long run.

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2. Boost energy

Boost energy

As stated earlier regular exercise keeps us fit and prevents severe health conditions also it helps in the proper functioning of our body organs. When the organs in our bodywork properly the internal system works normally it makes sure that our body responds to everything properly. Exercising increases the heart rate which results in increasing the blood flow resulting in the release of endorphin which is the energy hormone in a body that provides us energy. When you are not habitual to exercise regularly it may seem tiring to you but when a person exercises regularly it boosts their energy making them physically more active.

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3. Weight control

Weight control

Exercising regularly is profitable in many ways but one of its benefits is it helps you control your weight whether it being you want to lose your weight or gain it. Exercising daily is the easiest way to manage your weight. It does not have to be long hours of running a tiring out your body but exercising for a short period also has its benefits than no exercise at all. Managing your weight is not an easy thing to do but the least that a person could do is exercise it does not have to be gyming but some easy exercise that requires movements also makes a difference.

Weight can be a huge hurdle in many things a person wishes to do. Exercising can help you overcome that hurdle, here exercising for a short period regularly is more efficient than working hard for a few days a month. Exercising does not mean to make your body go through pain but a healthy workout to keep our body fit.

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4. Improves sleep

Improves sleep

Exercising regularly along with all its benefits also improves the quality of your sleep and also increases the duration of your sleep. As any kind of exercise or physical activity makes your body to workout which results in increasing your body temperature and also tiring you out which improves your sleep as when the body temperature attains its normality and also you being tired of all workout you tend to fall asleep and being tired improves the quality of your sleep and also the duration. More tired you are more rest your body requires and you would want to sleep early and as long as possible to get rid of that tiredness. Hence, exercising also prevents you from sleeping disorders which plays an important role in mental health.

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5. Strengthens your body

Strengthens your body

Exercising regularly strengthens your body in many ways but here are a few:

•Exercising makes us sweat which our skin releases the waste materials along with sweat.

• As mentioned above exercising regularly helps our brain to work normally reducing the risk of stress depression or anxiety.

• It increases the heart rate due to which our heart works more efficiently reducing the risk of stroke or any other heart disease.

• Exercising regularly in a normal amount also improves our immune system that helps our body fight against any outside particle that can be a harm to us.

• It also improves the functioning of our Lungs as after exercising our body requires more oxygen than usual which makes our lungs work more than usual that increases its strength and also reduces the risk of lung cancer.

 Exercising regularly strengthens our body in many other ways as well.

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6. Improves Mood

Improves Mood

Regular exercise can make a lot of difference in your moods. Endorphins being exercising hormones are also the hormones that make you feel good about yourself and also boost your confidence. Along with endorphins a number of other chemical hormones are also released by the body. When you are confident you feel good about yourself and your body that makes you happy.

Whereas exercise also tires you out you no longer have control on your emotions that you might be holding onto yourself for a long time, so crying is usual during physical activities that tire you out, but as soon as you are over the subject as you express your feelings during working out it makes you feel much lighter and better than enhances your mood. You feel better and working out also enlightens your mood until you are forced to do so, as long as you exercise according to your wish it makes you feel better and you end up having a good mood.

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7. Improves memory

Improves memory

As regularly exercising improves the blood flow of your body it improves your memory. It has been observed several times through various surveys and practices that exercise improves memory because of the blood flow that increases during any physical activity, it makes the oxygen to travel faster and conveniently to our brain which also results in the growth of new brain cells that improves our memory. Exercising before or after studying anything makes it easier for our brain to remember it.

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8. Prevents from anxiety, stress or depression

Prevents from anxiety, stress or depression

When a person is suffering from anxiety, stress or depression they are highly suggested to exercise regularly. Exercising regularly works as a medication for them. As it works as a distraction from their usual lives and helps them avoid their feelings for some time. During any physical activity as our brain releases endorphins and other hormones or neurotransmitters that make us feel good about ourselves that feeling tends to last a long time making us feel good. A person usually releases their stress during such physical activities or while exercising they can do so aggressively or sometimes even by crying but exercising regularly relaxes us resulting in prevention from various mental conditions. Exercising does not instantly make a person suffering from such conditions free from them but it is a slow procedure that works overtime as a person exercises regularly.

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9. Improves sex life

Improves sex life

Exercising regularly can help in improving the sexual life of a person. It can also help in lowering the risks of erectile dysfunction(ED) in men it is a situation where a man can’t get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It can cause stress and low confidence. Whereas, in both men and women exercising regularly boosts your confidence as you know you look good and so you are confident about yourself. Also men who already have ED, exercise can help in improving their sexual functioning. Exercising also improves sexual arousal in females and also the desire. Besides, it also improves stamina contributing to better sexual performance.

Exercising regularly also strengthens your body and makes you flexible that contributes a lot to your sex life.

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10. Improves reflexes

Improves reflexes

Exercising regularly improves your reflexes i.e. your reaction time to any action. It also improves your body coordination, including hand-eye or foot-eye coordination. Exercising regularly also improves your mobility, your agility and your body balancing, which is helpful in any sports you pick and also in the long run. As when people grow older they tend to lose their bodies balance but whereas people who exercise regularly or used to have their benefit.

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These were some of the benefits of exercising regularly. It is important to exercise daily to stay fit and live a healthy life. The motivation for exercising is equally important because when you don’t have the motivation to exercise you are likely to give up some time or the other. Hoping this motivates you enough to stay fit and enjoy.

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