How To Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage In Different Caste?

How To Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage In Different Caste?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to the convince your parents for love marriage in different caste. Once you are in love with a person, life seems perfect. You spend most of the time with each other, knowing and understanding each better and getting comfortable. And once you are sure about your choice, you think of taking this relationship forward. Here’s when all the problems start.

Since, the idea of inter-caste marriage is changing nowadays; people are quite modernized and let their children marry the person of their choice. But still there are many families that do not follow the thought of inter-caste marriages. And convincing your parents for love marriage is the most difficult task.

As far as it is concerned, you need to be very patient and logical about every step. We are here to share some of the ways of convincing your parents for love marriage in different countries.

How to convince your parents for love marriage in different caste?

Since, convincing your parents for a love marriage will not be easy. You will have to be patient and confident with every step you take. You will have to follow some ways to make your parents understand better about your feelings towards love marriage.

Listed below are the ways to convince your parents for love marriage in inter-caste.

1. Introduce your partner to your parents

Introduce your partner to your parents

Give a chance to your family to meet your partner. This is the best time to introduce you partner to your family. Tell them about his/her profession, family member and make them sure that he/she is the right choice for you. Also, give a brief idea about your family to your partner. Let him know about their likes/dislikes. Make him prepare for the questions he is going to be asked by your parents. Give some time to both of them to understand each other better.

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2. Talk to your parents and share your views

Talk to your parents and share your views

Tell your parents about your choices. Tell them what kind of qualities you like in a boy/girl. Talk to them about marriages. Let them know that you don’t believe in caste, status, age difference, etc. make them understand what kind you qualities you want in your partner. Be polite and talk to them respectively. Try to understand their perspective as well. Ask them about their opinion on love marriages. This way you will know what are they expecting and you much efforts you need to pun in to convince them.

3. Tell your parents what you like in your partner

Tell your parents what you like in your partner

Talk to your parents about your partner. Tell them what qualities you like in him/her. Try to highlight all the good qualities of your partner. Tell your parents how responsible and understanding he is. Make them understand that he/she can take care of you as your parents do. Let them know why he/she is the best choice for you. Just try your parents see the best in your partner. Highlight all those qualities that your parent want your life partner should actually have. This might give your parents a sense of satisfaction.

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4. Do not be in a hurry

Do not be in a hurry

In case of love marriages, you need to be very calm and patient. Your anger would not do any good to you and your partner. Sometimes, you get in a fight with your parents when they are not convinced with your choice. You take some unnecessary harsh decision of maybe killing yourself or leaving your house. But let me tell you, such decisions will make the situation worse and will decrease the chances of getting your parents approval. Your parents will feel disheartened and might think that you do not respect their opinion. So, to make things in your favor, you need you calm yourself down and take rational decision.

5. Tell your parents that you are mature enough

Tell your parents that you are mature enough

By this, we don’t want you to disrespect your parents. You need to convince them that you are not taking any wrong decision for yourself. Let them know that you are mature enough to know what is good or bad for yourself. Also, show them you are independent and sensible. You need to be responsible for every step you take. Let them know that you can take decisions for yourself. This will assure them that you are now responsible and mature and they will be confident on every decision you take. But make sure you do not disrespect them in any manner.

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6. Listen to your parents’ views

However, you tell your parents about your opinions on inter-caste marriage, it is also necessary to listen what they think about that too. Listen to their perspective carefully and try to analyze what they want. Show them that you are equally concerned about their opinions too. Do not try to let them down by saying that they are old-fashioned and orthodox. You need to win their trust and confidence. So, just try to understand them too. This will definitely increase your chance you take their approval.

7. Let your partner and parents meet at least once

Once your parents are convinced with your words, now it is time to let both of them meet. You can arrange a meeting between your parents and your partner. You can tell your partner what to do and what not to. Let your partner know your parents’ like and dislikes. This will help your partner to impress your parents easily. You can also give a brief introduction about your parents before the meeting. By this, your parents will know how your partner is. What kind of a person her/she is. They will understand each other better. They might also change their mind after meeting him/her. This can also increase you chance to convince them for a love marriage.

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8. Make your parents aware of successful inter-caste marriages

Make your parents aware of successful inter-caste marriages

Look for some examples of the couples that are successful and happy inn their love marriages. Try to look such couples in your family/friend circle. Let your parents know how satisfied those couples are after marring their choices. Try to gain their confidence here. Also, tell them about those couples of same-caste marriages too that are not too successful and happy. This will help you to change your parents’ opinion.

9. Be ready to face the situations

Be ready to face the situations

Convincing your parents for an inter-caste marriage is no going to be easy. You will have to listen a lot of things while convincing them. After listening to your decision of marring someone of different caste, your parents might feel angry and anxious. They might say that you will drown their families’ name and disrespect their opinion in front of the society. But you need to be ready to face it all. Just keep up your calm and try to face every problem bravely.

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10. Do not give up

Do not give up

If you are confident enough with your choice then you must keep fighting for him/her. Do not give up on your partner. If you know that you have made a correct decision for yourself by spending the rest of your life with your partner, then you must stick to that and keep fighting for her/him. Show you parents that you are truly in love with your partner and do all possible things to seek their approval. They will see your dedication towards this relationship and surely give their permission. This may help you by changing your parents’ opinion towards inter-caste marriages too.

So, by now you know how to convince your parents for love marriage in inter-caste without any fight and arguments. All you need to do is, just wait for the right moment and right time. Take every decision thinking about your parents and your partner simultaneously. Be patient, be calm and do not be angry when your parents do not agree on your decision. With all this, you can easily win your parents heart and they will certainly change their opinion on love marriages in different caste.

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