How to express your feelings to someone whom you love?

How to express your feelings to someone whom you love

In this article we are going to talk about the how to express your feelings to someone whom you love. Telling someone in your life the feelings you have towards them is one of the most daunting things a person can go through.  Even the thought of doing such a thing can be very scary. It is important that it is done in the right way and that the other person does not feel as if they are being bombarded with a lot of things at once. Hence, it is important to make sure that you are doing it the right way; otherwise the other person may just end up feeling confused and that may lead to them not even giving you a chance.

How to express your feelings to someone whom you love?

The best ways to express your feelings to someone whom you love are discussed below in detail:

1. Build up your confidence

Build up your confidence

When interacting with someone, it is important that you are yourself and do not feel the need to behave like someone else to be accepted by your crush. It is justified for you to feel self conscious around them. You may also feel like presenting yourself in the most impressive way you can think to, just in order to impress them. However, this is not recommended. You should try to be yourself to the best of your capabilities and your crush may accept or reject you for the way you are. In fact, they may even be more attracted to you if they see you being confident in your own skin.

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2. Let your body language speak for itself

Let your body language speak for itself

You can express to your crush that you have certain feelings for them just by your body language and the way, and amount of physical contact you maintain with them. It is very true that the way you behave around them and the way you treat them will affect the kind of relationship you end up developing with them in the future. Maintaining some amount of physical contact, like a touch on the arm or the occasional brushing of the legs can go a long way in telling your crush that you are there, and making yourself visible as a possible partner in their eyes.

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3. Write a letter

Write a letter

If you feel like you are the kind of person who feels more confident expressing themselves through the written word, then you may even write your crush a letter to give to them, expressing your feelings for them in whatever way you deem fit. While writing the letter however, you may write something like “I have been meaning to tell you this since a while now..”. However, if you do not wish to go about it the old fashioned way, you may even write out a text message to them over social media, or messaging sites. That way, you will not have to write out a letter, and instead you can just type it out.

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4. While writing the letter, make sure it is not too heavy

While writing the letter, make sure it is not too heavy

When confessing your feelings to the person you like, you should make sure you are not coming on too strong. This is because you may end up scaring your crush as they might feel like things are moving too fast too soon, which may cause them to back off. This is not helpful for either one of you, as your crush might end up distancing from you even if they do have feelings for you. You should make sure that when you confess your feelings, it is not overwhelming for the other person. That way, even if they do not reciprocate your feelings, you can hope to maintain a good friendship with them afterwards.

5. Tell them your feelings in person

Tell them your feelings in person

If you are someone who is okay with confrontation, then you should definitely tell your crush you have feelings for them in person. This way of confessing your feelings is very admirable as it will also make you seem confident, and this will improve your image in the eyes of your crush. Further, you will have a chance to understand their reaction to your proposal better as they will be caught in the moment. This will allow you to take the next step easily, which will be to either move on or continue with your crush. This method of saying your feelings to your crush outright yields faster results.

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6. Give an appropriate response

Give an appropriate response

After you have confessed your feelings to your crush, your crush will respond to you according to what they feel about you. If it is a good response, that is, they do reciprocate you feelings, and then you may ask him or her out on a casual date so that you may get to know each other better through further talking. From there, you can start to understand if you actually want to pursue something further with each other. Your crush may or may not want to, and you should respect their decision either way. Now, if your crush does not feel the same about you and tells you the same, you must start to move on from that person, and respect their feelings towards you accordingly.

7. Be a good listener

Be a good listener

Being there for your partner when they need you is very important. They must feel as if they are being valued and that their presence in your life is appreciated and cherished. This way, they will know to seek your company when they are going through a bad time and will make them feel much closer to you. Eventually, if things keep going well, they may even fall in love with you. That way, you can express your feelings of love to that person and feel safe doing that with them as you will have become very close by then.

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8. Encourage acts of showing love from your partner

Encourage acts of showing love from your partner

For your partner to feel safe around you and vice versa, they must also be comfortable around you. You must make sure that they feel welcome in your life, and that they can freely express their feeling, emotions or love towards you without any judgement. This is extremely important for there to be that security between you and your partner in order for you and your partner to be comfortable with telling each other that you love each other.

9. Always be honest

Always be honest

As the saying “Honesty is the best policy” goes, this also applies to relationships with your significant other. You always being honest with your partner, whether it is about something good or bad is imperative, as that is how trust will build between the two of you. If there is no trust, there is less likelihood of love developing between the two of you. Even if love develops between the two of you, without trust, you may end up being too afraid to express those feelings to that person. This way, even if you do love each other, neither one of you might end up expressing it to the other person. This is why honesty is an important factor in a relationship.

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