How to impress a girl on Instagram chat?

How to impress a girl on instagram chat

Do you know how to impress a girl on Instagram chat? : Well, if not then read this article till end. As here I am going to tell you about the best ways to impress a girl on Instagram chat. This is one of the most common thing, which every person (male) are trying in his day to day life, and also gives their best to impress a girl, but however they did some mistakes which fails them to impress the girl, so here i’ll give you some good tips which will help you to impress the girl.

10 Best ways to impress a girl on Instagram chat

The best ways to impress a girl on Instagram chat are discussed below in detail:

1. Good Profile

First impression should be good, so always make your profile good now whats does it means, try to have a descent quote and also a good picture of yours you don’t have to be put vulgar type of texts, they made her to distract also.

2. Only veg jokes

One of the important tip, don’t be so cheesy with the girl and also have good jokes don’t ¬†start non-veg jokes your foolishness, most of the girls just hate that type of boys who tries to do very vulgar talks.

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3. Share about your life

Start telling about your life, about your imagination they like to talk more about this topic and also their interest also increases while taking to you, and slowly slowly try to gather information about her also it give you more topic to talk to her.

4. Don’t be boring

This is also one of the very common reason, many of the boys do boring talks which girls didn’t like, so try to be funny with her, make her laugh but in a limit don’t to overtime talks.

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5. Respect

Very important thing always respect girls, they love the guy who respect them the most and not only for impressing her but also for other reasons you should respect them, because that thing will make you more enhancing personality in front of her.

How to impress a girl on instagram

6. Sense of humor

Make sure you should have a good sense of humor. Girls like the guy who understand have very good  understanding skills and have a good sense of humor also, because these things will make his personality  more better.

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7. Remain simple

Most of the guys tries to overshow themselves with various talks but also many of them failed as girls easily catch their things and it is one of the most common reason that girls do not talk to you in long term, so be simple don’t overshow this will give her good vibes.

8. Caring

Ask about her moods, her problems and ask her to share to her problems if she can, these things make her to develop feelings for you, if she is in worry so try to console her, and also share your problems too so that she will also thing that she is somehow important.

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9. Privacy

Don’t try to invade in her privacy, if she have any ex so don’t try to question her about her ex, also don’t be so cheesy to take her number if she is comfortable with you she will automatically give it, just respect for her privacy.

10. Carrer

Talk about her career, what are her goals share your views too, these things will your conversation more interesting also will help you to have interest in you, also give her right advice about her future which will be beneficial for her.

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