What Do Girls Like In A Guy?

What Do Girls Like In A Guy?

In this article we are going to talk about What do girls like in a guy? Every girl has their perspective to judge and understand a guy. Some girls are attracted to boy’s looks, while some are interested in boy’s nature. For friendship, the girl chooses someone who is like her in all aspects. But for marriage, she tries to find a guy like their father for themselves. Most of the girls have a superpower, that she sees and talks to the boy only once and examines him well. But some boys also have double faces. And that is the real challenging point for girls to evaluate them. Because there are many boys, who just behave nicely in front of a particular girl to impress her. But the very smart girl does not get impressed with such boys.

What do girls like in a guy?

Girls are keen observers and they notice every little thing even before making a guy her friend. Boys should understand that only physical appearances are not enough to impress a girl. You should be mentally strong and emotionally stable. It is not a compulsion that boys should be emotionally stable, some boys can also be emotionally weak and that is acceptable. The top 10 qualities that attract a girl towards a guy are listed below. 

1. Your Appearance

Your Appearance

Every girl denies the fact that a guy’s looks don’t matter for her. But it is not true. Girls do go for looks. And the girl for whom the looks of the guy hardly matters are very rare. Smile, Eyes, Hairs, Dressing sense, and Height are the primary things that attract a girl towards a guy. Because when they see a boy for the first time, they cannot see anything except his physical appearance. We can’t give a glimpse of how that person is in reality with just someone’s looks. Because appearances are often deceptive. But a boy’s appearance matters a lot. Apart from looks, he should be clean and tidy. The skin tone of a guy is not and should not be the criteria while judging them. Because every skin color is absolutely beautiful. A girl can get attracted to any boy, irrespective of their skin tones. 

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2. Your Nature

Your Nature

He should be loyal, polite, and calm. He should have the ability to handle everything peacefully. Boy’s anger creates fear in girls’ minds and if they have anger issues, it should be on the right topic. Unnecessarily getting angry is not tolerable for any girl. Girls find those boys cute who are emotionally weak. It is not written anywhere that boys should be emotionally strong. A boy should not be egoistic, if he is wrong then he should say sorry and accept his mistakes.

The male ego is the only thing that all the girl hates. He should not try to pretend that he can do anything because he is a boy. If it’s not possible for him then he should stay honest and admit that he can’t do that thing. Apart from all this thing, there is one more quality and that is he should be optimistic. Always if he will think and speak wrong about everyone and always he will see the faults of others in everything then girls will maintain a safe distance from him. He should be committed to only one girl at a time. Girls hate those boys who aren’t loyal to them. 

3. Your hobbies

Your hobbies

Do you think that you are passionate about everything? Or you are a guy who just wants to sit at home watching Netflix and chill?

You should be enthusiastic and energetic every time. Girls like boys who play sports or dance or sing songs. Cooking is the thing that every boy can do. Girls are highly attracted to boys who cook. You should be active and you should also like to take photos, travel to different places. In short, you have to be adventurous. 

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4. Your intelligence

Your intelligence

Do you think that you are intelligent?

You should not be a bookworm. Intelligence means you can tackle problems smartly. Boy should be sharp and should get acquainted with everything easily. You should have general knowledge regarding world affairs and technologies. If you are creative, girls will surely get attracted to you. 

5. You are career-driven

You are career-driven

Just working day and night and not spending time with friends and family is not career-driven. You should have some goals in your life and you should have plans for your safe future. Your quality of being organized and your capability to at least raise your family attracts women towards you. 

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6. Your Personality in front of others

Your Personality in front of others

Your behavior with others reflects everything about you. Your beliefs, thoughts, and public relations define you as a person.

You should not be like a chameleon. You are completely spoiled in front of your friends and you are being decent in front of your girlfriend’s friends. This is wrong. Behave the way you are. She wants someone real and truthful. Just because you want to impress her friends, you present her flowers and make her feel special makes no sense. If you are best, then she will praise you herself in front of her friends. You should be friendly with everyone. It is very difficult to present a false image of yourself. You cannot pretend to be what you are not. You cannot maintain fake behavior for a long time because some situations will arise when you will have to show your real self.

7. Good sense of humor

Good sense of humor

We all have heard somewhere that life’s better when you’re laughing. Can you make everyone laugh? You should be able to accept your flaws and laugh over them. Sometimes using funny pick-up lines attracts girls. If you are having the skill of making her laugh with your pick-up lines then you have won her heart already. Because women want a happy life and not an expressionless face. If you tease the girl and make fun of her like you make fun of the rest of your friends, then she will like it more. 

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8. You should be kind to every child, girl, woman, or elders

You should be kind to every child, girl, woman, or elders

If you respect other girls and women then your girl will always respect you. If you like to play with kids and love to have fun with children, she will be appreciating your that quality. Something wrong is happening with another girl in front of you then you should save that girl and get a genuine stand for her. Your quality of showing courtesy to elders is the thing she will appreciate most. This is a very general behavior, every boy should inculcate in themselves. But not to impress a girl, but for the sake of humanity.

9. People should respect you 

People should respect you

Wherever you go, everyone should welcome you happily. No one should name you wrongly. People should admire you for your work. After listening to your name, everyone should say that you are always available whenever they need you and you are very kind and helpful. Women want that their men should get respect everywhere.

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10. Your readiness to change yourself for her

Your readiness to change yourself for her

A woman thinks everything more maturely than a man does. When she suggests you something or corrects your mistakes, you should listen to her and try to understand her thoughts. We all know that behind every successful man is her woman. Your girl will always stay happy if you listen to her patiently. 

So, these are the most common things that every girl notices in her guy. But being a boy, these are very general things that every boy should have in them. Not to impress any girl, but for his satisfaction. Girl sees your overall behavior before you see your social status.

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