How to make a girl feel comfortable around you?

how to make a girl feel comfortable around you

Read this article to know how to make a girl feel comfortable around you? : Many of the men in today’s world terribly fail in understanding a woman, making her happy the way she wants. It is a quite common problem when it comes to the situation where a boy is meeting a girl for the first time. Most of the boys get nervous and rush things instead of taking it very slow initially. This may be either due to lack of experience in dealing with girls or may be due to anxiety and excitement. Girls love it when you behave maturely with her like a grown up person rather than a fun-loving individual. The first conversation, the first meeting, the first date, etc… are very crucial in getting a place in her heart. It is all about how your frequency matches with hers at the first place.

Being artificial isn’t a good idea while being with a girl. Girls have got the super power to read minds. You will be caught very easily. It is better to stay the way you are, but be careful about the words you use, the gestures you show and the way you behave. Speaking in general, a guy who is very open-minded and trustable will always be on top of the priority list in every girl’s mind. Being a gentleman isn’t something which is restricted to just proper dressing and good looks. It is reflected by a number of factors which reveal the personality of the person very evidently.

10 Best ways to make a girl feel comfortable around you

Here are a few points which every girl expects from a guy and if these conditions are fulfilled, a major portion of the work is done right.

1. Stand within your limits

Staying within your limits is very important as far the first meeting is concerned. Every girl will set a boundary line to each and every person crossing her life. Do not try to cross that unless she gives you the permission to do so. Give her time to understand you and decide whether or not to reveal things about her.

2. Respect her decisions

Never try to force her to do things she isn’t comfortable with. Give her time to think and take decisions. Make it a habit to ask her opinions about everything you people plan to do together. If your opinions doesn’t match, think about it together considering her part with more attention. If you find that her choice isn’t the right one, try to clarify it with her gently instead of being rude and assertive. She should find that you are giving due importance to her decisions without being a male chauvinist.

3. Be a good listener

Being a good listener is an important quality which will help you get close with a girl. Sadly, this skill is the one most men lack. Don’t ask private questions. Let her take her time to open up. Also remember not to judge her by the things she tells you. If you remain non-judgemental, she will trust you more and open up to you, revealing some of her innermost secrets because she knows that you won’t think any less of her for it. And if you find that she is facing trouble in starting the conversation, take the initiative. Ask her about her interests, hobbies, future plans, etc… and help her come out of the initial uncomfortable silence.

Once she gets on track, listen to her keenly without interrupting her. Avoid giving unnecessary comments unless you are asked to contribute. Look into her eyes while she’s talking. That will help in connecting with her on an emotional note. Avoid distractions and unpleasant sighs.

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4. Compliment her

Compliment her the right way. You have the power to make her feel attracted and turned on by the simple compliments you give. Also, remember that a wrongly placed one, at the wrong moment, can spoil the whole mood, which in turn, can affect the impression she gets about you, in her mind. Do not complicate things. Make it simple by complimenting her about her eyes, her smile, her hair, etc… It sounds more appealing than the compliments made on a sexual context. Remember not to try hard to compliment her making her aware that you are trying to impress her. Girls will take it as ‘cheap tricks’ of typical flirts.

how to make a girl feel comfortable in your house

5. Be open and straight forward

It takes little effort to be sincere and trustable. Be open with her about your thoughts, expectations and decisions. Don’t wait for her to get on track and understand you. Instead, take time to tell her about your views too. The earlier, the better. By appearing open and non-threatening, you reveal yourself to be someone honest and trustworthy.

6. Don’t exaggerate things

Don’t exaggerate and complicate things. Just be the way you are. The confidence and self-esteem reflected in a guy’s character are often appreciated well by all girls. Nervousness and lack of confidence are considered as major demerits. Most guys try to cover up their insecurities behind the mask of a very tough personality forgetting that they can be vulnerable in front of a bold and smart girl. This creates a negative impact instead of a positive one. So better avoid build-ups and unnecessary exaggerations.

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7. Pay attention to her insecurities

Girls easily get attached to guys who support her emotionally. Take time to listen to her insecurities and ensure her that she won’t have to face them alone. Be a good friend and guide right from the beginning. And remember to be both throughout your journey with her.

8. Seek Permission

Rushing things and taking decisions without asking her opinion is something no girl will appreciate. Instead of that, talk to her openly, ask for permissions before doing things which demands consent. Always remember that she isn’t your private property. Do not even think of touching her without taking her permission. Her body is solely her property and you have got zero privilege over it.

how to make a woman feel comfortable around you

9. Build trust with her

Trust is the base of every relationship. Be that guy who will protect her and treat her well instead of abusing her and the relationship. Your success as a partner lies on how happy and safe she feels while you are with her. No girl will take the risk of placing herself at a vulnerable state, ready to be broken, unless you become an important part of her life. So if she gives you the power to break her, consider it as a privilege and protect her with all you have. Be responsible and sincere in everything you do. Also remember to make yourself vulnerable to her as well. By doing so, you are almost giving her the power over you, making it clear to her that you are willing to give her insight into your life as well.

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10. Engage in positive conversations

A mistake every guy make when they want to get to know a girl is to ask her an endless array of questions. Instead of assaulting her with questions, try to make solid statements that she can respond to. Try to engage her in positive conversations imparting positive vibes to her. No girl will appreciate a person who spreads negativity. Take care to be that ‘go to person’ whom she can run into, whenever she feels low.

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