Short Story about Misunderstanding Between Friends

Short Story about Misunderstanding Between Friends

In this article we are going to tell you a short story about misunderstanding between friends. The title of the story is “Fever”. So, here we go….

“Hey, the thermometer reading shows 104.5”, exclaimed Arjun.

 “What!! That is higher than the boiling point of water. This is critical right?” questioned Bhopu. “It is 104.5 degree FARHENITES, not Celsius you duffer.” said Ajay shoving Bhopu aside and touching Yash’s forehead to check how high the fever was. “You are really burning up man. How are you feeling?” he continued. “Weak. I am feeling weak”, replied Yash with a hoarse and barely audible voice.

Arjun said, “I have given him a paracetamol after our breakfast and a sound sleep will help him get better I guess.” 

Yash, Ajay, Bhopu, Arjun, Ajay and Shivam had become friends when they were seated on the first two benches of their first year of engineering. Yash’s father had expired when he was 15 years old in a tragic car accident.  Yash and Shivam had become best friends as they shared the same hatred for their Chemistry teacher and their liking towards Breaking Bad. These five were always together. But Yash confined in Shivam more than the others. They were more like brothers.

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It was the early morning of Saturday and they could already hear the sounds of Drums, Dhol and Tasha from their hostel windows. It was the early morning of Ganesh Chaturthi. But Yash had started to feel a bit weak and his eyes were becoming watery. By midday his fever had gone enough high to confine him to his bed.

Shivam, Bhopu and Ajay were roommates on the second floor and Yash and Arjun were in the same room on the third floor. That day Shivam had visited Yash’s room in the afternoon and told him that he needed to go home urgently. Yash was already sick and had fever. He wanted to know was this urgency. Shivam did not detail Yash about the urgency and left.

Even though Yash was surrounded by Ajay, Bhopu and Arjun, he needed Shivam by his side. He considered him his family. He couldn’t go to his mother due to his illness and even Shivam wasn’t there.

Even if he had something personal to attend to, he should have told him. And if it wasn’t that important he should not have gone in the first place itself. Yash started to feel angry towards his friend. He had fever, he was in pain and neither his mother nor his close friend was with him. And in situations like this, the fever can mess with your brain real bad.

In the evening when his mother had called him to know how his health was he had broken down. He started crying the moment he heard his mother’s voice over the phone. He knew that his mother won’t be able to visit him so far away and had to satisfy himself only with her voice.

All this made him angrier towards Shivam. He started thinking that Shivam was a selfish boy who approached him only when he needed something. He felt that Shivam’s friendship was nothing more than a façade. He was a mean and selfish from inside. His mind started to recollect all the selfish deeds
Shivam had carried out. How he had submitted the assignment without informing him. He remembered that time when they had studied together and yet Shivam had scored more than he had done. His mind made him believe that even after the study hours, Shivam would study extra hours after going in his room.

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After that he spent his every waking hour cursing Shivam. He didn’t know what made him feel weak, his illness or his growing hatred towards Shivam.

By Wednesday Yash’s fever had dwindled and now he was feeling better and stronger. But the poison he had created for his best friend in his mind was still there. Shivam returned to the hostel on Thursday and had knocked on the door and Arjun had opened the door. Yash pretended to be asleep as he was in no mood to talk with Shivam.

The next day too, Yash did not wait for Shivam and went to college on his own.

After dinner his mother had called him. “How are you feeling now son?” she enquired. “I am feeling much better now mum. The medication course will end tomorrow and I will be completely fine after tonight’s sleep. How are you? How was your day?” he enquired. “The day was good and my medication course also ended today.” she said. “What medication mum? What happened? Are you alright? Shall I come home tomorrow? I will come by bus if the train reservation is not available.” He started blurting out words out of concern.

 To this she replied, “Stop. Let the old lady speak son. The thing is even I was suffering from high fever since last Thursday. But it was not quite high until Saturday. So I called you on Saturday to talk to you, but you did not receive my call.” she explained. “Sorry mum I couldn’t receive your call as I was also suffering from high fever and was asleep” he apologized.

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“No son it is absolutely fine. As you did not receive my call I called Shivam to know why you were not picking up my call. That is when he told me that you were having high fever. And he also noticed my rough voice due to the cough n fever. And he insisted to come here to help me as you were not in the condition to travel and you needed rest.” she said.

“You should have told me mum. I was completely unaware of your situation. Even Shivam did not care to tell me about your condition and went on with his own affairs.” Yash said.

She replied, “no son, don’t get him wrong. It was me who asked him not to tell you about my condition. I did not want you to worry about me as you were already ill. And he also took the first available bus and reached home before it was evening. And he looked after me all these days. He is a very good and empathetic kid. I am grateful that you two are friends. He came here to help me without a second thought. I don’t even know how to thank him for his efforts.”

On listening to this Yash was filled with guilt. He felt ashamed. He felt that he was the worst boy on this planet. He felt his limbs go numb. “Someone is calling me mum, I will call you later. You take care. Goodnight.” and he hung up. He had no thoughts to even think. His mind had gone blank. Those four days when he was deciding how bad and worthless Shivam is, his best friend was helping and taking care of his mother. He also felt good for having a friend like Shivam.

There was only one thing he could do now. Apologize. He had to confess to his friend. He had to thank him for being there for his mother when he could not. He dropped his phone on the bed opened the door to go out. Arjun yelled from behind, “hello!!! It is 10pm. Where do you think you are going?”

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Yash turned and replied with a smile, “To apologize and thank someone.” Dear readers, all of you might have gone through such situations. No not the same one but situations where you misunderstood the whole situation. Let me tell you all a thing, if it involves a misunderstanding between your friends, family or colleagues please do not make up harsh decisions in your minds. The first thing to do in such scenarios is to talk. Yes talk things out. You have a problem with your fellow colleague? Go to him and discuss the issue. Trust me, majority of your life problems and fights with friends can be solved by talking and discussing.

This is a short story about misunderstanding between friends. I hope you liked it.

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