Short Story about School Life

Short story about school life

In this article we are going to tell you a short story about school life. The title of the story is “Nostalgic Reunion”. So, here we go…

It was a good sunny morning; Kashyap came running to his grandpa, Mr.Ramesh is a man who was at his 70s. When Kashyap neared his grandpa, his grandpa noticed that Kashyap was crying. Mr.Ramesh begun questioning Kashyap about what has happened, but he couldn’t stop Kashyap from crying. So Mr.Ramesh had to make his grandson sit on his lap and pacify him. After a while Kashyap stopped crying and begun to complain about his school to his grandpa. After listening to all his complaints his grandpa laughed and first made his grandson to refresh himself and eat his lunch. The 8 year old kid followed his grandpa’s instructions and ate his lunch.

Now the grandpa called Kashyap and told him “Well my dear boy, school is a place where which shapes your future and makes you a complete human being by teaching you all values of life. Just because your teacher scolded you for one day don’t mean that she doesn’t like you, her intention was to correct your mistakes at that point. Consider this example, if you have a fever doctor will inject you with some medicines and that will be painful only at that point , but your fever will vanish within hours and brings you to normal state.

The punishment or the scolding which you get from your teacher is like that vaccine, which will make you a better person. So don’t feel sad for this small thing. There will be one day where you have to go out of this place after your schooling gets completed, you will have number of memories when you go out and you will miss your school at that time as I do now. So enjoy your days when you are at your school.”  Even after all this, that 8 year old kid wasn’t convinced with what his grandpa told and he went out of the room angrily.

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Kashyap suddenly woke up and found his train stationed at Coimbatore Jn. He was on his way to attend his reunion with his batch mates. Kashyap has completed his Bachelors in Engineering and is working at The United Kingdom. It has been 10 years since he has seen his friends who are at Coimbatore. Now he takes up a cab and sits in it instructing the driver to go to his home. Still his tiredness hasn’t got any better and he knows that it would take 2 hours to go from Coimbatore to his village where he did his schooling. Kashyap decided to take a small nap again.

“Kashyap! Kashyap! Kashyap!” cheered the crowd. Kashyap found himself having the ball under his leg. He was standing exactly at the half court and found two defenders rushing at him. Somehow he managed to tackle his ball and move it past the half court and he rushed to the goal post by tackling another defender. He went into the D box and kicked the ball which went swinging inside the goal post.

The score for Kashyap’s school team has become 3 now and it is almost end of the extra time given by referee. The whole school shouted with joy and the opponent team nearly become deaf on hearing the applause Kashyap’s team got. After the match the district club head handed over the trophy to Kashyap’s captain and his team received it with joy. They took it to their school and they added an extra feather to their cap.

Kashyap’s principle called him and appreciated for his extraordinary performance and told him that he has a bright future in football. Kashyap, after everything went to his home in his cycle. “Kashyap…” a voice came from long. Suddenly Kashyap turned back and saw Hema running towards him. Hema was Kashyap’s childhood friend and they were neighbours for the past 15 years. Hema came near him and congratulated him for making the team win at the football match. She was speaking with Kashyap and told him that,” Your father is angry at you. It is your grandfather’s 9th death anniversary and you weren’t there when he offered annadhanam to the employees of your factory”.

Kashyap got really upset and scared as he totally forgot this event. Anyhow he had to face his dad and so he went inside his home. His dad didn’t speak even a word to him; Kashyap went to his room, freshened up himself and came to have his dinner. He thought his dad would be furious and scold him, but instead his dad told,” My son, I heard that you performance was great in today’s match, but know this son your team could have even won without you in today’s match. But we weren’t able to offer annadhanam to our employees whole heartedly without you. So learn to prioritize things.” his dad got up and went to his room.

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 Kashyap was thinking about the things he used to do with his grandpa and tears fell out of his eyes unknowingly. He missed his grandpa so much. The next day he went to his school, he was in the final year of his high school. He knew that there were only a few weeks left for him to complete his schooling. He was thinking about all these constantly and went inside his class. His teacher came inside the class all students stood up and wished her.

The teacher insisted Kashyap to stand up and the team members who were at his class who played the football match the last day. Everyone stood up the teacher congratulated them and told them that,” You guys rocked yesterday. I was seeing you guys play, but know this guys you have only few weeks for your board exams, you should also equally concentrate on your studies, All the best!”.

His teacher begun to circulate the answer sheets, Kashyap didn’t score good. He got broke inside and he did know that he didn’t prepare well for that exam. He looked so sad while going to his home, his friends and Hema came near him and told that,” Kashyap, just leave it dude. You know you didn’t prepare, just prepare for the board exam then and you can score well.” Kashyap still didn’t get convinced. He went to his home and he sat on his bed. The thing which his dad told came into his mind,” Learn to prioritize things Kashyap”, and he decided to put it into action.

Just weeks for his exams were left. Kashyap’s friends were unable to find him outside of his home except school. They were worried for Kashyap and decide to speak with him. They missed him so much in their gang. They were trying to speak to Kashyap for several times about this state of him but Kashyap managed to divert the topic somehow. He worked so hard until his exams were nearing.  He wrote his exams well and he did know that he will score well. Now, he went to his friends home to spend time with them, many of them went to other places for their vacation and some of them were busy with preparing for their university entrance exams.

Kashyap felt so alone, now he had no one to spend time. He was thinking of many plans to make his friends come out with him and spend time. He did try every possible plan which struck up in his mind and nothing worked out really. Days went on and everyone went on their own paths including Kashyap.

Suddenly the car stopped, Kashyap woke up and his friend came rushing towards the car to welcome Kashyap. He got out the car and hugged his friend after a long time. They went inside Kashyap’s home. Kashyap had a chance to meet his mom and dad after a long time and they had missed their son so much.

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 It is the day of reunion, everyone was asking Kashyap that,” Why didn’t Hema come, is she so busy at The United Kingdom, or doesn’t she feel like seeing us”. Kashyap was replying,” No! No! , She is held up with a meeting and she really felt bad for not attending this reunion”.  It has been 3 years since Kashyap and Hema got married to each other. He felt so lucky to have his childhood friend as his life partner. Kashyap’s friends somehow managed to get permission from new authorities of their school and somehow got permission to have the reunion there inside school premises.

Kashyap was so excited to go inside his school, he went inside and took his friends to the classroom in which they were present during their time. Some small changes were made in their classroom but its outlook was more or less the same. He called his wife, Hema through video call and showed her their class. She was so happy to see it and she was speaking with their friends.

Kashyap sat on a bench there in his class for a while. He remembered all the funny things which himself and his friends were doing. He remembered each and every moment he had with his friends all the fun and mischief’s they used to do. Everything came into his mind since his childhood. He was a student of that school from his 1st grade till his 12th grade. He was filled up with tears due to the nostalgia he got at that moment. He realised that he could have scored a good mark back then in his 12th grade even if he had prepared only 2, 3 days before his exam.

He felt so bad that he didn’t spend quality time with his friends even in the final days of their schooling. He then remembered the thing which his grandpa once told him long ago, “You will have number of memories when you go out and you will miss your school at that time as I do now”. These words kept running in his mind constantly. Suddenly he got diverted as his friend called him to join them with dinner. He then went out of the class thinking to that, “Life moves on faster than we think”.

So, this is a short story about school life. I hope you liked it.

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