Sites like Epub Dump

Sites like Epub Dump

Sites like Epub Dump are discussed here in this article. We have millions of books in this world and even more readers who always have a book that they are reading and a book ready which they will read after ending the one they are reading. A reader ever gets tired of books or reading and sure, they have their favourite genre and type of book they like to read but that does not mean that they ever get tired of reading even if they don’t have their favourite genre. A reader is always curious about new books and the story it depicts.

Even though there are a large number of books, novels, stories available of every genre such as romantic, science fiction, ancients and much more, a reader is never satisfied and also, they may not ever feel that it is enough for them. Even if you do not read or you do but not as much to be called a reader, books are never enough for anybody no matter what number it’s available in the market. This is because a book does not only hold a power of gripping your attention just because it portrays a good story, although, that is also one of the reasons but there are a number of reasons why an individual who once indulge himself in reading books is not able to detach himself from them. These reasons include:

  • That a book has morals and values which helps everyone in every age, that is, be it a kid, a teenager, an adult or anybody. Morals and values are something that changes a person and his perspective altogether for good and makes one good human being.
  • A book may have a gripping story that may inspire you one day to follow a path that is right for you.
  • A story helps you grow internally and psychologically which is how you are able to choose what is best for you.

A story can prove to be anything to you, that is, it could be a saviour, a teacher, a supporter or a friend.

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But finding the best one for yourself can be a little difficult. Also, what if you don’t have your favourite books for any reason and you have no access to them as well? This where ebooks come to the picture. An ebook is an electronic book and so even if you don’t have a handheld book you always have your phone or laptop with you. Ebooks are something that you can find online and read whenever and wherever you want. And the only problem here is to be able to find some of the websites that offer our favourite and most preferred books. Therefore, here are some of the best websites from where you can download free ebooks for yourselves.

Top 10 Sites like Epub Dump

Following are the top sites like Epub Dump from where you can download ebooks, explained in detail:

1. Ebook Lobby

Websites like Epub Dump

Ebook Lobby contains various books that are arranged under a number of categories. Once you know what you want to read, you just have to choose that category which is provided to you in an orderly system by this website. As you are done with choosing the category or the genre of books you wanna enjoy, they bring you into another page where there are further categories which are available under the category you chose earlier. For instance, if you choose to read books related to ‘cooking’, then you further get to select if you want to read about baking, natural food or outdoor outing and much more. Do check out the books that this website offers you.

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2. Amazon Kindle

Epub Dump Alternatives

Amazon is one company that has been growing and developing and has proved to be a very successful and competitive company among all the other companies around the market. It has come up with a lot of promotional products such as the amazon prime, DVD’s, beauty products, groceries and much more. These products also include amazon kindle which was a website that it came up with to be able to make some of the best books available to a large number of people around the globe. It has both paid as well as free of cost books that are available in every genre. And a plus point is that Amazon is already a trusted and popular website and therefore, you don’t have to be scared about any illegal stuff. Also, even if you do not have a kindle device you can just search for free kindle books on the web to find your favourite books.

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3. Open Library

Sites similar to Epub Dump

On the third number is Open Library which is, as its name suggests, a library with hundreds and thousands of books that are open and available to all. Also, the books that it offers are absolutely free of charge and so anybody can read it without worrying about the prices. You can browse the website based on your prefered subject, that is, art, fantasies, recipes and much more. They also show the number of books that are available in these categories which can be more than fifty thousand in some of the cases.

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4. Google Ebookstore

Best Ebook Download sites

Google Ebookstore also known as the google books is a search engine that is provided by Google. Here, you just need to search for the book that you want to know about or read and you will get to the book. When you open the book, you get the whole story and you can read it online. It is a very good website and obviously a very trusted one as well.

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5. Planet Publish

Best free ebook download sites

Another website is planet publish which has its home page filled with the classics. They offer you the details of free books that are available with them at the side of the website. If you click on the book that you want to read, you will be provided with the story and if you like it then you can download it as well. The books that you download are provided to you in a pdf form.

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6. LibriVox


Now, this is a very interesting website which has a large number of books that they offer to their readers. Here, you can select your favourite book and you can choose between if you want to read it or if you want to listen to it. This website provides you with both the books that you can read and the ones they have the audio for so that you can listen to it. If you select the ‘read’ category you will be taken to another page where they will ask you to read the stories and make an audio for them while you will be shown the books that you can listen to if you select the ‘audio’ category.

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7. FreeTechBooks

Best ebook download sites without registration

This website is not a regular website with novels and storybooks. FreeTechBooks includes computer science books, textbooks as well as lectures that you can download for free using this website. You can, here, choose by category or you can just browse the website and download books that you might want to read. Also, you are shown the reviews on each and every book so that you are better able to judge which one you want to download.

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8. TradePub

Sites like Ebook hunter

This is a website for professionals and so if you are one, then feel free to visit it. TradePub has all the professional as well as technical books. Here, you have a large number of categories and an even larger number of collections of books available to the people globally and anybody can download any of the books here. You can choose from the category such as information technology, career etc.

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9. Project Gutenberg

Free Ebooks

This is a very old and also very popular website among the readers. There are more than sixty thousand free books that are available to you on this website. They show you some of the latest books that are being read on their website and also, you can search their bookshelf for more books. The bookshelf contains books that are managed in an alphabetical order and you can also choose the language that you want to read the book in.

10. Googleplay Books

Ebook Library

Google has come up with another website from where you can download any free book that googleplay books offer you. There are a multitude of books which are paid ones but a large number of them are free of cost. You just need to download the ones you want to read.

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