Where to go on the first date with a Guy?

Where to go on the first date with a Guy

In this article we are going to discuss about the top places to go on the first date with a Guy. Throughout our lives we meet new people who are different in their own ways. Some of them may be only around for a while but there are others who are here to stay. Some people come into our lives unexpectedly and become a huge part of our lives. They also change our lives, very often for the better. They can be our friends or well-wishers or sometimes even more than that.

In our lives we cannot choose who we meet, but you can always choose who stays. We all prefer to be around people who makes us happy and feel special. Most of the times the people you are surrounded by can affect the way you think of yourselves. Being with people who appreciates and understands you can help you be a better person and change the way you look at yourself.

Once in a while a person comes into our lives without any invitation and helps us realise what we were missing. You may not know much about this person but you feel like you should know him more. Very often this feeling is mutual. First impression is never the best impression. First impressions can be quite misleading and therefor you should know the person very well before you open up to him.

Dating is basically two people meeting each other to get to know each other before establishing a romantic relationship. This term is also used when two people are already romantically or sexually involved. The main aim of dating is to learn more about our partners and spend quality time with them. The choice of venue for dating or the activity that they choose to do depends mainly on the nature and interests of both of them.

Top 10 Places To Go on the First Date with a Guy

Here is the list of best places to visit on a first date with guy discussed below:

1. Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops

Almost every time pick-up lines involve getting coffee or drinks. Drinks aside, talking over coffee is the easiest way to know a person. The coffee can be stimulating and helps us to be very involved in the chatting and focus on what he is saying. This can be a very casual encounter where superficial stuff is discussed but it is a start. Coffee shops are one of the best places to talk.

Most coffee shops provides the perfect ambience for connecting with people. It definitely feels nice to sit and chat with someone with a cup of coffee in your hand and the urge to know him more.

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2. Restaurants


Lunch or dinner dates are the best way for people to get to know each other. Here two people can sit and talk about each other, what their interests or hobbies or their views on relationships or anything that is interesting for the both of you. Talking over food can help you bond well with the other person. It also helps us understand the other’s preferences and perspectives.

They choice of restaurant can totally depend on your taste but quiet places are more recommended as this can help you to focus on your date more.

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3. Parks


Taking a stroll through parks is also a good way to get to know your partner. It can help ease up your mind and talk freely and calmly with no distraction that is unless the park is in your neighbourhood. This is a good idea especially if either of you have a pet dog. Fresh air and the beautiful landscapes can be very relaxing and refreshing and at times romantic too.

A small picnic in the park is also a great dating idea but this may seem as little less fun for some, especially young people.

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4. Concerts


Concerts are places where everyone enjoys themselves. The music, cheering of the crowd and the vibrant lights can be very exciting and fun. Concerts may not be the best place to talk and bond, but having fun together definitely the best way to create beautiful memories with each other. It can bring you two closer by breaking the walls of formality and unwanted decency.

People tend to be more of themselves when they are having fun or is happy. Thus this would be a way to see the fun, never-seen-before side of your friend.

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5. Beaches


Beaches especially at the time of sunset and at nights has one of the best romantic atmospheres. The cold breeze against your face, the cool sand beneath your feet and the beautiful colours of the sky are such a bliss. A romantic beach date is one of the best ways to sweep a person of their feet.  This is a great option if you are already sure about that person.

A fun day at the beach with hot sun above your heads and lots of playing and surfing is also a good idea for a date. Getting all tanned and seeing the playful side of your boyfriend is something that you don’t want to miss.

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6. Movie Theaters

Movie Theaters

Going for a movie is a great idea for a date. It can give you something to talk about and helps build up conversation. It can be a very refreshing experience. Sharing popcorn, holding hands and resting your head on his shoulders can be very romantic, that is if your date is willing. This can be fun especially when it is a movie both of you were looking forward to watching.

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7. Museums


Walking through museums looking at the various exhibits and talking to your date can be a very pleasing experience. Museums have got an aesthetic vibe and it can be very soothing. It would be more interesting if the both of you has got an interest and curiosity on natural history, evolution etc.

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8. Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters

Visiting animal care centres for a date can feel so good especially if you both are a dog or cat lovers. Watching young puppies and kittens is a very lovely experience. It shows compassion and love for animals. Playing together with animals can be fun and also helps to bond with your partner. It also helps you to understand your date better through his interaction with animals.

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9. Road Trips and Drives

Road Trips

Road trip or drives can be one of the best and most exciting dates. The ride can feel very revitalizing and peaceful at the same time. It can help open up your mind to your friend and helps to connect with him. Road trips can feel very inspiring and induces a sense of trust towards your partner.

Talking with him during this trip can help you appreciate him and know him more.

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10. Home

Places to go on a first date with a guy

Being at one of your houses and putting on a movie with some snacks can be the most fun way to get to know each other. It needn’t necessarily be movies, games or books or casual talking will also do. Cooking together can also be a very good idea for first date. This helps to bond with him well and also lets you to familiarize with his surroundings. Home is a place where we can be a hundred percent ourselves with all the craziness and silly habits and ridiculous behavior.

Being home with him can make him feel part of the family and it can increase your trust and admiration towards him. Dating is actually for getting to know your boyfriend or potential future boyfriends. There are many ways to do this. It is always better to do something both of you enjoy doing or going someplace both of you like. There are people who like to have fun and a little bit of adventure and there are others who are peaceful and reserved.

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They have to choose according to their nature and character. It should be something you are sure to enjoy. Your choice of venue or activity for a date should be something you are sure to never forget, especially the first one. First date is the first memory you make with him so make sure it turns out to be beautiful. It may not work out with the person, but at least the both of you spent some happy moments with each other.

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