10 Best Websites For Audiobooks

Best Websites For Audiobooks

In this article we are going to discuss about the best websites for audiobooks. Audiobooks are the stories narrated by people to fill emotions in them. These are the stories written in books that are made available to the readers in the form of audios. Listening to the books that you like gives it another feel that feels good and the characters of the book come alive. As it is a famous saying that knowledge comes for free and does not require any money, and the same goes for the books. Here is a list of websites from where you can get access to audiobooks that are of high quality and won’t cost you a huge amount of money or any money at all.

Top 10 websites for Audiobooks

Here is the list of top audiobook websites discussed below:

1. Loyal Books

Loyal Books is an online website for audiobooks that provides its customers with thousands of audiobooks for free. Loyal books provide their uses with audiobooks in different categories and different genre they also provide is every detail and complete history of every book along with the date of Publication. The audiobooks available here are available for download as MP3 e, iTunes podcast, or are available for listening on RSS.

When we say that different genres available that means from horror to adventure, from Romance to science fiction, from biographies to historical fiction, etc. This website offers audiobooks in many languages. This website just like the one stated above digitize public domain books to make them easily available in the library of the website for their users.

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2. LibriVox

LibriVox is an online website that provides audiobooks to the users for free. It is an initiative that does not aim to gain profit by this means. It is a website where you can find audiobooks that won’t cost you a penny and are available for download listen to. This website allows its users to volunteer in reading and recording books from all over the world and the volunteers do not have to go through a screening process and can submit their recordings on the website which will later be available worldwide on the website if approved.

Most of the books available on this website are professionally narrated but some books are recorded and submitted by volunteers and wild listening to them you’ll know that they are not professionally narrated. This website allows you to download the whole book as a ZIP file Torrent or you can subscribe to it via RSS feed or iTunes. This website provides a lot of information about the audiobooks that are available on the website and this is the information that tells you about the Dubbing cast, duration of audiobooks, size of the file, author’s biography, etc. As it is a non-profit initiative, it is extremely easy to use and a good website for readers.

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3. Learn out loud

Learn Out Loud is an audiobook platform that features books in the form of audios and videos. It is an online website that focuses on converting the textbooks into audio and video form. This website has several books BL documentaries religious philosophical or scientific books. This website majorly attention on educational books the books that are related to some courses. It does feature other storybooks and novels but has a vast collection of educational books and focuses on making learning simpler and interesting.

They have a thousand books that are available in the form of audios and videos. The major benefit of this website is that it does not require any subscription and this free of cost which means you have access to all the books available on this website without paying a subscription, unlike many other websites.    It provides free of cost education and knowledge and helps people to seek it. This website also has audible books for lecture speeches and interviews which would also result in making it more interesting than it initially was.

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4. Audible

Audible is an online website and also an application from Amazon. It is one of the biggest names in audiobook space and it is famous for its huge collection of books. Audible unlike the above stated online websites is not free of cost but can only be accessed weather subscription. Subscription for this website or application works based on credits which therefore means that the price of the book does not come into consideration while using credits.

Every month you get one credit that is you get one audiobook per month you can also increase your credits by purchasing different plans.  As to gain access on this website you have to purchase a subscription so the great thing about this is if you don’t like an audiobook that you’ve already purchased you can exchange it for free.

This service offers a free trial of 30 days period and if you, later on, think that audible is not the right place for you can cancel a subscription after the first 30 days for free. All audiobooks available here are of extremely high quality and professionally narrated. This website has a huge library and covers books from almost every genre from history to science, poetry to education, kids to adults, etc. This website can be operated on all devices and the application is available for iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows phones.

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5. Lit2Go

It is an online website that has thousands of audiobooks there is a huge collection of books on different authors which belong to different genres. It does not require any subscription amount to be paid to get access to those audiobooks. It is a free online website you can choose what book you require in the form of audio from the thousands of books available on this website.

Features books from many genres like adventure, epic, fable, gothic, informational, poetry, mystery, and many more. They also summarise their books and also offer a summarise recap of each chapter at the end of the book. Along with the audiobooks this website also provides a PDF that can be read which can be used to read along with the audio. It is also made especially for using the classroom so that the students can be more focused and interested in their studies.

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6. Open culture

Open Culture is not a website that contains audiobooks but it is a website that contains almost all the audiobooks that are copyright free and are available at other places online and has compiled them all handmade a single list how to them to make it easier for you to find the audiobooks you are looking for along with the links from where you can download them for free.

This website is known for having books that are available on small platforms and it is difficult for them to be accessed by people, Open culture gives them a platform for books such as cultural and educational books free of cost and makes it easier for people to reach them. Here on this website, you can find educational courses as well.

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7. Archive

Archive is an online website for audiobooks. As the name states it is one of the biggest archives of audiobooks that are classic and modern collected from different sources available online. It is also a non-profit initiative that provides its users with audiobooks for free. They have a wide range of audiobooks available. Pictures of the website that works on donation and volunteering which means the users can donate their time and money to this website and volunteer in events organized by this website, etc.

This website is designed in a manner that is very easy to use and you do not have two individual research titles for catalogs hair but you can do a master search where you can find not only audiobooks but you can see results in the form of web pages images and software programs. On this website you can either download the audios in different formats or you can listen to them directly from the web page.

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8. Overdrive

It is an E-book website which also provides audiobooks and streaming videos. It gives you access to the books in the public library and school libraries. They have free audiobooks along with the hard copies of the books which can be issued from the libraries. You can get access to most of the Ebooks and audiobooks by pairing to the local libraries around you full stop this website has a collection of over 1 million books and partnership with over thousands of libraries and they release the latest audiobooks on their website which can be accessed by you for free of cost.

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9. StoryNory

StoryNory is an online website for storytelling for kids. This is a website that excels inbox that is specially meant for kids, this website has audiobooks such as classics original stories fairy tales, etc. This website is for anybody who is interested and wants to hear audiobooks that are meant for kids. On this website along with audiobooks written text is also available. These are the stories that are written by professional people and volunteering is not a part here.

It is is a perfect website for parents who cannot find bedtime stories for their kids and struggle to make them sleep. These are all audiobooks recorded by professionals with enthusiasm, joy, drama effects, and kid-friendly voices. You can either download the audiobooks or play them online. The download options available on this website are either MP3 files or iTunes podcasts. It is an attractive website as it is meant for kids this website is also made attractive to attract users.

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10. Project Gutenberg

It is an online website for books and audiobooks as well. It is the oldest online library that has three books and now audiobooks as well. Just like many other websites they also ask the audience to donate their voice to convert the ebooks into audiobooks. Project Gutenberg have thousands of ebooks that can be downloaded in the form of MP3 files.

Project Gutenberg

This website has both human narrated and computer narrated books and you can choose your preferences according to whatever you want. It has Ebooks and audiobooks of various categories and genres they have also classified their books by ages that are books are classified as to for which age groups they are preferably written.

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