Advantages and Disadvantages Of Electric Cars

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Electric Cars

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages and disadvantages of electric cars. Electric cars are recent invention of human kind. Many car companies have shifted their business from making cars using gas or petrol to solely the cars which uses electricity in order to perform its function. As the electric cars are not so efficient and demand for petrol cars is more, companies are trying to make hybrid cars which can use electricity as well as petrol. Electric vehicle helps the world from pollution.

A brief way to describe the pollution caused by petrol vehicles is that any vehicle which uses petrol, diesel, gasoline or any another fossil fuel emits carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas and becomes threat to surroundings. Same goes with excess carbon dioxide whose emission cause global warming which is another disaster for mankind. Therefore, it is very necessary for an alternative like electric vehicles. Thus, this invention is advantageous for mankind. But as it is said that every invention has its own pros and cons, similarly Electric car has also its pros and cons. Thus, the list of Advantages and disadvantages are:

Advantages of electric cars

The advantages of electric cars are discussed below:

1. Environment friendly

Environment friendly

This is one of the most important reason people nowadays are switching to electric vehicles. People are becoming more aware of the consequences of global warming which is the disadvantage of traditional petrol vehicle. The electric vehicles run on electrically powered engines, so it is completely an eco- friendly option. The emission of toxic gas like carbon monoxide, sulphur oxide will be totally cut-off as it run on electricity. The non-release of vicious gas will lead to reduction of air pollution which in turn lead to reduction of respiratory problems caused by these gases.

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2. Cheaper fuel

Cheaper fuel

In order to drive petrol- or diesel-powered vehicles, the fuel is needed to be constantly applied to the engine. As petrol is supplied continuously, the consumption of fuel goes up. This ends up in refuelling the vehicle regularly. The price of commodities like petrol and diesel nowadays are increasing exponentially which threats the user constantly. Switching to electric vehicle will help in saving the money of fuel as plugging in for electricity is only needed. According to researches, it is found that the cost of refilling electric cars is about one third the cost of refuelling the normal car.

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3. Quieter


Most of us have developed a kind of hatred from the sound of humming of engine or sound related to vehicle especially when we are stuck in traffic in rush hour. Electric vehicle proves to be advantageous to this situation. Electric cars reduce noise pollution as it has fewer moving parts as compared to conventional cars. They are almost silent. They are very smooth too.

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4. Low maintenance

Low maintenance

We all know that regular maintenance is required for using traditional car. The oil used in car has to be changed and filled regularly. The moving parts of car in petrol car are also needed to be changed after sometime which adds up to maintenance. This regular maintenance cost very much to the user as well as the time required for maintenance is also wasted. This is not in the case of electric vehicles. Only the battery of electric vehicles needs to be changed but that is also after 4-5 years minimum. Nowadays the batteries used are of lithium, which has increased the life of batteries up to 10 years. The brakes of the electric vehicles tend to be more efficient than the brakes of petrol car. Thus, the cost of maintenance is reduced.

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5. Government subsidies

Government subsidies

Every citizen has to pay tax for the assets he has like car, house etc. As the electric vehicles proves to be advantageous to the environment and help the surrounding to become green, Government is giving tax credits to those who own electric vehicles. This is done for encouraging the people to switch to electric vehicles and help the government to make the environment pollution free. Many automobile companies have also come forward for this motive and providing great incentives for buying electric vehicles.

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Disadvantages of electric cars

The disadvantages of electric cars are discussed below:

1. More costly

More costly

The cost of electric vehicle is generally high. Even the price of most affordable cars is high and this may increase when going for luxurious cars. The cost of electric vehicles is high due to the batteries used are li-ion batteries. The starting price for good electric vehicles is about 30-40 lakhs. In this price, the buyer will think of buying petrol powered vehicles as he can most luxuries in this price range. Companies are coming with new inventions in order to reduce the price. It is estimated that prices will drop in future.

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2. Less Charging points

Less Charging points

The popularity of any product is only increased if it efficient and easy to use. Same goes for the electric vehicles. The electric vehicles need to be charged regularly in order to run which can be done in charging stations. We can see gas and petrol stations located almost every 2-3 kilometres which is helpful for traveller for refuelling when needed. That’s not the case with charging stations and very limited charging stations are there in India. The popularity of electric vehicles will not increase unless the charging stations are readily available. Thus, charging stations are needed .

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3. Not Promising

Not Promising

The electric cars made till now are not that promising. Thus we can’t assure  that it is completely ready to replace the petrol powered engine cars. In India, especially in rural areas where there is lot of power cut, usage of electric vehicles will become problem there. If the electric vehicles are designed to be charged at some specific volt, the similar charging point not be available at every place.

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4. Longer refueling time

Longer refuelling time

The fuel for traditional cars are petrol, diesel or gasoline and fuel for electric vehicles is electricity. To use the vehicle, it is necessary to provide the fuel constantly. In the present world, everyone is in rush. No one would like to wait. This can be problem with electric vehicles. Refueling of gasoline car may take few minutes only but recharging the battery of electric car may take hours proving it disadvantageous. If the charging stations are limited, it may even take more time making it more worse.

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5. Low speed and efficiency

Low speed and efficiency

Most of the youth in present want cars that are fast. Electric cars are generally slower than gasoline powered engine cars. The maximum speed of electric vehicles is about 110 Kmph which loses the attraction of half of the youths. The efficiency of electric cars is also that much.  Most of these cars can travel only the maximum of 50-100 kilometers and then you have to recharge again which is again a problem in remote areas. Thus this can’t be taken to long journey.

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These were some pro and cons of electric vehicle. So you must go through this points before buying a electric vehicle. To overcome some disadvantages of electric vehicles, scientists are trying to use solar energy as fuel for vehicles.

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