What Should I Have In My Car At All Times?

What Should I Have In My Car At All Times?

In this article we are going to talk about the What should I have in my car at all times? In this article, you are going to know what are the top 10 things that must always have in your car. Owning your own car comes with a hell of a lot of responsibilities if you have just switched from renting vehicles for traveling to finally having your own car. When people buy their new car, they are not just aware of the fact that it’s your car and you have to take care of it along with you and the people who are going to use that car for traveling.

Most of the new car owners discover things when they get into trouble and start preparing a list after they have gone through the pain, for instance having a “Flashlight”, you might think ohh that’s a common tool to have, but many surveys from car accessories shop report that people buy essential kinds of stuff for their car after months, but when they were asked to buy those things while they were buying their new car, they did not buy thinking it’s an expense.

So either you are a person who is going to own a car soon or a regular driver with years of experience having your own car, this article will definitely save your time to keep all the things sorted so that you don’t mess up when any unpleasant situation happens when you are driving.

What should I have in my car at all times?

The list of things you should have in your Car all times is listed below in detail:

1. Legal Documents

Legal Documents

Now, this is one the most important thing that you should always carry in your car, most people make the mistake of not carrying legal documents such as RC (Registration Document), driving license, and your personal ID proof.

Registration Certificate: It is a document that tells that the vehicle that you own belongs to you, it is a document to verify if the vehicle that you are using belongs to you to reduce crime and theft, and often police or the traffic police can stop you in the middle of the road to prove if the car belongs to you, there you are with your Registration Certificate.

Driving License: It is a document issued by the Road and Transport authoritative body of the Government of the state or country which shows that you know how to drive a vehicle either two-wheeler or four-wheeler and you know the rules and regulations that are followed by your state or nation.

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2. Spare Tire

Spare Tire

Having a spare tire in a situation when you are in trouble is just like having savings in your bank account when you are broke or you lost a job. Suppose you are traveling somewhere to the outskirts of your city and unfortunately your tires got flat, or there is a major puncture in the tubes of the tire and because you are on the outskirts of the city there are no mechanic or vendor who can replace your tires, pain in the back!  To avoid this situation you must have a spare tire in your car for the emergency.

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3. Car Jack

Car Jack

Having a car jack is an essential tool when you need to replace your car’s tire, the car jack is a tool that is put under the car near the flattened tire and the Jack pick the car a little bit upward from the surface of the floor so that the flattened tire does not touch the floor and can be changed easily.

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4. Multipurpose Toolkit for Car

Multipurpose Toolkit for Car

A multipurpose toolkit for a car comes very handy when you have to replace your car tire, the toolkit consists of a car wrench, screwdrivers, and other essential tools required for fixing minor issues. The “car wrench” is obviously very important when you need to replace tires as it is used to unscrew the tires.

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5. Flashlight or Torch

Flashlight or Torch

It is important to have a torch in your car, who knows when your car’s engine suddenly got stuck somewhere and your smartphone’s battery is also about to die, so you must keep a flashlight in your car to check what’s wrong with the engine in the dark, search something inside the car when it’s night.

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6. Car chargers and Cables

Car chargers and Cables

You should buy chargers and multiple cables for your phone, power bank, and laptops. Consider you left home very early someday and it’s been a long day after work, so naturally, it is natural that your mobile’s and other electronic devices’ charge will be less, and if you have to travel long to head back to your home it becomes extremely important to have your car charger and cables to charge up the smartphone and power bank using your car.

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7. Water and Food

Water and Food

These are one of the most important and underrated things that people are concerned about when they own a car. You might think that why should I always carry Food and few liters of water bottles with me? I can find food and water anywhere! Let us understand why.

Let us take a situation that you traveled somewhere near to your town due to an emergency or just for a long ride! And consider you found while traveling that No convenience store or grocery shop is open while you are heading to your destination or coming back and it’s a long way still to travel and you have your family members such as child, spouse or parents with you? Would you keep them thirsty and hungry till you are driving? No! Right?

See the point is humans can live without food for more than 2 days but why do you want to take the risk? You might be a diabetic patient who needs to have food in the proper schedule or your son is hungry and needs food, would you head towards finding a restaurant or grocery store in the middle of traveling while you drive? So carrying some packed food that is dry and can be sustained for long period such as dry fruits, packed cakes, chips, biscuits can save your day.

When it comes to water, is more important to carry few liters of the water bottle, ideally, 2 to 3 liters of water should be kept in your car always because humans cannot remain thirsty throughout a period of 24 hours, and I pray you never come to that situation, so please carry food and water in your car.

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8. First-Aid kit

First-Aid kit

Having a first-aid kit is the most basic thing to have in your car with you and readers please note that you should see this as an expense because this might save someone’s life someday or at least help someone until they reach the nearest hospital.

Consider a few situations, let’s just say that your child got into a fight after school and you find your child bleeding through his nose (this is an unusual situation :p) but let us just say you found someone who was hit by a car and has some minor bleeding, obviously you need to take the victim to the hospital but your first aid kit is going to help that person till he or she reaches the hospital, See? You just became a hero after reading this article, so a first aid kit is similar to Captain America’s shield when it comes to your own protection.

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9. Bottle of fuel

Bottle of fuel

An extra bottle of petrol or diesel can help you in situations when you need to travel to places where it might be difficult to find a gas station or petrol pump nearby, so an extra 1 liter or 2 liters of fuel can save your ass in an emergency. Although there are several gas stations and petrol pumps nowadays, but why do you want to wait for the worst situation to happen?

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10. A Map

A Map

This tip might make you feel weird while reading, ohh! Come on! Who keeps a map of their city in today’s age? Are you from the 19th century? Haha… Yes, I understand how you feel but you must accept the fact that your smartphone or car uses a technology called GPS, and there are few areas where you won’t find GPS signal, so it would be smart to keep a Map of your city or the place you are heading towards your destination.

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5 More things that you should have in your Car all the times

Now, the above 10 points were the list of most useful things that you require in your car (must have), I ask my readers to continue reading the below bonus tips:

1. Baby products

If you have a baby then you should definitely keep a pack of diapers and baby foods.

2. Women essentials

If you are a woman or you are traveling with your spouse or girlfriend then please keep a pack of sanitary pads, some skincare products such as moisturizer, and hair care items such as hair clips.

3. Spare Key

Many of you might ask why should I keep a Spare Key? It increases the possibility of theft if I have a spare key. Suppose you have a child who is locked up inside the car and you lost your primary keys, you can just ask your child to unlock the car by using the secret spare key that you kept in a compartment below the dashboard. This can avoid the situation of breaking the window glass and can save you a lot in terms of money as well as emergency.

4. A Car perfume

If you are not a frequent car user or you eat inside your car then the car will become smelly from the inside, so you might not want that to happen, so keep a car perfume fr hygiene.

5. Car Vaccum cleaner

You might want to clean your car interiors once a week, so having a car vacuum cleaner in your car will definitely fulfill your purpose of cleaning.

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