Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the World

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the World

In this article we are going to discuss about the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the World. Why most of the people are crazy about dogs? Why in every third house we can see a dog? Generally, children love a dog but in the adult, they are too famous. When we plan to have a pet we usually consider a dog. We consider them because the foremost reason for this is that they are loyal. Loyalty is something which is hard to find in human and as we all know no one can loyal as a dog. If they like you then they will never leave you to allow. Having a dog in your life is something like having a shadow with us in the night also. This article will guide you that which breed is good and if you are planning to have a dog that will be suitable for you.

Like a pillow, when we feel sad and no one is there to talk or share something then like a pillow your dog will make you feel good. Some dogs love to cuddle like if you have pug or poodle or Yorkshire terrier so by their small size you can easily hold them and hug them. Some keep dogs to protect their house from thieves and rats but some keep them to make the environment happy like beagle loved by kids very much.

So here is the list of 10 most popular dog breeds in the world below by which you can decide which type of dog you should consider if you want to have a dog.

Top 10 most popular Dog breeds in the World

There are a few breeds that are famous because of their characteristics. Some are famous because of their protective nature, some are famous for their friendly, intelligent nature.

1. Labrador retriever

Labrador Retriever

This breed of dog is a very friendly companion. It is highly adaptive that means this dog can cop with change easily like in weather change. Since it is friendly then it becomes very easy to train them. Labra has long life span due to which they can remain in someone’s life for a longer period of time. They are sporty in nature and can join you in your athletes’ activities. Usually, they don’t need any expensive trips but they have a good appetite that means you need to expense more on their feeding.

2. German shepherd

German Shepherd

A German shepherd is very known for its loyalty, friendly nature, ability to learn, and courage. This breed shows genuine nature and kindness toward the people who own them. On the other hand, this breed doesn’t get tired so easily they have a high energy level than the other breed of dogs. These dogs represent a guard dog, they known for the served dog breed for guarding. In fact, they are safe for kids. For example, if you have children at home then this dog will never harm them, in fact, they are friendly with your children.

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3. French bulldog

French Bulldog

French bulldogs are very adaptable and can live with an individual as well as families. They are known as a watchdog whenever someone suspicious happens or someone unknown came then they sense it and inform you. But the only drawback is that they are very stubborn and this can make you feel irritating sometimes.

4. Beagle


This breed is popular in the family especially in kids because of its small size and high energy. Generally, kids love beagle because the beagle doesn’t feel tired so quickly and can play with children for a longer time. The most important characteristic of a beagle is that they are very intelligent, they quickly grasp anything, and other than this they are low maintenance so many families prefer beagle. Because firstly it will give them protection, make their kids happy and also it will cost low.

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5. Golden retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden retriever also known as a hunting dog because they are good at hunting, they possess high energy. A golden retriever is very beautiful their coat seems to be one of the beautiful coats in the world. They are very famous among the celebrity also. They don’t like the mess and are very obedient. This breed is friendly not only with the families and kids they are friendly with other pets and animals also.

6. Poodle


The major reason for their popularity is that they are hypoallergenic. But this breed of dog is different from other breeds in case of hairs, the poodle has hairs in place of fur as their coat which means the shedding of fur will not be the issue for families. A poodle is small in size and many people consider small size dogs. Due to their hypoallergenic nature, people who have an allergy to fur which not affected by a poodle.

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7. Pug


Pugs are considered as toy dogs and Clown of the world because they are very funny and can adapt to a small apartment too. Like other dog breeds, they are intelligent and can sense your tone and with this nature, they are sensitive so they can’t handle or manage your harsh attitude. But their best part is that they will never make you feel alone or sad. They love cuddle which makes you feel happy when you are upset by something.

8. Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

This dog keeps the rats away from your home that is why many people consider keeping Yorkshire terrier as a pet. Along with this, they are small in size they are also known as the tomboy toy. They are famous because of their texture of hairs which are similar to human hairs. But other than all these factors, this breed also consider to be the most cutest breed of dog, they are represented as a good companion and low maintain breed because they require less food to feed.

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9. Doberman


They are good at searching but they are also strong in terms of protection. This dog is a service dog but due to their physical appearance, they look dangerous. Their size is generally more than the other breeds so that’s why many people think that they are dangerous and can harm others but the prediction is not always right. This dog is good at serving a family. They can protect your house and you because if you have Doberman at your home then thieves will feel fear to enter.

10. Rottweiler


This dog is famous for its strength and in the protection of the army like police, military, etc. people consider them to be loyal. As their appearance looks strong and has the innate sense to sense the danger. Families generally don’t consider rottweiler because they are risky for their children. They can be good companions for families but if they face any strangers then they will react opposite.

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