Top 10 Most Protective Dog Breeds in the World

Top 10 Most Protective Dog Breeds in the World

In this article we are going to discuss about the most protective dog breeds in the World. Life gives us a lot challenges as we live through it. A lot of tough situations come in our life and we all face it. But, we get too much tired of such problems and we need relaxation in our life. As we spent more time tensed about our studies or work, we get very less time to relax. So, people try out different methods in order to keep themselves happy.

Most of us either go for a short trip with our friends or family, go for a one day outing, etc. But, there are people who are not able to find enough time for such things also due to their work pressure. There is a big solution for such people to find relaxation at home, and that is having a pet at home.

Almost all of us have pets at home with which we either play or spend some time to get relaxation. The most commonly used pet at home is dog. There is an old saying that dogs are man’s best friend. It is indeed correct. Having a pet dog at home and spending some time with it daily gives us a lot of pleasure. Dogs are those animals that show us the same amount of love and care as we show them. There are plenty of benefits in having a pet dog at home. Most important benefit of all is safety and protection. Dogs are the best guardians of a house. if any unknown person arrives at our home, dogs find it out very easily and let us know. Also, there have been many situations in the world where dogs have saved their owners when attacked by any harmful people.

Top 10 Most Protective Dog Breeds in the World

Here, we will see at the top 10 most protective dog breeds in the World that are listed below. Here are few of the main dogs that are most suitable for our protection and safety:

1. German Shepherd

most protective dog breeds

German shepherd is a special breed of dogs which is known to all of us. We all have seen it at different places and almost all of us have had it at our homes. This particular dog is said to be the savior of the house. They are mainly bought to a house for protection. They have high senses, with which they can easily find out if any intruder has arrived at our home without our notice. Usually, people use this breed for protection mainly at night because they become more sensitive at night.

This breed of dogs can easily find out the person by their smell and sounds that are created while they move. If we have a German shepherd at home doing his duty, we will get a very peaceful sleep as he will be doing his job perfectly. Therefore, while choosing dogs for our protection, German shepherd will surely be on the list.

2. Bullmastiff


Bullmastiff is a particular breed of dogs which are mostly present in the American and European states. These are dogs of big size and are known to be the strongest of all other breeds. Due to their huge size, they can handle a person of normal size. Also, previous records have shown the proofs of this breeding saving a lot of people. People who have huge acres of land as their own use this breed for its protection. They have high sensitivity and will be able o find out any movements in such long places. Any movement in such places will be easily found by this dog. They can find out the smell of any unknown person and also even the slightest movement from their side will be noticed by this breed.

They are commonly known as protector of huge lands. The main quality of this breed is that they will get used easily to the land in which they live within a day or two. They will be able to sense any movement in every nook and corner of the land, which will provide satisfaction to the owner.

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3. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

These particular breed of dogs also belong to the mastiff family. They are usually used for protection of the home. They look normal in their size and structure but they have very high senses. The main fact about this dog is that they will only get used to the regular members of the family. They cannot be tamed by any unknown member in presence of the family. This makes it more suitable to be used at home.

These dogs are caged during the morning hours because as they only get used to the family members of the house, if any guests arrive at the house during day time, they can be of harm. These dogs are sent out during night and they will have sharp ears and eyes which will make them capable of sensing any movement around them. Therefore, the Tibetan mastiff is yet another strong guardian of our homes.

4. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman is a breed of dog which is mostly known to all of us and also has seen it and used it in many place. The biggest advantage of this dog is that it is very tall and has a big size which will make of capable of handling more than one intruder at our homes. They will easily get used to the people of the family and will have a caring nature towards them. Also, another good quality of this breed is that they can also play games with the members of the family. This will provide a lot of pleasure time to the family. When let out during the night, these dogs are very observant and will easily find out any movement happening around the home.

This dog is very hard to be attacked by the intruder due to its size. A lot of incidents show the success stories of Doberman saving the lives of many people at various countries across the world. These dogs get comfortable with any atmosphere of the house they are bought to and will always be of high protection.

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5. Cane Corso

Cane Corso

Cane corso is a particular breed of dog that is mainly used for protection. This breed of dogs is originated from Italy and has a similar structure to that of the Pit bull. They are mainly used for guarding the members and the house. They get used to the owners of the house quickly but the only issue with this dog is that they require proper training. If not trained properly, this breed can be of harm to others. When moved to a new place, this breed requires more time than the usual dogs in getting adjusted to that place. But, if given with proper with training and care, they will take care of our home in the best manner.

They have high body size which makes them handle more number of intruders at the same time. Therefore, by providing proper training and care, Cane corso can be the best guardians of our home.

6. Boxer


Another particular breed of dogs that play a vital role in the protection of our homes is boxer. These are dogs that are very commonly known for the safety and protection of our home from a long time. The main quality of this breed is that they will quickly get adjusted to the surroundings and have a very playful nature with the children. So, the people will not only be protected by this dog, also they will get a lot of relaxation by playing with this dog. Also, they have high sensitivity which makes them find out all movements in our surroundings and protects us always.

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7. Great Dane

Great Dane

Great Dane is another special breed of dogs that are used for protection at our homes. The main reason behind choosing this dog for our protection is nothing but the size. These dogs have a huge size which makes them stronger. It is very difficult for any intruder to get past this dog as it is very strong in structure. Also, they have very high senses which make them identify any movement that is happening around the area they live in. Many records show that this dog has become successful in protecting people from harm.

8. Puli


Just like human beings, protection is also required for the things which we have at our homes. Almost all of us have livestock that at stored at our home for our needs. These stocks require protection and we might not be able to protect it always. Puli are a particular type of dog that is mainly used for the protection of livestock. When this breed of dog is bought to its new surrounding, it will easily get used to the place and will start protecting it. No intruders can get near the stock as these dogs have high sensitivity.

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9. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

From the name of the breed itself, it is known that this is a particular breed of dog that is originated from Irish background. The main quality of this dog is that they catch the intruders not by their smell, but by their vision. These are a particular breed of dogs that have a very strong vision and can easily notice the change in the surrounding with their eyes. Therefore, these dogs are also the most appropriate for the protection of our family and things.

10. Akita Dog


This is also another type of breed of dogs that is known for its protective nature. They are very sensitive and will quickly notice he changes in the surroundings. They do not bark a lot like other dogs, but they will make enough sounds in such a way that the owners can easily hear it. Also, they have a very friendly nature and will get used to the family members quickly. Therefore, this dog can be chosen for the protection and safety of our homes.

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