What Are 10 Best Study Strategies?

What Are 10 Best Study Strategies?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are 10 Best study strategies? For many of us, studying is a difficult job and we really struggle hard to keep up with it. We get easily bored and we don’t really enjoy its whole process. Sometimes even how a  teacher approaches also matters in making any subject interesting or uninteresting. Even a particular student’s psychology or mind-set also has a lot to do with loving  studying.

Some students will not be able to concentrate on studying because of his or her economical situations, social issues ,his or her approach towards studying. Some students needs a little push or motivation to study. Student’s surrounding environment also matters a lot. They might  need  support from their parents or family members . Studying is not  difficult as it seems, with consistent effort and with motivation studying will be easy . As a student you should start to enjoy the process of studying and  should start to concentrate and focus more on studying. Firstly, start understanding what you need to do to focus more on studying and then you should start working towards it.

What are 10 Best study strategies?

Study strategies are the plans or ideas that make sure you to help in learning or studying. Learning has to be a fun process, so you should start believing in yourself first and then start to study according to the strategies made. Here are top 10 best study strategies.

1. Prepare timetable

 Prepare timetable

Always prepare a timetable for all the subjects that you want to complete. Make sure you make a specific schedule and fix time for at least five to six hours per day for studying. Break these 5 hours into 45 minutes per subjects and then take regular breaks in between them. You should give extra hours for the subjects which you feel difficult and provide suitable time for at least 30 minutes for the subject which you are very confident about.

Keep a suitable notebook and record a to do list for the  subject you should prepare the timetable in such a way that you should be  able to cover all the topics of  syllabus and never forget not to keep anything as options, so at least try to know the basics of it. You should complete the whole syllabus and keep some time available at the end so that you can revise all the subjects that you have read.

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2. Don’t use mobile phone

Don’t use mobile phone

Mobile are the factors of disturbance that it doesn’t allow us to concentrate on studies when your phone is around, your mind always wants to check over it and so, make sure to keep your phones away from your study area and try to keep its notification off so that you can able to focus and concentrate more and also try to keep your study area away from TV and keep its volume low or try to shut off it. Avoid studying in noisy areas so that your mind doesn’t wander. Make sure to close doors in the study room so that you should avoid any form of disturbance that might do allow you to study effectively, so you should voluntarily help yourself to study more efficiently.

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3. Study early morning

Study early morning

Early morning is the most appropriate time for students to study. In the morning we have more energy and our mind will be refreshed. So as a student, we should make use of this time efficiently. In early morning there will be a high flow of energy and this makes the students studying more efficiently than before. And also there is no disturbances so that there will be higher level of comfort for us to concentrate. Make schedule for the morning. I would like to suggest picking up the subject which is difficult for you to study in the morning. Or you can try reading theory subjects so that will be easier to grab the whole information unlike there will be less concentration in other time of the day.

4. Understanding the concept

Understanding the concept

In a bid to read the entire topic, we usually tend to start mug up the topic to remember, but this is not the right way of studying. If you do so, you end up forgetting the concept while you’re writing in the exam as your brain can’t remember everything. So make sure to understand all the topics from its core. So if you read in this way, you will never forget and it will also be helpful in our lifetime. If you don’t understand, try to clarify the doubts with your lecturers or teachers and if they are not available, you can also solve the problem yourself by just understanding its concept fully, so make sure to understand all the topics whole heartedly. This is one of the most effective strategies of studying.

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5. Write down key points

Write down key points

When you are reading the whole chapter or topic, write down the key points. These key points really will be helpful in the time of revision. So when you want to revise the topic, you can go through this key points and the whole topic comes in front of you. Firstly identify the important concept in the topics, then start writing it down in the notebook. So when you finish reading all the topics you can make use of these key points just before entering into exams. Writing key points  is really helpful as it makes us  understand the topic very easily without going to the whole chapter again and if you are reading  some poetry or lesson, start writing its summary in your own words as it helps to remember everything very easily.

6. Use of technology

Use of technology

Technology can be considered as one of the boon to the students. You can simply prepare a timetable using many apps available online or schedule your to do List in that. Try using laptop instead of mobile phones, if in case you want to download or send notes as there is a less chance of being distracted by PC than mobile phones. When you don’t understand a specific topic or when your mentors are not available, there are plenty of tutorial videos that are available online and you can make use of it. There are learning apps which are specially designed for students and teacher and also it is easily downloadable. You can clarify any of your doubts by subscribing to apps. So this kind of platforms helps to learn efficiently without need to always depend on lecturer or teachers.

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7. Teaching what you have learnt

Teaching what you have learnt

This is one of the most effective ways of strategic studying. When you are confident that you have learnt and understood the topic very well then you can try teaching those chapters to your friends who might be struggling to learn that. If you teach, it benefits both of you because if you are teaching it will be like a revision for you and it will also benefit him or her to understand the topics clearly. You can even have discussions with your friends after you complete every chapter, and you should also have doubt clarifying sessions as it helps to clarify any doubts with each other regarding the chapters. So all these things are a strategic plans which benefits you and as well as your friends and also it works effectively by improving your teaching skills.

8. Take necessary breaks

Take necessary breaks

If you are planning to study 5 to 8 hours a day, then it is very necessary to take a regular breaks. If you don’t take breaks in between, then you can’t concentrate clearly on anything. So taking breaks rejuvenate your body and also prepares our mind and body for the next studying sessions. Try listening to your favorite music, go for a brisk walk, spending time with your pets, have some energy drinks, eat healthy food or simply take some rest. By taking break you give your brain some time to memorize and store what you have learned. Anybody can’t read continuously for long hours. This makes us exhausting. So never try to read without taking breaks as it is very necessary step in learning anything.

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9. Read aloud

Read aloud

Many people tend to forget what they have read, so this technique really helps for those who can’t remember what they learnt. When you’re reading or preparing for anything, try to read out the sentences loud instead of simply murmuring inside, as it only waste our time as nothing goes into our brain. You can remember the sentences which you have said loud as our brain memorize those sentences easily without much effort. Personally, I use this technique when preparing for the exam. I tend to read out those points which I think is important, like names of the prominent persons, important dates and events etc., and this all is also not the most effective technique in study strategies.

10. Strive for the satisfaction

Strive for the satisfaction

Every person who is studying, I think, should always strive for the satisfaction that you get when you score well in exams. The satisfaction can only be achieved through the effective study strategies. Set timetable, form plans and  strategies, set a definite goal, ignore any disturbances or problems that comes in the way. Give your 100% while studying and this will result in the achievement of our goals. Hard work is the factor which plays major role in this journey. Hard work Associated with honest efforts will pay off definitely, but we should never give up and that’s when we will be able to enjoy our satisfaction.

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So here the best strategies of studying. Make sure to follow all these ways and definitely it helps in our achievement of the goals.

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