Importance Of Books In Our Life

Importance Of Books In Our Life

In this article we are going to talk about the importance of books in our life. Knowledge is power. This is something everyone has heard and it is a universal truth. Knowledge is what helps us grow as a human. It imparts us wisdom and enlightens us. Constant learning is how one can increase their knowledge. Never stop seeking new things to learn and never stop being curious. Most of the time it is curiosity that urges or drives us to learn more, explore new possibilities.

Since ages writings has been the medium of the passing on of knowledge to the next generations and also of spreading this knowledge. From the time since man has learned to communicate they have been able to share information and educate each other. But for preserving these ideas and information it was often written down. As humans evolved these writings came to be made on papers and books. Also books were printed in large numbers to accommodate the easy access of information so that every one of us learn and gain knowledge.

Books come in various sizes and types. There are textbooks that contains contend on various educational subjects like science, mathematics, geography etc. These are often used to educate children in schools and colleges. There are novels, which are basically stories written by various talented authors.

Books have the basic function of spreading information, ideas, opinions, life stories, common ideologies etc. Therefore readings books can help gain insights on various topics. It helps us to learn, to understand, to retrospect, to be critical and to develop our own opinions. Books have the power to transform people. It carries the great power of knowledge.

10 Importances Of Books In Our Life

The importance of books in our life are listed below and discussed in detail:

1. Learn New Things

Learn New Things

Reading books on a particular topic can help learn the subject. Through repeated reading and studying one can learn about new topics easily. There are books on almost all topics humans have come up with. The writings always remain preserved and by reading books of old one can learn about that era, the culture, ideologies, theories, lifestyle and almost everything about people of the past. This helps us to connect with them and understand human species more.

Reading along with providing information also forces us to think, to form our own ideas and helps form a new perspective on various subjects.

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2. Exposes Us To New Topics

Exposes Us To New Topics

Books open up a whole new world for us. The amount information on various topics, all around the world, is immense. It’s so vast that one cannot possibly master everything or know everything. There are questions rising from each molecule of the nature.

While reading books one may come upon an entirely new concept. A curious mind would without any doubt try to learn that too. This way reading urges us to explore new ideas, possibilities and concepts.

This world, this universe, our very existence are questions that still needs to be answered. There is Infinite Ocean of knowledge that lies ahead of each person, infinite number of questions that still needs to be answered. Books open us up to ask these questions, to ponder over the various possibilities.

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3. Widens Imagination

Widens Imagination

As mentioned earlier books open up our minds. It makes us to think beyond possibilities. Its helps us to imagine. Imagining creatively leads to lots of wonderful novels and stories. The beautiful and absorbing storylines and plots people come up with are most extraordinary. To think beyond time and beyond this world is a talent one achieves through constant reading and their unbound love for books.

Reading such novels widens the reader’s imagination. It makes the reader empathize with the characters, teaches him various values. It also lets the reader to get to know the author, makes us retrospect on what the author really wanted to convey through his/her work and what was his inspiration.

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4. Address Various Issues

Address Various Issues

Often books and novels have been used to spread awareness regarding various social issues. The stories that novels tell would be based on one such issue and it makes the reader think about it. It can also help remove biases and stereotypes and broadens one’s mind-set.

Often various issues and circumstances portrayed in a story gives us an idea about issues that prevailed in the century or year when it was published.

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5. Helps Us Relax

Helps Us Relax

Reading books is visibly an activity with no strain. While it necessarily puts your brain to work, there is no physical exertion of any kind. Reading, therefore can help one relax and learn at the same time.

Leisure reading that involves books with short stories, articles and poems can be very relaxing and soothing for our body. There are many people who read themselves to sleep. Reading a book after a very busy and tedious day can help ease out the stress and take your mind off problems.

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6. Improves Writing Skills

 Improves Writing Skills

Reading can improve writing skills. It helps us to learn a language better and improves our vocabulary too. Books are written by persons well versed in a particular language or subject. This allows us to have a first-hand knowledge in the subject. One can learn new phrases, commonly used metaphors and idioms.

This can improve the writing style and also the content of writing.

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7. Helps In Personality Development

Helps In Personality Development

Books can transform humans in many ways. A good book has the ability to motivate a person, to make him cry, to make him introspect and to educate him. The habit of reading refines one’s character.

It can push us to build self-confidence, to be understanding and expressive. Books teaches the importance of mental visualization. It is basically the ability to visualize or imagine pictures. This allows people to be creative and innovative. It improves critical thinking abilities too.

Reading can also aid in learning to understand emotions and how to express it. Reading of books with positive contend can give the reader a positive outlook. In these ways reading helps in character development and helps identify ourselves as human beings.

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8. Entertainment


Book reading can be a pleasure activity too. Magazines, comic books, short-story books etc. are for leisure time reading. Reading these can lighten your mood and de-stress you.

Reading of novels can be relaxing and entertaining too. There are various genres for novels like science fiction, fantasy, crime and investigation, romance, drama and a lot more. This can be really engrossing. It captures the reader’s senses and can be very enjoyable.

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9. Memory Booster

Memory Booster

Reading books can increase brain activity. While reading we also think, assess, decipher and imagine. These activities can help brain develop and also improves memory.

Every new memory you form creates new synapses and strengthens existing ones and helps in short-term memory recall. While going through a story one has to remember the characters, the plot, sub-plots and how the story has progressed, and the brain does it with no extra effort. This way the memories stay.

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10. Improves Quality Of Life

Improves Quality Of Life

Reading for many reasons is a very good habit or even a hobby. Reading can nourish us mentally and assist in improving our lives. It induces a feeling of well-being and can teach us to hope. Books can have a great influence on us and by choosing the right books you can help yourself grow and nurture.

Reading is an escape in time and place. A good book can totally transport a person to an entirely new world and teaches us so many things. We begin to appreciate our world and embrace its beauty as well as the flaws. It replenishes one’s mind.

Nowadays most of us don’t find time for reading. The growing popularity of smartphones and its applications among people especially youngsters has deprived them the feeling of reading a good book and being totally absorbed into it. Even for academic purposes students no longer refer books but search for information online because it’s convenient. While there’s nothing wrong with going for the easy option, today’s students are missing out on the vast knowledge that books can provide.

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Going to a library and browsing for books, reading one whole text to a tiny piece of information of course seems hectic and old school. But spending some time for it at least once in a while can help you in a lot of ways. Develop the habit of reading good books.

Reading a book, especially a novel, is a feeling. To be fully immersed in the story, to fall in love with the characters and to live through the story along with the characters. Once you experience this feeling, it’s hard to let go. It makes us carry the book around until we finish reading it, and once it’s over wished for to have not ended so soon. Learn to love books, of all kinds, and experience the power of knowledge and wisdom.

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