What Are 10 Qualities Of A Good Friend?

What Are 10 Qualities Of A Good Friend?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are 10 qualities of a good friend? We can go all along pursuing our passion and moving towards success. No matter what happens one should stay connected to their roots because that’s where the beauty of life lies. You can make all the money, houses and buy cars but the only thing that makes life fulfilling is meaningful connections and the emotional warmth. We as humans have an innate need to belong somewhere, a place that feels safe, secure, non judgmental where we can be our true selves. The solace is felt when we are in the company of people we care about and who care about us. Friends are the family we get to pick. Our companions we can laugh with, cry with, party with, relax with and share our lows and highs with.

Friends fundamentally function as a team and are there for each other. There is nothing more soothing than having a good time with friends and then laughing about it as you get older. Do you remember that friend who came to you and got you food because you were sad? That’s what friends are for. They pick you up when you are feeling low. They add colors to an otherwise monochromatic life. All the money and assets one gains is of no use until you have someone to spend it on. Someone to share all the success and failure stories with.

What are 10 qualities of a good friend?

Friends are a great influence in shaping our personality and thought processes and giving us early life experiences that in turn shape our personality as well. Therefore, it is very important to form good friendships with good people and help each other maximize your potential.  It is very important to recognize signs of a good friend to save oneself from unwanted trouble and emotional turmoil.

1. Understanding


They should not have any preconceived notions about your behavior patterns when you are telling them an incident or story that makes you feel a certain way. They should be non judgmental and listen to you with patience just like you listen to them. When you tell them your concerns and something that puts you off, they should not be inconsiderate and ignorant and be considerate and not disregard your concern or problem. They should be open to healthy and honest communication and discussions to coordinate and remain peaceful. These healthy discussions every now and then help keep a friendship ongoing as issues get resolved as soon as they rise. As a result, conflicts are reduced to a great degree. No one gets hurt or is put in a bad mood and the friendship can thrive in a conducive environment.

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2. Considerate


They should be respectful and acknowledge if you tell them something that bothers you. If some behavior they reiterate is putting you off and you tell them it is making you uncomfortable, they should acknowledge, talk it out with you and come to an amicable solution. They should not just hear you out, say they will change their ways then put it all on the back burner to continue their old ways.

If you tell them that you are vegetarian they should not serve you meat, chicken or fish when you go to their house. They should be mindful.  It is the little behaviors that tell a lot about a person. Be watchful of if they are being inconsiderate. If you really like this friend, talk to them and tell them they are being inconsiderate and see if they mend their ways .If they don’t, it’s time to terminate the friendship. Because life’s too short and you deserve happiness!

3. Respectful


Respect is the fundamental foundation of any relationship, be it personal or professional. We as human beings have an innate need to be respected and treated with a certain level of human dignity because we deserve it! Prison inmates also have some form of respect on account of being humans. Walking out on the face, slamming doors, disrespecting, calling names, yelling is not acceptable. There is a certain degree of dignity that has to be maintained even if someone is upset or angry.

There is a fine line between being angry because you are hurt or frustrated and you are trying to express to the person that you feel disheartened and disregarding that person as a human because you are trying to put a message across. They should not talk behind your back detesting you because no real friend does that. This is an immediate red flag for an unsustainable and unhealthy relationship. If you tell them they are being disrespectful and they still do not change their ways, staying away from such a friendship is in your best interest!

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4. Trustworthy


They should not let your insecurities out and embarrass you if you trust them with one. Trust is such an important prerequisite for any personal or professional friendship. Once broken can practically never be mended. One should be very watchful of whether someone is trustworthy or not because if you trust them with something and they break it, it can really cause emotional turmoil and land you into a pit of so much stress due to the betrayal faced.

It is always better to be safe than sorry and protect your energy. One should test their friends and assess if they are trustworthy or not. For example, if your friend is telling you the secrets of other friends, what on earth confirms that they will not leak out your personal details too? Be very careful and watch out for these warning signs. You cannot truly indulge and enjoy with someone if you do not trust them. Those people do not belong in your circle!

5. Chill


Being chill doesn’t mean that they have not showered or perhaps cleaned their room in days with dishes laying all around in their room and an unorganized messy house and they seem to have no problem with it. I also do not mean that the house is on fire and they do not seem to care because they are ‘chill’. By chill I mean they are not over reactive.

\For instance, they should not be freaking out and acting out on you if you accidentally dropped a pasta shell on the floor while you were serving some for yourself. Because dropping pasta shell is not a life or death situation. Initially this might be overlooked but in the long run this could eat your head up especially when you are too laid back and they are too over reactive. See for this from early on and work out an adjustment pattern while talking to them.

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6. Mature


This is specifically for friendships when you are an adult. Childhood friendships are inevitably immature and friends talk and fight and it is fun. These are the immature fights that you laugh about later on probably with the same friend you used to fight as kids. However, in adult friendships you really need to be watchful of who you befriend because nobody has got time for immature drama when you are an adult because you have bigger and better things to focus on. There are already enough things in life when you are an adult, hustling with too many plates on deck and you need to ace in life. Friends are here to pacify you and should not give you trouble. Therefore, it is very helpful to have mature and sensible friends. Friends that would help you by giving valuable advice. 

7. Empathy


When you are expressing to a friend how to feel about something and they simply shut you off, that is the opposite of empathy. When someone empathizes with you, they step themselves in your shoes and see things from your perspective to truly be able to feel what you are feeling. They do this because they are trying to help you out either by giving valuable advice or simply listening to you if you want to vent/rant. The friend should be compassionate and warm. That helps cultivate a meaningful nurturing friendship that gives meaning to life. A friendship where you share your joys, pains and sorrows.

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8. Loyalty


Loyalty does not mean being around you 24*7 but staying connected to you. They are there for you . They should not stab you in the back by talking bad about you to other people when you are not around. /loyalty is best seen in your absence. A friendship is a companionship where you spend quality time with your friend. What on Earth is a friend who shows you that they will stay true to you but their actions never match their words?

9. Generosity


They should be generous with their time to you. They should be into the friendship as much as you are for two people to be on the same page. That is how you will communicate in a friendly way. They should not be stingy as this creates unpleasantness which is never good as you might not like being around them in the long run.

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10. Adaptable


Along with being understanding, they should also be compromising and making adjustments. This could be seen when you are feeling cold because the fan is on and ask them if they could slow down the fan speed. They reply by saying that they cannot and they are rigid about it. If you are the one compromising always and they are not even willing to make adjustments, you will eventually get annoyed because there is no equality and this dynamic is not desirable. 

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