Why Do You Need a Best Friend?

Why Do You Need a Best Friend?

In this article we are going to talk about the why do you need a best friend. We all have several friends in our life. There are friends for having a cup of coffee, friends for shopping, pals for a trip and many others. But despite having a pal for every occasion, having a best friend for a lifetime is truly a huge bonus and is extremely difficult to find. A best friend helps us in several ways throughout our lifetime, and therefore is extremely important in our lives.

Why do you need a best friend?

The following article highlights the 10 reasons why you need a best friend in your life –

1. Unconditional support

Unconditional support

A best friend is one who shows unconditional support to you during all sorts of situations. Other than your parents, it is only your best friend who will stand by you in all sorts of situations, be it joyful or sorrowful. A best friend is one with whom you can share any situation or incident often more than your parents, and one who unlike the entire world does not judge you based on your situations. They have seen both our good and bad qualities, happiness and sorrow and know everything about us, what we love, what we like and about our attitude.

Therefore we don’t need to hide anything from our best friends nor tell them incidents by manipulating them. We just need to be honest with them, because if a person is your best friend, he/she will never judge you or treat you according to your present situation or incident. Your best friend will surely support you during all possible situations with the same belief and trust that you have in them and will never step behind when it comes to supporting and helping you through dark times. Thus everyone needs a best friend in their lives, so that there is always someone to support them unconditionally and care for them in all situations.

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2.  Comfort


The best friend of a person is another person whose thinking pattern and mental state are almost similar to his/her pattern. This is always the case as unlike your family members who are not chosen by you, your best friend is always the one you choose to be and share all your incidents and secrets with. Therefore your best friend will possess the same thinking pattern as you can only share your close moments with someone who seems to you to be similar to you and be trustworthy. Thus, often during crises or mental disturbance, speaking to your best friend can give you great comfort and mental peace, often even more than your family members.

This is because your family members might not align to your way of thinking, but your best friend is always one who will think and analyze the situations just like you do and therefore talking with your best friend will always give you comfort, satisfaction, and mental piece plus can also hand you certain valuable solutions regarding your problems.

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3. Honest Opinions

Honest Opinions

Honest Opinions are again something that admist all your friends, you can only expect to get from your best friend. Your best friend will always be well accustomed with your personality, strengths, and weaknesses and will be someone who genuinely wants to help you by some suggestion rather than just suggesting to show-off. Thus, a person who genuinely wants to help you and wants you to improve will always give you honest suggestions, whether you like them momentarily or not.

It is because your best friend is always your wellwisher and wants you to follow the right path of morality and hard-work in your life, and hence just like your parents your best friend is always someone who will suggest you honest and beneficial opinions during all sorts of situations. One thing you can be sure of is that unlike some other friends in the modern world who make suggestions by analyzing their benefits, your best friend will always hand you the proper and honest suggestion without any condition or thought of personal benefit. Thus everyone needs a best friend to be able to receive honest and proper suggestions during critical phases of life, phases during which there is no one else to suggest or help you.

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4.  Allows You To Be Yourself

Allows You To Be Yourself

In the modern professional world accompanied by stress and hectic lifestyle, every person is almost daily under scrutiny for his work and attitude at his/her job place. In this modern professional world, even you have to transform yourself into your professional version and remain that for most hours in a day possessing a very diplomatic and analytical attitude. Thus in this modern stressful world, other than your family, your best friend is the only one with whom you can behave as the real version of yourself and share anything without even thinking twice.

When you interact with your best friend, you just need to be who you are and do not have to put on any outward appearance, as your best friend already knows everything about your nature and personality and therefore he/she will enjoy the most when you are in your most natural form. This factor might not be realized by people when they are young and are just making their best friends, but as one grows older and falls prey to the complications of life, their best friends remain the only one with whom they can be themselves, and such honest conversations even once in a week, is a great refreshment from the professional world.

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5. Confidence Builder

Confidence Builder

It is easy to reach someone and advise them to always keep their self-confidence high. However in the present professional world, there is no shortage of people who constantly criticize your work and make comments that can well damage one’s self-confidence and create self-doubt within oneself. This situation arises several times daily both in professional and personal lives.

Thus, during such situations when you are feeling lonely, sad and low on confidence, you need a true friend who possesses the capability to cheer you up and instill the lost confidence back into yourself. Thus, this is one of the prime reasons for why you need a best friend as a best friend will always stand beside you during testing times and will enable you to regain your lost confidence and hope whenever you need to, by reminding you of your great past achievements and the tremendous capabilities and qualities that you possess.

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6. Constructive Criticism

Constructive Criticism

In the modern professional world, we are almost daily on the receiving end of criticisms due to our deeds and attitude. However, most of such criticism is just negative criticism which means that they only highlight our flaws without suggesting any solutions, that too in such a rough and rude manner that it is capable of destroying the self-confidence and passion for work of even strong self-confident people.

This is the situation when one’s best friend comes in handy. The role of your best friend is not only to praise you and attempt to make you feel better but is also to criticize you positively and give you honest opinions. However the massive difference between the external criticism and criticism by your friend is that your best friend will always conduct your positive criticism which will mainly focus on solutions to improve upon your drawbacks, thus enabling you to avoid negative criticism. Thus you need a best friend for your constructive criticism that will help you to grow as a person.

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7. Helping Hand

Helping Hand

A best friend is one who is never selfish and selflessly helps his friend during any difficult situation. Thus having a best friend will enable you to receive moral as well as physical support during any unforeseen situation. Other than providing you honest mental support and guidelines, he will also serve as a helping hand for you, helping you out of tough situations, which without any help would have been tough for you to cross. Thus everyone needs to have a best friend in their life who is just a call away from being ready to help you out from any difficult situation, and provide you mental and physical support during times in your life when you need it the most.

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8. Reduce Risk Of Illness

Reduce Risk Of Illness

Initially this reason might seem very silly, but it is a genuine fact that has been scientifically proven. Your best pal enables you to stay refreshed in life and also helps in diminishing your mental stress and confusion as well as also keep your self-confidence intact. As a reason, you are at a much lesser risk of falling victim to diseases caused due to excessive stress, or low self-confidence or excessive self-doubt and mental anxiety, than other people who do not have friends to support them during the tough time. In today’s congested, confused hustling world, the number of diseases due to mental problems and life stress is exponentially increasing, and hence you need one best friend to reduce your mental stress and anxiety during such challenging times.

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9. Increases Your Self Acceptance

Increases Your Self Acceptance

Having a best friend means supporting him/her and accepting him/her the way he/she is. Both you and your best friend must know everything about each other’s nature, strengths, and weaknesses and the action of supporting your best friend and standing beside him at all situations, despite knowing his flaws and weaknesses increases your level of Self Acceptance. It teaches you to accept a person as he/she is i.e with their flaws and personality traits without trying to impose our thinking upon them.

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10. Can Genuinely Make You Happy

Can Genuinely Make You Happy

Your best friend possesses the quality of making you genuinely happy during any situation of life. They can do that by encouraging you, easing your mental stress and anxiety and enabling you to progress and improve upon your weaknesses in your life. Thus you must have one best friend as your best friend will always help you to remain genuinely happy during even the most challenging times of your life by providing you mental peace and satisfaction.

Thus the above article highlights 10 reasons why do you need a best friend.

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