Why is it important to have a Mobile Phone?

Why is it important to have a Mobile Phone?

In this article we are going to talk about the why is it important to have a mobile phone. We all know the importance of mobile phones in the present world. It helps us in many aspects. It has gained popularity exponentially in all the sections of society. There is no specific age group which uses mobile, even a small 2-3-year kid can use it and older people are able to use it. This small sized product has become a necessity in the present time. Small labourers to big businessman, younger or elder, everyone uses it. Mobile phones have grown importance as it is becoming multi-featured and can perform many tasks.

Present situation is that absence of mobile phones can lead to huge losses around the world. It has even become source of income for many people. As the need of mobile phones are increasing day by day, companies are trying to make mobile phones more efficient by adding features to it. In this context, many companies like Samsung, Apple, Xiomi etc. have emerged and made large profits. Mobiles phones have made life of human being easier. Major advantage of mobile phones is that it has made communication easier.

Why is it important to have a mobile phone?

Including this advantage, we are well aware of the importance of mobile phones but let us phrase into some specific points. Thus, it is important to have mobile phones because:

1. Communication


The biggest advantage of mobile phones is it has brought people closer than before. We can just call the desired person through mobile phone to convey our message. We can remain in touch with our family members and friends through the help of mobile phones by calling them whenever we want even if we are staying in different cities and countries. Approximately 30 years back, this type of direct communication between the cities wasn’t possible and it would take months to deliver letters. This was overcome by introduction of mobile phones. Few years earlier, calling service was costlier so to make communication easier, many companies made their calling service free and charged only for the mobile data, which made communication efficient.

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2. Mail transfer

Mail transfer

Earlier, companies used to send mails and documents to each other. This was most widely used for big companies where mails were important. Computers were required to send mails and it had pre-requisites like internet connection at both transmission and receiver end etc. Mobile phones have made this task very easy and efficient. As the net connection in mobile phones have also became cheap. Every person can now send and receive mail through their mobile phones. Work flow among people and companies have become faster due to this mobile phone. Thus, it is important to have a mobile phone.

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3. Chatting


This is another but major form of communication which has emerged recently after the access of mobile phones have become easier. Chatting is sending the typed message you want to convey and sending it to person and waiting or him to reply back. Instead of calling, more people have started to opt for chatting. As chatting can be counted as indirect form of communication, people type the words they want which is easier then talking directly over call or in person to express themselves. Even relationships have started to build on the basis of chatting which is huge leap in mobile world. Thus, it is important to have mobile phones.

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4. Transfer photos and videos

Transfer photos and videos

As the size of videos are large, it couldn’t be sent through normal mail. To overcome this problem, one feature was added recently to our mobile phones. Many photo and video transferring app have emerged through which we can send and receive photos and videos. Some of the popular photo and video sending app are WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. where we can do chatting as well. This type of feature has brought people closer. Thus, importance of mobile phones has increased.

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5. Camera

This was the major breakthrough in world of technology. Camera were added to mobile phones making it more popular. Through the passage of time, the quality of camera in the mobile phones have improved significantly. Addition of this feature in mobile phones has made easier to make memories. People are now able to capture good photos through their mobile phones which has helped people following their passion of photography mostly. New trend of clicking selfies has emerged recently. Nowadays mobile phones have camera of quality greater than professional camera increasing the usability of mobile phones.

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6. Storage


As the feature of sending and receiving photos and documents was added as well as feature of clicking photos through phone, it became necessity to provide storage in mobile phones to store them. Thus, mobile manufacturers started providing memory space in mobile phones in order to save this photos, videos and documents. This storage is also used to store audios and applications inside the mobile phones used for different purposes. This storage feature has made easier for common people to carry various files with themselves and use it whenever they need it. Thus, it is important to have mobile phones.

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7. Emergency


This is another major advantage of mobile phones as it can be used in any type of emergency. It can be used to alert the required person at difficult situations. Some of the example of this are- we can use to call mechanic when our vehicle faces trouble in between some lonely place, we can use it to call police when we are stuck in a problem etc. Mobile phones have helped to make women much more independent then before as it gives a sense of security. Thus, it is important to have mobile phones.

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8. Entertainment


The mode of entertainment has shifted entirely towards mobile phones. Whenever we are free, we take out our mobile phones and start using it as it is great source of entertainment. We can download music or listen to it online as a source of entertainment. Movies and funny videos are also accessible through this mobile phone as it is very handy and can be used everywhere with us. Many apps like Netflix and Amazon prime have emerged as entertainment apps. Thus, mobile phones are important to have entertainment.

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9. Applications for all

Applications for all

This advantage is one the major one when counted for the importance of mobile phones. We can find thousands of application present in play store and Appstore. As the most of them are free, we can install it easily. Apps specific to every passion can be found like you can find make-up apps for improving you make-up skills, you can find games for entertainment purposes, you can find apps for chatting etc. Applications can be work related too like app which is made only for the usage of the employees of specific company. Digital transaction has started taking place very efficiently through mobile phones making it more important to use.

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10. Other features

Other features

This mobile phone has not become the best due to this major advantage like communication etc but has many more features we use in our daily life which make it the best. It has replaced torch by flashlight feature inside it. It has replaced clock too as it shows time, use to put alarms and do functions even what normal clocks can’t do. You can use mobile phones as calculator. This list can be endless as it has acquired many features and gaining more features with the time.

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As we have seen many points which has proved that it is important to have a mobile phone in the present world.

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