What Are The Normal Expectations In A Relationship?

What Are The Normal Expectations In A Relationship?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are the normal expectations in a relationship? When you are in a relationship, you try to make your partner happy. No matter what you have to do, you just want to see them happy. In fact, you want them to be happy because of you. Relationships are very complicated. Not because of love, but because people tend to make it complicated with unrealistic expectations. Sometimes, people get disappointed because of these expectations and some people have too low of expectations. Both the situations lead to misunderstandings and distance between the couple which aren’t the signs of a healthy relationship.

What are the normal expectations in a relationship?

It’s not like people make unrealistic or low expectations consciously. It all depends on the nature of the relationship and the kind of people you and your partner are. All relationships are imperfect, just like no person can be perfect. We all have flaws, but what makes us human is that we work on ourselves. Similarly, you should be able to grow together in a relationship. Be happy for each other’s achievements and console and encourage each other if things don’t go as planned. That’s what a relationship is about – being together through all ups and downs and trying to make a better person out of ourselves for the sake of our partner.

1. Honesty


It might seem like the most obvious thing that you have to be honest with your partner. But people tend to forget this sometimes. It is not like you have to report each and every little detail about your day to your partner, but there should be honesty in everything that you do share with them. When you share an intimate relationship with a person, you automatically want to share everything with them – all the things that makes you happy, all the things that makes you feel uncomfortable. And your partner also wants to know all of this about you because of the special place you hold in their life. But if you are not honest with them, you will lose their trust and a relationship is nothing without honesty, trust and transparency.

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2. Respect


It is not too much to ask your partner to respect you. In fact, it shouldn’t even be something that you need to ask for. But since this is a list of normal expectations, we must add that there is a lot of need of respect in a relationship. Your partner should respect you as a person and of course as their better-half. They should respect your values, your principles, you opinions and your preferences.

Mutual respect between the couple should not be compromised at any cost. There is nothing wrong in wanted to be respected. It has a part in your character development, the confidence you carry yourself with and of course, the self-esteem that can be varied according to how your partner views you. It’s not a bad thing to have your self-esteem depend on someone else, after all, your partner is your closest one; the one you can be vulnerable in front of without the fear of being judged.

3. Quality time

Quality time

There is no such thing as “not having time for the relationship”. If you love someone or something, you make time for them, no matter how busy you are. Everybody has a busy life; all of them having their own share of responsibilities. So you both should make time for each other and work on your relationship to make it stronger. It does not mean that you have to stick to each other all day long; it’s just that when you both are together, you should only concentrate on each other.

No work, no phone calls or no social media for distracting you should be present. This time is yours and yours only. Spend it however you both like but the sole subject of your concentration should be your partner. Even if you relationship has been going on for a while, there should always be some quality time that you spend with each other.

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4. Clarity


There should be clarity in your relationship. If any one of you has the seeds of doubt or mistrust planted in your minds for each other, your relationship is heading in the wrong direction. Doubts lead to second thoughts and second thoughts lead to misunderstandings that will ultimately lead to birth of bitterness between you two. Don’t try to make assumptions about what the other might want or might be feeling about some issue. Talk to each other and clear out all the possibilities of a misunderstanding. You both should be clear at all times that you both are on the same page regarding your relationship.

As mentioned earlier as well, love is not complicated; people are the ones who make the entire process complex. So be clear about everything and each other. Also, you should be clear about your own feelings as well and not make things complicated by being confused.

5. Communication


Communication between the couple is very important. This point cannot be stressed enough. It is the answer to more problems than you think. Talking can solve majority of problems faced by modern couples. People think that if they initiate the conversation, they giving up the control in the relationship or it comes down to the ego problem people seem to have a lot nowadays. But there should be no such thing among the people who love each other. You wouldn’t be considered as a pushover if you would like to sort things out in a civil manner. Communication is the key to almost all the problems and it should be used when required.

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6. Appreciation


Don’t forget to appreciate your partner for all that they do for you and the relationship. Don’t think that you are the only one carrying the relationship because you both are working on it. This is a two-way street; you should be appreciable about all that your partner does to get appreciated in return. No matter how much time it has been for your relationship, you not forget to thank your partner even for little things. It is not called formality; if you really mean your gratefulness towards your partner then it goes straight to their heart and brings you both a lot closer to each other.

7. Support


It is totally normal to expect of your partner to be there for you. That’s what a relationship is about – togetherness. Your partner should emotionally and mentally support you at your every step in life. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you want your partner to support you. It doesn’t make you any less of an independent person or more vulnerable. You are your partner are meant to be emotionally close to each other. They shouldn’t judge you for the choices or decisions you make. They can of course guide you about things they are knowledgeable about but they should support you even if they don’t agree with you. You should not be left alone mentally even if you both are facing the problem of difference of opinions.

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8. Equality


Two people sharing a romantic relationship are partners. Equal partners. There is no one who is superior or inferior to the other. You both should be equally involved in the relationship. Equal efforts should be put in by both of you. If one person is more emotionally involved than the other, it gives rise to insecurities which can be unhealthy for a relationship. You both love each other and you should show it. Express it in whichever way you are comfortable in but make sure that your partner knows how much important they are for you. There should be no place for insecurities. Equality is important for smooth running of a relationship. Your partner should respect your views on common matters.

9. Privacy


Even if two people are really close to each other and share their lives together, there should be some sense of privacy too. Before being a couple, you both are two human beings. Both of you have different thought-processes, different opinions, different preferences and different lives. You both might have people you don’t share. And for your relationship to not start suffocating, you need time with yourselves as well. There should be some unspoken boundaries that should not be crossed, if not circumstantially. Every person needs their space from time-to-time and your partner should grant you that. It is not too much to ask for.

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10. Intimacy


Intimacy do not only mean a physical relationship between two people. It is about every little gesture of affection that those people show towards each other. Even if it is as small as a forehead kiss while leaving for work, it is a moment of intimacy. And not only physical touch; when two people connect on an emotional level, a whole new level of intimacy is discovered between the two. It involves the overall nature of your relationship. It is normal to expect to have such a connection with your partner. You both are sharing your lives together and this is a part of the foundation of your relationship. Being physical with your partner is not all it is about. When two people are able to understand each other in a way that no other person can, that intimate connection is established.

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