Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Dating

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Dating

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Dating. We are the epoch of Technology and access the internet to accomplish myriad tasks. As a human, we fancy enormously. In every phase of life we are constantly trying to satisfy some or the other desire. Among these, crossing paths with our soul mate is something everyone might yearn for. Not to one’s surprise, technology has took up the search of a date too. Techs have formulated applications like ‘Tinder’ and ‘Bumble’ wherein individuals with similar interests can communicate with and date each other if interested.

The online dating sites have been flourishing vastly across the globe for the past 7 years. Billions of people of varied age groups —say sixteen to sixty— have found their matches online. But its also evident that there have been certain negative impacts of the same. This article is an attempt to exhibit both the faces of the ‘online dating’ coin. As here we are going to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of online dating.

Advantages of online dating

The pros a person may experience while advantages of online dating are stated as under-

1. Easy interface

Easy interface

As the entire process of online dating takes place over the internet, it is extremely user-friendly. Downloading the application is very simple and they are available on all software platforms. The procedure for registration into dating applications is not at all complicated. As we start using the application, there are many features within it which help us describe ourselves in the best way for finding the perfect date. Also it keeps us updated by sending timely notifications. There are number of filter options available to spell out what kind of person we are actually looking for.

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2. Eliminates distance issues

Eliminates distance issues

Traditionally finding a date put us in dire straits. Maintaining a long distance relationship was a hard task. Moreover only locality and relatives were the source of dates. On the contrary, online dating apps connect you with people across the globe and they need not necessarily be your relative! As couples interact online, they can enjoy chatting, voice as well as video calling each other. Even if your date is residing cities away, you can know what she’s up to the next moment. The geographical boundaries are no longer a barrier. The couple stays connected wherever they are and enjoys talking to each other through the app. Also this leads to a greater scope of finding the perfect partner. As you have greater options available. After finding the person you can always take it forward by meeting up. So distance is no more an issue for dating!

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3. Comfortable communication

Comfortable communication

In online dating, we already know that the person is interested in us. So there’s no need to impress him/her before starting the actual conversation. The chat may begin with a thought of dating the person in future and not for wooing the person. Also there is no face to face communication between the two. Usually one gets awkward while having an eye to eye conversation. In online dating there is no room for such awkwardness. As the couple talks on chat initially, they may feel more comfortable to type their emotions than to express them verbally.

Comfortable communication helps us to work better on our relationship. As love is stronger when it is blind, if we love a person without meeting with him we are genuinely in love. Moreover there are many ways for communication between individuals within the application like face time, sharing photos and other media, like and comment etc.

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4. Helps socialize

Helps socialize

Over dating applications, we interact with hundreds of people. Maybe sometimes it may not be a perfect date but also we get to make new friends. We go through the bios of number of people which also makes us more familiar with the human race. By talking to new people we start understanding them more. This just keeps on adding to our experiences as a social animal. The in-app features help us to interact with other users in many different ways. With the advent of technology, social media is gaining a higher and higher importance in every field. Through such apps we stay updated with the current society patterns. We move far from being called a 90s animal. We learn how to maintain relationships better. At the end of the day it makes us a better date than we were yesterday.

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5. Best Match!

Best Match!

Finding the perfect person is a hard task. But online dating makes it much more easier. The filters within the application suggest us the users that best match to our qualities. We may find a person with the same vibe as ours. We may end up actually marrying the person. This makes the bond stronger for a lifetime. Online dating has already made over 30 billion matches globally. Traditional dating made it harder to find a person with matching interests. But over the internet we are exposed to a larger population having the same aim as ours- find a Perfect Match! It is no less than a blessing in life. Finding a perfect date ends the need to adjust in our day to day life. It just facilitates peaceful communication and success of the relationship.

In such a way, online dating can benefit us to find the best person to date!

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Disadvantages of online dating

Here are the disadvantages of online dating listed below in detail:

1. Absence of physical contact

Absence of physical contact

While dating online we don’t actually meet up with the person in first place. There is a need to search for a match, talk to him over chat and if it works out then have a face to face meet. But as a human we always like the person to be actually present with us during our good as well as tough times. We can be sure about a relationship only when we are personally fond of each other. A mere chat cannot decide whether the person has real feelings for us or no.

Lack of physical contact can lead to dissatisfaction among the partner. Also sometimes being at a distance makes us feel insecure and unconnected to the person. We start to develop suspicion towards him/her. Relationships need both the individuals to interact with each other in real life. A random virtual conversation cannot guarantee your feelings for the person. Also a person always prefers to spend time with his mate as he desires to do it for a lifetime. In such a case he may not be able to visibly judge his compatibility with his partner  on the basis of chats and calls.

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2. Security of data

Security of data

In the internet world, security has always been a major concern for users. As a user we share considerable information with the applications. It may include some of our personal information and financial details. If the server is tampered with or been hacked, our data is at risk. This damages the goodwill of the organization. Also we may end up not trusting online dating ever. So as a user it is our duty to ensure the security and authentication of our data.

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3. Trust issues

Trust issues

Evidently, in online dating we are mostly interacting with strangers. Even if we talk to someone online we are not sure about what the person is in reality. He may portray as a different person while talking to us than what he actually is. You never know if that person is being honest with you. It’s hard to know if the person is playing with you or is really serious. You can’t be sure if you are the only person whom they are dating or desiring to date. Such trust issues result into a weaker relationship. No one would like to be with a person who is not honest with us. There are many instances wherein trust issues have spoil a bond between persons. Hence it is one of the negative consequences of online dating.

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4. Online scams and frauds

Online scams and frauds

History has evidences of numerous scams over mobile applications and internet as whole. Many individuals create dating accounts for undesirable reasons using fraud information and identity. There are instances wherein such accounts have manipulatively derived the bank details of the users and stolen money. Many have done the same for shaming the user in seek of revenge. User is always petrified by such scams and frauds over dating applications. Such frauds take place through fake accounts created with unreal information. They use the internet for purpose of steal and for unethical purposes. User’s vigilance will help to be protected against such fraud users.

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5. Psychological issues

Psychological issues

In Online dating, there are chances of our match being a fake person or a real person with fake feelings. A user may desperately fall in love with his/her partner and then be betrayed at the end by fraud, scams or simply get cheated. This might affect the person psychologically. He may lose faith in dating and love. He may also start developing trust issues with everyone else in his life. It may also affect his personal as well as professional life. He may lose focus on his goals and completely ruin his life. Sometimes people fall a trap to ominous addictions like smoking, consuming drugs etc. due to betrayals in love. So it is a risk for both a person’s physical and mental health.

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To conclude with, just like any other technology online dating has its own pros and cons. All we need to have is proper judgment and carefulness while looking for a date.

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