What Are The Signs Of True Love In A Relationship?

What Are The Signs Of True Love In A Relationship?

In this article we are going to talk about the what are the signs of true love in a relationship. We often look up to our parents or grandparents or relatives or friends and admire their relationship and bonding with their partners. We wish the same for us as well. Everyone wants to experience true love where there is no selfishness, no greediness, only respect, understanding, care and lots of love. Some people might have gone through situations and relationships where  they felt it to be their one true love or even felt that their  partner was also in love with them but with time they realized that it is not true love, maybe only infatuation, or close friendship or just an excuse to fulfil their sexual desires.

True love doesn’t come knocking at your door neither do you go looking for it on tinder or social media or even in your neighborhood. It comes in your life when you least expect it and changes your life forever.

You know it’s true love when you don’t have to pretend to be someone else in front of him or her, when he or she accepts you the way you are and still feels lucky to have you, when you can be crazy and weird without him or her judging you. So, before you confess your true feelings to anyone it’s important that you analyze if it’s true love, or just infatuation or lust.

But,  Let’s not restrict our thinking to the only relationship between a man and a woman. There can be true love in relationship between a mother and her child, a father and his daughters sons, a mentor and his follower and  even between family members or siblings or cousins . The best example of love and trust in a relationship is of Lord Krishna. He showed and maintained his true love for his mother who gave him birth, for his second  mother who brought him up , for his friend sudama , his wife, his mentor, the pandavas , and for the truth. His life is an example of what we should arrive to be in a relationship.

What are the signs of true love in a relationship?

As we know, everyone wants to experience true love at least once in their life and try with all their efforts to make their  relationship work. And so, here we are listing a few signs to help you acknowledge if your partner truly loves you or not?. Wanna find out ? Why waiting ? Just dive in.

1. Selfless sacrifice

When you truly love someone you make sacrifices however small or big on your part without even realizing it.  It’s not important for you that your partner acknowledges everything you do for him but the only important thing is the satisfaction you get from making those choices for you and your partner.  There is only selfless giving from your side and you don’t expect anything in return except for seeing him or her happy. There maybe situations where you are faced with problems where you might end up making choices that makes things difficult for you but easier for him and in such a situation if you are willing to you do it without even thinking twice it means it is true love. You are lucky if you and your partner or on the same path of selfless giving and sacrifice towards each other because that is truly love.

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2. Leads you on the road to Self love

Leads you on the road to Self love

A relationship that teaches you to love yourself is the truest of all. True love is the one in which your partner makes you feel loved and always sees the best in you. He or she loves you unconditionally no matter what, so much so that you start loving yourself more than anything. In a true relationship, your partner prioritizes you over everything and takes care of you. He or she will never try to hurt you or upset you in any way. In addition to that, your partner will tell you how beautiful you are inside out and how lucky he or she is to have you. Your partner in a true love will always boost up your moral support and make you feel amazing about yourself.

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3. Mutual respect and acceptance

In a relationship of true love , two people are linked together but still have their individuality that is respected and accepted as well. When you accept your partner with all his or her flaws and merits then you truly love him or her. When you have an unspoken understanding towards each other, when you   value and regard each other and their values despite the differences, when you try to communicate and support each other in every situation , it is truly a sign of love. If there’s a conflict or argument between you and your partner and you both take into consideration each other’s opinions and views to sort out things by talking normally and not arguing or shouting, then it is true love. If you talk to each other with the same respect when fighting as you do in normal life, then truly it’s a sign of love.

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4. Trust amongst themselves

Trust amongst themselves

Trusting each other blindly  is one of the major signs of true love. Your love for your partner is true, if you let them go free and have their own life and trust them on it. It’s true Love in your life, when you don’t have any doubts about your partner and feel completely secured about them because that is how they make you feel as well. You both try to deal with crisis and difficult situations together and share your pain and sorrows. It is true love when you both make efforts to trust and have faith in each other and also at the same time work to be  trustworthy.

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5. Personal development along with your relationship growth

Personal development along with your relationship growth

For growing together a stable relationship is necessary. When you are interdependent and at the same time you are learning and evolving with your partner then it is a win win situation for the both of you. In a healthy, loving relationship, both the partners motivate each other to be better versions of themselves everyday. They inspire each other to be better at work, at home , to sharpen your skills and overall develop as a human, getting better step by step. They become the guide , supporter and witness of your success. When you both refrain from comparative financial competition and have cooperation towards each other , you know it’s a sign of true love. In true love there is  no space for negative body language or words. If you truly love someone then forgiveness will be  a part of your relationship.

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6. No amount of distance can weaken your love

No amount of distance can weaken your love

True love is not only when you are able to maintain your relationship by staying together or nearer ( maybe in the same city), but most importantly true love is  the one where distance never creates differences between you and your partner. It is the one where no amount of distance can change your feelings and affection towards your partner. True love is the one where there’s an understanding of the fact that even though you and your partner are not able to spend long quality times together but your love for each other stays intact strongly. Distance can never stop anyone in true love from being loyal and truthful towards your partner. It is only and only true love that will make you cover miles and travel for long hours, endure all the hardships just to see your loved ones even if it is for a shorter period of time.

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As we come to the end of the article , I hope it helped you  analyze where you and your partner stand as far as true love in relationship goes. If you think you are in a relationship with true love then make sure to never let it go away that easily. Hold on to it a little longer, love and respect your partner a little more and acknowledge your true feelings towards him or her as soon as possible.

 Every relationship is unique and beautiful in it’s own way but if you think that you relationship is  not your true love or your full commitment then do yourself and your partner good by taking time to sort out the issues  because the only best time is to do it is ,now! One of the most important things to keep in mind is to never associate yourself with any kind of toxic relationship, be it with your elders or colleagues or family members.

Despite their differences the two people in a relationship complete and compliment each other . And that is true for all different kinds of relationships we indulge in, whether it’s with your parents or friends or families or neighbors or  colleagues  or mentors or followers or anyone for that matter .

Hope you liked reading it as much as I did writing it.

Thank you!

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