How To Make A Man Feel Loved And Respected?

How To Make A Man Feel Loved And Respected?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to make a man feel loved and respected? Being a man is not easy. Yes yes even being a lady is not easy, but today can we talk about men? Because even if we live in a patriarchal society, it does not mean that an article should not be dedicated to them, because even men have issues and expectations. On the other hand maintaining a relationship or a family is also a task that needs inputs and efforts to keep them healthy. Men contribute and sacrifice so many things that they cannot be even listed. So I am happy to lay down some points for all the ladies, women, and kids to how to make that man feel loved and respected who works so hard for you.

10 Best ways to make a man feel loved and respected

The best ways to make a man feel loved and respected are listed below in detail:

1. Appreciate and compliment

These two words nowadays rarely go with the word ‘man’. It is a routine for a man to provide for his family and he never hesitates in doing so. So it is also the responsibility of his family to appreciate his hard work. Your boyfriend may see learn something chivalrous from a video or a movie and try it on you. Like opening the door of a car or café for you, serving you food or carrying your hand bag while you are shopping. Notice these gestures. Notice them and appreciate them.

A small ‘thank you’ followed by a genuine smile will make his day. Even if such gestures look small, a word of appreciation won’t do any harm. Along with gestures try noticing and complimenting him. If it is your husband or boyfriend tell him that a specific shirt looks great on him. Or tell him about all the good things about him that attracts you towards him.

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2. Try not to reject his offers

 Try not to reject his offers

If your male partner tries to do something nice and out of the way for you, don’t stop him. Or if in the process of doing something he messes up, don’t scold him for that and give him a half hug and tell him it was sweet. Because if you scold him or get upset for messing up, trust me there will rarely be a next time. Next time he may hesitate and completely avoid doing something different for you looking at the past experience. Appreciate his efforts and failed attempts because the intentions behind them were to make you feel special or comfortable.

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3. Be a support system

Be a support system

Your man may be a handsome hunk and an excellent employee at his workplace, but, there will be times when he has to suffer from some or the other loss. At such times he may need you and your soothing words. In that case be the source of such soothing and comforting words. Support him in his difficult times. In some case your partner may be unfortunately failing repeatedly in achieving something like getting a job or cracking some exam. In such tough times try to be a ray of hope. Encourage him. Remind him of his past achievements. Always try to be there for him when he needs you.

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4. Give him space

Give him space

Try to know his schedule and study it. See to it that if he needs some time off to do the things that he is fond of. Men are fond of N number of things. They may like swimming, playing video games on their play station, hanging out with their friends, watching movies or learning a new language. So analyze your man’s schedule and hobbies and give him some time off from everything so that he can spend some time on himself. Tell your husband on a Saturday night that he does not need to help you out in house chores and he can go play on his PlayStation.

Once or twice a week allow your boyfriend to have a night out with his buddies or allow him to do whatever he is unable to do due to his busy schedule. Believe me, he will appreciate it, I repeat, he will appreciate it. He will be proud of you like anything because you are trying to help him do what he likes selflessly. Psst…Psst… a little secret, in fact by giving him space once in a while, you are actually drawing him closer to you (wink).

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5. Show him he is important

Show him he is important

We all live only once and the moments that we spend with our loved ones can also be spent only once. Spend quality time with your partner. Even if both of you are working professionals, plan things out to spend time with each other. Do things that will show him he is an important part of your life. If you are on your way back home, it won’t hurt to take a small detour to buy a snack or a chocolate he likes. Almost all men love food, they even say ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. At times cook something special that he loves devouring.

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6. Ask and listen

Ask and listen

Ask…Ask him how his day was, ask him how is he. The asking matters. Even if you talk daily ask him how is he once in a while. This gives an emotional touch to the relationship and draws you closer to each other. After you ask him, don’t stop there but listen to him. Listen to his happy, sad, gloomy and cheerful moments. And when listening, let him finish, let the whole topic and discussion finish before you start sharing something related to you.

If he starts telling you his boss scolded him for some reason, reply to him something related to his situation like what are your next steps or something like that. Don’t start talking something related to you like ‘yeah even I had an argument with one of my friends’ or ‘yes even my boss was a bit grumpy towards me today’. You may not be doing it on purpose, but it looks as if you are least bothered with how his day was. Let him finish his story, let the topic complete.

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7. Tell him that you love him

Tell him that you love him

Yes you love your husband. Yes you love your boyfriend. But let me tell you ladies, speaking out your feelings has its own charm and affection. Tell him that you love him. Write him a little card telling him how much you love him and mention in it that he means a lot to you. If he is away from you or is outstation due to office work and you miss him, then text or give him a call to tell that to him. If you commit a mistake tell him, apologize to him freely and tell him how guilty and bad you are feeling. Speak it out. Because everybody knows that words said and written have enormous power in them.

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8. Trust him and keep your promises

Trust him and keep your promises

It is difficult to trust people in this era, but try to trust your partner when in the initial stage of relationship.  If you trust your partner and have faith in him even he will realize that he is special for you. He will realize that you confide in him and trust him with your secrets and tell him everything that you cannot share with random people in your life. Along with this always keep your promises.

If you tell him that you are going to help him prepare for a presentation, help him prepare for the presentation. In case you are really unable to keep your promise then the least you can do is try explaining your situation to him with a ‘sorry’ at the end. Just don’t forget your promises and ghost him. You may start to lose creditability in his life you promise some things to him and then keep forgetting it.

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9. Be frank

Be frank

There may be many things that your man does that you are not quite comfortable with. And you just keep it low and avoid telling him under the fear of hurting his feelings. Just don’t this. It is not healthy for him, for your own self and neither for your relationship. He is not in the habit of putting the toilet lid down and it irritates you. It is your responsibility to tell it to him to put the lid down every time he uses it. Or he may be spending too much time on his mobile lately and it disturbs you. Then speak to him about it. Be frank with things that annoy you. Because why should you suffer if things can be sorted out by talking.

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10. Treat him like a ___

Treat him like a ___

You should treat your boyfriend according to the situations you are in. Treat your husband like a husband when you are discussing household affairs. You must treat your husband like a buddy when you are playing some games like FIFA or Asphalt with him. Treat your boyfriend or husband like a true friend when you are discussing issues related to professional lives. Treat your boyfriend or husband like a lover when you are in the privacy of your bedroom. Discuss current affairs with your partner like two friends discussing it over mugs of beer in a pub. Take and give opinions on disputes related to each other’s profession.

Girls, at times treat your boyfriend, fiancé or husband like a girlfriend and tell him how mean or how sweet your other girl friends are. It may sound silly, but believe me such talks will bring out the silly romantic teenage kind of love between you two. Treat him like a new found love and show it to him that you are jealous when that girl in his neighborhood talk or texts him. Treat him like he is the one and never ever give up on him.

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If you follow the above points in your relationship, I can guarantee you that you will surely notice positive changes. Relationships and marriages are hard, complicated, difficult and challenging. But if you are with the one you truly love, then relationships are worth fighting off the tough times with your guy. Because relationships are also beautiful, magical, colossal and prodigious.

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