How To Make A Woman Feel Attraction For You?

How To Make A Woman Feel Attraction For You?

In this article we are going talk about the How to make a Woman feel attraction for you? ATTRACTION-A very beautiful feeling which leads to love, without which there is no life on earth. Attraction involves a lot of things. Some may be attracted to beauty and some may be attracted to character and some may be attracted to the attitude. So whatever it might be if you are having trouble attracting a woman then we are here to help you out. Try the following and I promise you will be able to get good results.

10 Best Ways to make a woman feel attraction for you

Here are some of the tips that might help you in attracting a woman you like

1. Loyal And Sincere

Loyal And Sincere

Staying loyal to a woman is the most important thing a woman expects from a man. Your loyalty and sincerity show how much she means to you. Women seek men who are loyal and sincere. So it is important that you be loyal to her. You must express sincerity in everything you do to impress her. Stay loyal and she will definitely respond to you. Do things in a way that show casts your sincerity. Do everything for her, in a loyal manner and stay sincere in your work.

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2. Do Your Homework

Do Your Homework

Before impressing a girl you must make sure you are well aware of all the things about her. Do your research beforehand so that you will not be surprised. Try and know each and every small thing about her so that you can perform better at impressing her. After the research is done try and behave in manners she likes. Take her to her favorite restaurant. Order her favorite dish and surprise her. Do let her know that you did all your homework beforehand by giving her all kinds of surprises, that is all the things she likes. In that way, she gets impressed by the work you have done for her and might try and give you a chance.

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3. Looks


Looks do matter. The “Looks” play a major role. We draw the first impression in people’s mind with our looks. So it is important that you look good. Do not get carried away by the words like “looks are not important” or “looks have nothing to do with feelings” and all. The “Looks” are important to make a good first impression. Dress well when you go to meet her. Always maintain a confident posture. Try and look in a compassionate manner. All these things increase your chance of making her feel attracted to you. So again keep in mind that how you look is important.

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4. Priority


Most women crave attention from the better halves of their life. They like it when men give them importance. So always make her your first priority. Make sure you give her all the attention she craves for. Share everything that happens in your life with her. Show her that she is your first priority over everybody in your life. This gives you a very high chance of impressing the girl you like, as women need men to prioritize them all the time.

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5. Materialistic Girls

Materialistic Girls

If the girl you like is materialistic, then you can use gifts to impress her. Gifts alone may not impress her, but it will increase your chance to impress her. You can surprise her with the things she likes the most and give her the experiences of her life. You can try and express yourself through the things you gift her. Make sure she understands your correct motive from the things you gift her.

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6. Her Dreams

Her Dreams

Give importance to her dreams. Support and motivate her to pursue her dreams. Tell her that you care about her dreams. Keep a tab on her progress in achieving her goals. Guide her if you can. Take care of her work. Help her in every way you can in achieving her aims. And provide your support irrespective of the way she chooses to achieve them. And also don’t let her limit her dreams. Motivate her saying that “sky is the limit”. Become a part of her work if possible. Guide her through every step. Show her that you care.

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7. Frequent Brush UP’S

Frequent Brush UP'S

It is important that, in between your attempts to impress and attract her, every now and then you tell her how you feel about her. It is really a very important thing and she will be frequently reminded that there is someone who constantly cares for her. Care for her and tell her. Be a part of everything she does and be sure to make her aware of how much you like her. Frequent brush up’s are necessary to attract a woman.

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8. Needy


Although it is important that you remind her about the feelings every now and then, you should not seem too needy. Remind her only when it is necessary. Choose ways in which you do not seem too desperate. Try and express your feelings as a gift or a surprise. Take her out on a date and tell her how you feel. Keep on giving her beautiful surprises with things she likes. Show that you care about her interests. Frequently try to talk about her interests like her favorite sport, movie, etc. All these things actually show her how much you care about her.

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9. Being Responsible

 Being Responsible

Women like men who are responsible. They need men to show them that they can protect them. They need the sense of security you get when the other person is responsible for us. So always behave responsibly when you are with her. Change your behavior according to her mood. When you take her out make sure you behave responsibly. And take care of her. Your care shows how responsible you are. Take control and take responsibility for your actions.

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10. Confidence


Be confident and positive. Always stay positive around her so you don’t affect her mood. Behave so confident that she becomes impressed by your confidence in acquiring her. Smile frequently and let her feel protected around you. Believe in yourself.

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