What Personality Characteristics Should A Person Have For Pilot?

What Personality Characteristics Should A Person Have For Pilot?

In this article we are going to talk about the What personality characteristics should a person have for pilot? Every person has their individual personality, which differs from one another. Their thinking, feelings are different from each other. Every person according to their personality has a unique behaviour. Personality traits refer to people’s way of thinking, behaving. Everyone is different in their own self. But, in almost all the job sector, personality trait is important according to the work. Traits basically mean skills.

So, it is very important to know about the personality trait a person should have for pilot. Being a pilot is not an easy job, you need to have combination of skills. As everyone knows pilot is person, who is licensed and qualified to fly a plane\aircraft or operate a ship.

What personality characteristics should a person have for pilot?

Being a pilot does not only require technical and mathematical skills. A pilot is the leader of a particular aircraft, but with leadership he\she should also work properly be as a part of a team. Here are top 10 personality traits a person should have for pilot-

1. Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Communication skill is the most prior thing which cannot be neglected. Having proper communication skills, is helpful in sector of the job, and in case of pilots it matters a lot. It is very important that all the instructions as traffic information or any other emergencies are communicated properly for a safe flight. Many of the aircraft crash occur due to poor communication. So, it is the main skill/trait a pilot should have.

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2. Self-confidence


When a person is too much confidence it can turn into rudeness and when he\she is having to little confidence then it could have bad results as well. Self-confidence is an important trait is pilots. Because if a pilot has lack of self-confidence, it can be dangerous for the aircraft as the pilot will be slow and confused in taking decisions. They should definitely have a perfect self-confidence level and trust their own decisions for having a successful and safe flight.

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3. Ability to stay calm

Ability to stay calm

Staying calm is very important in pilots. No one knows when the situation can change and emergency situation can occur, at that moment of time a pilot is required to stay calm. They are being trained to stay calm in emergency situation, at that time it is made sure that confidence of staying calm and dealing with such abnormal situation is enough to make decisions or not. If the pilot will start panicking, then the passengers will panic more and the situation will get worse.

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4. Leadership quality

Leadership quality

Pilot is the leader of the team of particular aircraft. He\she should be a good leader and understand the meaning of good leadership and consequences of bad leadership. A pilot is the one who leads the crew. The captain is the leader of an aircraft.

A pilot should know that he\she should behave properly and respect his\her team to be a good leader. If the crew respects and obeys the leader it is safe for the flight.

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5. Active, quick thinker and decision maker

Active, quick thinker and decision maker

A pilot should be active both mentally and physically, because he has many lives in his hand. If he\she would be absent minded it can turn into a very dangerous situation.

He\she should be a quick thinker and decision maker and always be ready for any obstacle. A pilot should always be calm and maintain a cool head, as a single wrong decision can push thousands of life in danger. They are a quick thinker with proper and correct decision making power.

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6. Awareness


A pilot should be aware all the time. He\she should be active and ready for any kind of circumstances like weather systems, fight conditions etc. Lack of situational awareness can lead to accidents and loss of thousand lives. A pilot should have system awareness, environmental awareness, mode awareness like speed, control system modes etc.

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7. Have knowledge of technical information and creative skills

 Have knowledge of technical information and creative skills

A pilot should have a perfect and all over knowledge of technical information. He/she should confirm himself/herself that the aircraft is below its weight limit, time to time communicate to air traffic control, fight should be operated between the planned routes.

Besides having technical information , a pilot should have creative skills which means thinking outside the particular thinking range and solving the problem\issue.

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8. Team work

Team work

In any aircraft, the crew members should work as a team. A pilot should properly communicate and work closely with other pilots as well as with air traffic controllers and rest of the team members. There should always be cross checking of each other’s work between the team members, as it will give positive results which could result a safe flight and will ensure flight safety risks.

As a pilot you should work with honesty and deal with the team that deserves trust because being pilot means having thousand life risks at your shoulder. So, co-operating with the team and working honestly with them is very important.

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9. Staying healthy is important

Staying healthy is important

As a pilot you must have the other important traits. But staying healthy is equally important as the other traits. Physical and mental healths both are equally important.

The pilot should always maintain his health even after selection of the entire medical test. As staying mentally healthy will lead to stay aware and take quick and correct decisions. Proper mental health will help a pilot to concentrate. Physical health is important because a healthy pilot can only travel a safe flight and have good communication skills. Having a good flight will make the passengers happy.

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10. Stress Management

Stress Management

Managing your stress is one of the vital traits for being a pilot. In any kind of emergency situation, a pilot cannot be stressed because a stressed person can never take a quick decision. So, a pilot should have a proper way to manage stress. It is not just for the pilot’s safety, it is for the passengers safety too, which should be prior to any pilot. Stressed people mostly take wrong decisions, which can push the flight to an accident. Instead of being stress the pilot should be strong enough to manage any situation, because people trust them and it’s the pilot’s responsibility to not break that trust in any condition.

Even after passing through all the written, physical, medical, mental tests and flying skills. A pilot is also selected on the basis of their personality traits. So, all the above mentioned personality traits should be there for being a pilot.

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