Why Is It Important To Have A Purpose In Life?

Why Is It Important To Have A Purpose In Life?

In this article we are going to talk about the Why is it important to have a purpose in life? If we talk about the basic needs of a person. A person needs clothes to wear, a house to love, food to eat. The most basic needs but the point is, is this sufficient to love a proper life. Are you using you energy properly means you are just passing your life day after day. When you are not doing anything to achieve something who can u say your life is going good. When you don’t even know what eventually you want, what will help you to grow.

All of these situations are the most common. Everyone face these on daily basis because the thing is most of the people don’t even know what is their goal, what is their purpose of living. Yes to give your life a better way every individual must fix their goal in accordance to their interest. There are numerous reasons or we can say everyone must set their own purpose of living because that’s the only way one can know where will they reach at the end. As some people who understands the real mean of well maintained life, they know what they have to do in their coming future. That’s the power of purpose which can change a looser to winner. So here we will discuss why it is important for every individual to have a purpose in life.

Why is it important to have a purpose in life?

So we just see what purpose can do to a person. Now we will talk about the importance of having purpose in life. Having purpose in your life do not only help in gaining your goals but it also helps to grow in various fields like physical fitness, stress control etc. Yes it’s right when you have your goals fixed then you just don’t have to listen to anyone. You can  handle al the situations in your own way. Having a clear purpose will help you to gain your self trust and you will never get depressed.  As when you know that slowly and eventually you will achieve what you have decided then you will not feel like giving up

1. Maintenance of actions

Maintenance of actions

Its the important part of every person’s life either group wise or at individual level. As everyone have their own reasons for choosing their purpose. Every purpose must have a means like if someone wants a degree he/she must study hard and gain knowledge to attain that knowledge because what is the benefit of a degree without any knowledge. Purpose must be made in concern of self as well as others. As when your purpose effects others its bad. Your purpose must be so clear that your actions must show this. Actions are the emotions which subconsciously shows your motive and your way of living or thinking.

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2. Trust maintenance  

Trust maintenance

Yes that’s the obvious thing that when one have a proper purpose in their life they must know what they are doing. They must feel their actions. Their trust on self will get increased when they achieve their small goals toward their ultimate goal. As that’s the best part anyone can attain. Maintaining trust is not so simple it always takes too much of efforts. Its like maintaining the whole situations whether they are in the way or out if the way. Trust is the main way towards the growth of life.

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3. Physical growth

Physical growth

When someone is directed toward his/her goals then he/she will surely take care of their health too because they knows the value of life more. They know how physical fitness is for their own betterment. They must perform such physical works that will help them grow in a better manner. Their goals toward fitness will be same as their purpose so that they can maintain the compatibility.

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4. Stress management

Stress management

When one knows what are the situations he/she will have to face then they will maintain them so well that even the worst situation can’t broke them to the extent that they will not continue the process they are doing. As in every part of life everyone have to face problems on their own levels. At every level there are problems like for children whose purpose of life is just to play and eat without any fear but when they got punished for any mischief they just got upset and start crying but on the other hand where there is a matured person who knows that he/she have to face the problems its their chosen path then they will surely face it strongly.

As being weak is not the option its always a choice whether you have to be strong or weak. So everyone must know when to control the emotions and when to show the emotions. Everyone must work on their stress management it can only be achieved with a proper purpose towards life as when you know your goals you will never gave up.

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5. Inner Strength

Inner Strength

Having a proper goal in your life not only helps you to achieve the outer fitness or the happiness from the outside world but it also makes you satisfy to the extent you will never feel low. You will never feel like its not in my hand. You will also get inner motivation, you will always be life yes its my choice i can do it. No matters how verse the situations are but when you are internally strong you can fight will all the problems either in the group or in the world. Just be what you are just be the one who you admires. Don’t act like someone else, never live anyone’s life. That’s your life, that’s your own purpose, you have your own directions. So just be strong not only externally but internally too.

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6. Spirit of never giving up

 Spirit of never giving up

That’s  the stage which will surely let you manage your life at the best. When you know what you want, when you know you have to face, when you know that yes i can get that. That’s the spirit, that’s internal peace which do not let you to give up. Its not like you will never face problems or you will never feel at the worst , the thing is just you got normal with the flow. You will not consider that problems while working. You will just see your goals, see how happy you will be when you will get that. That proper feeling of happiness can only be achieved when you will maintain strength and spirit.

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7. Less tensions

Less tensions

Most of the problems faced by youngsters or the beginners is that they fear too much. They just don’t want to go different from others. The problem is that they are just surrounded with so many tensions which don’t let them grow. The problem is they are not even clear what they actually wants to achieve that’s the sad but the bitter truth that 50-60% or the new generation is not clear about their purpose of life which makes them depressed and frustrated because they just follow the trend they just want to follow the path others are following.  They are giving up on their own purpose because they are not able to figure that out. So having a proper purpose in life can decrease the tensions by giving a way of life.

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8. Long life

Long life

When someone is clear about what they need. They will make them so strong and fit that no depression or bad thoughts can surround them. They will just do the work for their own as well as other’s betterment.  When there is no disease they will never get infected that will help in doing their work more perfectly. This is the toughest as well as the easiest path to have a long life, tough for those who take it as pride because sometimes in the hoard of pride people start doing some things that are opposite to their purpose, easiest for those who take it as their duty because when you know how can to balance your life then you can also increase your life.

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9. Guidance


When you have your proper purpose of life then you can also help you co-mates as well as your younger to think about their purpose. Your actions and your advice can change anyone’s life either in a good way or in a bad way. When you know you are right then you will be sure that your given guidance will come out to be good. Just be in your own safe space just follow your own passion as your passion is the mirror or your lifestyle. Just be strong enough to encourage others to follow their purpose. To make someone work on their purpose is the best thing one can do.

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10. Goal achievement

Goal achievement

When you knows why are you doing a work what will you get after that then you keep your selfish behavior aside and work on your purpose due to which you are living, Because everyone has their own goals but no one knows that’s goals are based upon the purpose on which they are living so having a proper purpose can help you to achieve your goals soon as well as in a good manner.

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So by these one can see how having a purpose in life can help them to grow and maintain their life in a good manner.

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