How To Improve Your Creativity Skills?

How To Improve Your Creativity Skills?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to improve your creativity skills? Creativity is the word that shouts everywhere. Be creative!, improve your creativity !!. These are some words that are repeating from everyone’s mouth. Some myths are there that being creative is the born quality which cannot be artificially improved. Is this true? The answer is no. Creativity can be improved by performing some activities in our daily activities. Being creative and innovative are the two major values that should be necessary to shine in this competitive world. But how to be creative?. This is the question for everyone.

Creativity is the skill of finding new things, turning these new ideas into real one. The things may be anything such as new ideas, new suggestions, new logic, new inventions and so on. Being creative is a born gift for some people. But for the remaining people, it can be improved by some activities. Now the next question arises. How to improve creativity?. The answer to this is practice. Practicing some activities which help in improving the creativity level. It is an effort to make both left and right brain functions efficiently. It will increase the level of being creative. If these activities are practiced from their childhood, the result will be quite large. Because the neurons function quickly for young people than the aged ones.

10 Best ways to improve your creativity skills

As previously said there are some ways that help to improve your creativity. The best 10 ways to improve creativity are listed here.

1. Keep thought of  being unique

Keep thought of  being unique

It is necessary to be unique in this era. Because the one among the group will not be helpful in all the situations. But being unique will help to shine among the group. It helps in grabbing the opportunities more easily than usual ones. The thought of being unique will help to think of new ideas. The effort will be more in being unique. So the ideas will be creative. It will be interesting to face the situations once you decided to be unique. Being unique is an important quality that should be possessed by everyone to grab the chance in a highly competitive world. When you are unique by your activities, by your thoughts, by your ideas, the result of your achievement will be at its peak. Be the one who hates to be one of the group.

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2. Solve more patterns and puzzles

Solve more patterns and puzzles

Puzzles are the games that kindle your brain to think more. Solving puzzles need to think creatively and to think differently. Pattern recognition leads to find the logic hidden in it. Finding solutions for the puzzle is an art that needs the brain to function more. It will trigger your brain to think differently. Solving puzzles and patterns for the first time may be an irritating and tedious process. But being an expert on solving puzzles will take time and more practice. It will increase the skill of correlating the things and the skill of thinking differently. The best-proven way to improve your creativity is to keep solving more puzzles. Solving more puzzles will be the best exercise for the brain to be creative.

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3. Correlate with experience

Correlate with experience

The skill of identifying new ideas and logic in any field needs to be experienced in the things related to that field. Having experience will help to correlate the things to find the solution. Answers for the most of the problems are hidden in nature. When things are correlated with the nature, the answer will be identified. So the art of correlating with experience is a very much needed skill to find innovative ideas. Try to correlate the tasks with the previous experience. When solving the puzzles or patterns, try to correlate with previous answers to solve them. It will be very helpful in the technology field where several solutions are required.

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4. Think from the other side also

Think from the other side also

The people who are creative have one additional quality that is thinking from both sides of the problem. Every problem will have two sides. The side which is seen by everyone will have usual answers. The other side which is seen by creative people has a different answer. The people who are creative will think about both sides. To be creative, try to think from the other side. It will be helpful in finding a strategy for new ideas. Have more problems in your life. It is the major quality that makes the person to be creative. New ideas will be born from you when you face more problems. Learn to solve more problems by considering both sides.

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5. Read more

Read more

A book will be a good teacher. This is very true in life. To be creative, try to read more and more books. Every creative person has books in their hands. Reading books will kindle the brain. It will make your brain to be in a calm mode. When your brain is calm, it will increase the ability of creative thinking. This is the reason why the experts are suggesting to read good books and do meditation. To make your brain calm, it is suggested to listen to good music also. The book should be life-oriented and it should teach the guidelines needed for life. So, keep the habit of reading good books. It will be quite helpful in being creative.

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6. Have a habit of drawing

Have a habit of drawing

Drawing is an art where several creative ideas are needed to be imported. The person who is an expert in drawing must be a creative one. Drawing needs several minute things which are to be creative. Keep the hobby of drawing which will be effective in being creative. Have a habit of drawing weekly three to four times. It is not a matter that you are a good artist or not. But keeping the hobby of drawing will be quite useful in improving your creativity level.

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7. Keep questioning

Questions are the only way to get the solutions. When you keep questioning the people, you will get different solutions. Questions will make clear about the problems. Questioning is the habit that triggers curiosity. Having curiosity will result in working out. Never afraid to ask questions. It will improve the part of yourself involved in the environment. Encourage those who have the habit of questioning. The skill of questioning more will make the person to be creative. If you want to be a person who likes to find creative solutions, then be the one who likes to ask questions.

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8. Activate both the right and left brain

Activate both the right and left brain

It is a physical fact that the human brain deals with two sides. That is usually called as right and left brain. It is proved that left-brained thinkers will be skilled at logic. And the “right-brained” thinkers will be more thoughtful and creative. For every human, the one side will have dominance than the other one. But it is necessary to activate both sides to be a creative one. The researchers believe that people who can activate both sides of a brain will be experts in their field. To be a creative one, try to control both the left and right sides of a brain. Keep doing some exercises that will kindle both the right and left side. Solving puzzles such as Rubix cubes will be useful in controlling both sides effectively. Keep practicing the activities that will be helpful in controlling both the sides of a brain.

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9. Have a happy environment

Have a happy environment

The environment in which we live also considered to improve creativity. Always the happy and fresh brain has the capability of being a creative one. Put some efforts to make you and your environment happier. To have a happy and healthy brain, music will be very useful. Stressful minds will lose the ability of thinking creatively. It is much needed to have a pleasant atmosphere around us. Keep some habits that give you pleasure and happiness.

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10. Give some time for yourself

Give some time for yourself

Last but not least, being yourself in every situation will make your thoughts alive. Do the things which will make you rich in knowledge, thoughts, happiness. Keep the habit of talking to yourself in front of the mirror. It will give clarity about your interests. When you are under a favorable atmosphere, your brain will work quite creative. Make a habit of giving your time for yourself daily. It will increase the chance of improving your creativity level.

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Creativity is a skill that everyone wishes to have. It is gifted for some people from their birth. But most of the people became the creative one by practice. Keep practicing the activities that make your thoughts and happiness alive. It will turn the person to be creative and innovative.  Never allow your activities to kill yourself and your thoughts. It tends to your creativity level to be at the peak. Be the creative and innovative one! Shine among your mates!

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