What To Do When You Have Nothing To Do In Life?

What To Do When You Have Nothing To Do In Life

In this article we are going to talk about the what to do when to do when you have nothing to do in life. There are days in everyone’s life where you find yourself staring blankly into skies above our head or the ground under our feet not knowing what to do. In this era most of the time people are too busy chasing after their dreams or career or money. Their everyday is fast paced, with lots of work one thing after the other that when suddenly when a moment comes when you have absolutely nothing to do they are confused and even frustrated.

Many a times in life we have said only if we had the time to do that. But when finally there is time you don’t know what to do anymore. People are so used to being occupied with something that not having anything to do seems strange to them. And then boredom gets the best of you and you start to overthink and stress over not doing anything.

With the current covid-19 crisis going on and everyone being self-quarantined at home it’s time to think over what is it that you can do when there’s nothing to do. Most working people have work from home programs and students have online classes. But still there is a large portion of day, for many, with absolutely nothing to do. This is frustrating them.

There are many ways to overcome the feeling of boredom and loneliness. Not just during this quarantine time, but whenever you feel like you having nothing to do ask yourself if that’s really true. Take a look around yourself and you’ll find something to do. And as to what to do with life in general is up to you to find out.

What are the things to do when you have nothing to do in life?

In our busy scheduled life we rarely find time to speak with our family, especially our parents. So at least when you feel like you have nothing to do go sit with them and talk to them. Spent some time with them and listen to what they have to say. This can bring immense joy to them and can also make you feel good.

Spending some quality time with your family can be very refreshing and it can help de-stress you. It also helps to connect with your family and catch up with whatever it was you were missing out.

1. Start a New Hobby

Start a New Hobby

If you have absolutely nothing to do that means your old hobbies don’t work out for you anymore. So simply develop a new one. Learn a new skill or just start doing a new activity. If it’s something related to your passion or your area of interest it would be more fun doing. It is an easy way spend your time and can also keep your mind occupied.

 Take up cooking or gardening or anything that you find interesting. Paint a picture or do a DIY craft. There are lots of activities you can do. Playing games, real and virtual ones are also a way to spend your leisure time.

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2. Reading


Reading can be very good idea to overcome boredom. Novels can transport you to new worlds and can help you learn more. Some books can be very captivating and it we end up being much immersed in the story to the extent that we wish the story and its characters were real. It expands our mind and help grow our imagination. Certain books can change our perspective of life and can be very inspiring.

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3. Go For A Walk

Go For A Walk

Take a stroll through your neighbourhood. It can be relaxing and you may even get into a nice chat with your neighbours. This is a great idea especially if you have a pet that very badly needs to be walked. Taking a peaceful walk alone with some music can be the perfect therapy for a disturbed mind. Walking can also help maintain a fit body.

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4. Call Your Friends

Call Your Friends

Having nothing to do is the best time to catch up with your friends. Give your best friend a call and talk for hours. It can actually lift up your spirits and may end up giving you an idea about what to do next. Also calling up old friends whom you haven’t talked to for a while can be bring joy to both of you. It will bring back the old, beautiful memories and helps you to connect with the past.  This can help you to understand how far you have come and helps you to embrace yourself.

When a friend calls after a long time it shows that he or she still remembers and cherishes the time you spent together and the happiness this gives us is so pure.

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5. Listen To Music

Listen To Music

Music is the best option to choose when you have nothing else to do. It can be very soothing and refreshing and can make you happy. The type or genre of songs doesn’t matter. It will always help you relax and takes your mind off stress and other worries. Listening to old songs can bring back the various beautiful moments associated with it.

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6. Clean Your Room

 Clean Your Room

This may sound a little dull and tiresome but doing household chores can help pass time and is productive at the same time. It also has the added advantage of making your parents happy. Cleaning up your room is not that hard a task. It may take some time but the end result can be very pleasing.

Fold and sort your clothes in your wardrobe, neatly place all books on the book shelf, tidy up the study/work table and neatly make your bed. Do your laundry and also remove all the trash from under your bed.

This also helps maintain a hygienic environment which is good for your health as well. Redecorating your room is also an option although this could be a little too tiresome.

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7. Writing


Writing is something everyone can do. It needn’t be creative or educational, you can pen down whatever comes into your mind. Maintaining a journal or a diary can be a very good idea. This way you can store your thoughts, feelings and emotions which may later help you to realise how much you’ve grown.

People who have got an interest in writing can write poetries or short stories and share it with people around you.

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8. Learn A New Language

Learn A New Language

This is a very interesting and productive way to spend your extra time. Take up an online class or download a mobile application. There are many ways to do this. Every language has a beauty of its own and learning any language should not be considered a waste of time. Knowing a particular language can also help us to understand the culture of the people speaking that language. It can increase our knowledge and help us acknowledge and respect foreign cultures.

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9. Meditate Or Exercise

Meditate Or Exercise

Sitting idle can have negative effect on your health both physically and mentally. Keeping your mind and body active can solve up to half of the issues you are facing. Exercise regularly, it can help your body to rejuvenate.

Meditation is very essential for a sound mind. It can help gather your thoughts and increases your concentration. It can make you feel peaceful and relaxed and in harmony with yourself. It helps to connect our mind and body and helps to think clearly. This can help in introspection and figuring out what you really want to do in life. It helps us realise what we want out of life.

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The feeling of having nothing to do in life is temporary and the points mentioned above are to temporarily discard that feeling. At one point all of us will know what we need to do with life. The various ways to deal with feeling of having nothing to do may pave the way towards the realisation of what is it that we love doing and what our lives actually mean. Even after this realisation there may be moments where you feel bored. At these times remember where you started. Go back to doing the little things that made you happy or start finding new ways. Our life is what we make out of it. So decide for yourself what you need to do and do it.

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