Advantages And Disadvantages Of Watching Movies At Cinema Hall

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Watching Movies At Cinema Hall

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Watching Movies At Cinema Hall. Cinema hall or a movie theatre is first on everybody’s list whenever it comes to casual outing or the idea to chill out. But at the time when cinema was introduced in India, this culture of watching movie in theatre was unknown in India. People used to gather at a place and used projector and enjoyed the film. For a fact, though it was silent, Raja Harishchandra was the first motion film made in India, Alam Ara being the first talkie one. After few Years of development, the trend of going to cinema has flourished to a large extent.

Not everybody is fond of going to cinema hall in order to enjoy, some prefer it at their homes or other on their phone. Everybody has their own way to relax. This article discusses few pros and cons of watching movies at the cinema hall which makes easier for you to figure out your way to chill out.

5 Advantages Of Watching Movies At Cinema Hall

The advantages of watching movies at Cinema hall are discussed below :

1. You get the best picturization

You get the best picturization

In a cinema hall, you get the best view and splendid picture quality. For the movies such as Bahubali, cinema could be the only option for enjoying the movie properly. Though technological advances have partially enables us to enjoy that view in our homes itself, a prudent person and the one who wants a bigger experience will always choose cinema hall over any home accessible way. For the 3 dimensional movies the cinema halls prove to be the only option to enjoy. Imagine losing the powerful experience of enjoying Avatar just because you wanted it to be watching it at home.

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2. Splendid Sound Quality

Splendid Sound Quality

Watching movies at cinema hall offers you the most mesmerizing sound quality which could actually give you the best overall experience. Sound is probably the soul thing in a movie which could make it a masterpiece. In today’s era, people are crazy for the good sound quality. They purchase most expensive gadgets in order to enhance their experience of watching movies. This makes it very obvious that for the best overall experience, they would rather move out to cinema halls then to stay back at home and watching it there. In Cinema Halls, people can actually relate with the characters and can feel to be the part of whatever is going on the screen just because of the surround sound system of cinema halls. Imagine watching a movie with best sound effects at your home with all those disturbances created by your neighbors. Hence, cinema halls prove better entertainers.

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3. You can Enjoy Without Disturbances

You can Enjoy Without Disturbances

When you are watching a movie at a cinema hall, you actually can enjoy it without any kind of disturbances. As in cinema hall everybody comes to watch a movie and there is no chance of getting disturbed or pausing the movie in between unlike in our homes. In a cinema hall,  you now can take the very comfortable chair and it is a good option to relax away from all those tantrums of the outside world and other such distractions. You can watch the movie without being tensed about any other thing which increases the joy of the movie to a large extent. It also prevents other problems such as the movie being paused in between due to power failure or due to the malfunctioning of your computer, television, etc. thus it’s the best option for watching the movie without any kind of disturbance.

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4. Better option to socialize

Better option to socialize

In the present scenario people are extremely frustrated and exhausted due to workload and match the rat race going on in order to walk hand and hand with the developing world. To prevent them from depression, it gets so necessary for them to socialize and meet new people. Cinema Halls could prove a lot effective for such kind of people and also extroverts finding the ways to meet new people. Socializing on the other hand is not only limited to new people but also friends and Family. Moreover, movie dates never go out of style. Hence it freshens up your mind and is a great way to chill out on weekends.

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5. You Get First Hand Experience of The Movie

You Get First anHahhkgjtjHand Experience of The Movie

First Day First Shows of any movie could only be experienced in a cinema hall only. In a cinema hall, you are provided with a number of fresh and new movies at the day of their release. On the other hand, if you want to watch a movie at your own home, then you have to either wait for a month or be satisfied by watching it in a theater print by downloading it through torrent websites.

Also, if you wait too long to watch it in the TV then you will not be able to enjoy it and all your excitement will end up waiting. In case you are a movie freak, if you want to watch it during initial days of release, it is only possible through watching it in cinemas, then your suspense would not be ending by the reviews that people post on social media about the movie. Hence cinema halls prove effective.

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5  Disadvantages Of Watching Movies At Cinema Hall

Like the two faces of a coin, there are pros and cons to everything. Watching movies at cinema hall also has its very own cons which could diminish your excitement and pleasure of watching the movies. The disadvantages of watching movies at Cinema hall have been discussed below.

1. It effects your eyesight

It effects your eyesight

Watching movie at the theatre may prove very harmful for the ones with weak eyesight or even the person with the strong one. In the last few years, the cinemas have proved to be a major cause of people getting specs specially children. Since the screen is too big and there is no other source of light while the movie is going on, the eyes of people watching the movie are affected adversely. Thus, it can be very harmful for our eyes and better if you manage it to watch those on comparatively smaller screens at your home.

2. External Disturbances

External Disturbances

Though the cinema halls prevent us from any kind of disturbances but it can still be a disadvantage if the people around us do not understand that someone other than them is also watching the movie and they need to be silent. Annoying people can just deteriorate your idea of having fun. Such people end up creating a lot of distraction in the cinema halls leading to other people getting annoyed and thus loosing the joy of the movie.

3. Lack of Customization

Lack of Customization

One of the major disadvantages of the cinema hall is they cannot be customized according  to us. If we want to go out for some kind of reasons, then we cannot pause the movie and we will have to miss some parts of it. For e.g. if you have a baby with you and you go to watch a  movie with it, then you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the movie. Instead of it, if you watch it at home, then you wouldn’t be facing such problems. The problem increases when you have older people along with you. Thus, the non-availability of   customization in cinemas is a major reason you should give a second thought to.

4. Higher Expenses

Higher Expenses

The huge expenses that we have to pay for watching a movie at the cinema are a very big problem. A lot of people like to watch movies at the cinema halls but they are not able to do so due to the high expenses of the cinema halls. Also, the refreshments available and all those of travelling to the cinema, parking charges and other such expenses are a bit higher which absolutely feels unreasonable. This all expenses, when added up becomes a huge amount which may a kind of dismantle our monthly budget.

5. You Are Bound

You Are Bound

When it comes to the schedule of the cinema halls, it has been divided into few slots which are fixed. You have to mould your schedule according to that of the cinema if you want to go there watching movies. This creates a lot of problem. And if unfortunately you get traffic, you could even have to just forget watching first day first show of your most awaited movie. There are times when people have to stand in queue waiting for their turn to buy tickets. This mostly happens when the movie is super hit and you could not get the tickets beforehand. I still remember buying tickets in black for Avengers Endgame. Well, this has been decreased due to mobile booking and other application available but still this continues to be problem in many of the areas.

Hence, watching movies the cinema hall has its own advantages and disadvantages. It may be advantageous for ones and disadvantages for others. People going to cinema should keep these points in mind whenever they plan for the cinema next time.

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