10 Best Ways To Improve English Reading And Writing Skills

Best Ways To Improve English Reading And Writing Skills

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 best ways to improve English reading and writing skills. English is a beautiful language. It leaves its readers in awe with its beauty. In today’s world English is called “the window to the world”. It is said that we understand the world through English. It is important for everyone to know some basic English. We use English in every walk of life. From basic schooling to top professions we need English. But it is not everyone’s piece of cake to learn English fluently. We all lack something or the other while learning English language.

10 Best ways to improve English reading and writing skills

Reading and Writing the English language can be quite tricky. It is a beautiful language with a number of tricks. We all need to take care while reading and writing the language. So in today’s article, we will help you in improving your reading and writing skills in English. So here are some tips to learn better English. Here are the best ways to improve English reading and writing skills listed below in detail:

1. Reading A Lot Of Books

Reading A Lot Of Books

We have been hearing right from our childhood that reading a lot of books helps us in many ways. And yes, that is true. Reading does help us a lot in improving many things like our reading skills, writing skills and also our vocabulary. But How to read if you are a beginner? Don’t worry that is what we are here for. Even if you are a beginner you should read many books.

Try and start reading very gradually and understand what you are reading in a very gradual manner. So start reading gradually and increase the time you spend on reading on a daily basis. Be persistent and do not give up if it is hard. In the beginning, everything seems difficult. But keep up the goodwill and one day you will learn to read fluently. It just takes some time. So keep a goal of daily reading starting from two paragraphs a day to a whole page a day. Believe me, at this rate you will improve your reading skills.

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2. Making Notes

Making Notes

The second most important step in improving your reading as well as writing skills is, make a proper note of what you read daily. And again, it may seem hard to keep up at first. But you will eventually get good at taking notes. It again requires a lot of persistence and commitment as it will definitely be hard in the beginning. If today’s objective is to complete reading a paragraph, then, first thoroughly read the paragraph.

Give it two to three readings and get an idea of what the para is about. Then start writing what you understood point by point. Do not worry if you are unable to write properly at first. Everything takes time. Be patient with yourself. After making notes write down the meanings of the words you find difficult and try to register them in your mind. This also increases your vocabulary. Then again read what you wrote and make corrections if there is any scope for improvement. In this manner, you can increase your reading ability, writing ability and also your vocabulary.

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3. Grammar And Basics

Grammar And Basics

Grammar and basics are a very important part of any language. So before you read or write daily brush up your grammar, basics and some spellings which might seem hard. English is a vast language. Brushing up everything might not be possible every day but try to go through some important things which can be erred on a daily basis.

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4. Learn Few Words Daily

Learn Few Words Daily

Keep a book for learning daily and write 5 new words with their meanings and try to form sentences on your own. Try to go through this book daily. This also helps in improving your vocabulary. Thus you can read, write and improve vocabulary which is very important in today’s era. In your writings daily try to use words from this book. This even helps your memory power and word usage.

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5. Practice Writing

Practice Writing

Writing is a beautiful form of art where one can express their views and ideas in a beautiful manner. Write a lot. This is the one and only way to improve your writing skills. Write, write and keep writing on a daily basis. As mentioned earlier try to write from your vocabulary book. This increases your word usage ability. Do not go overboard in writing. Try to start with simple sentences and keep it short and sweet. You can increase the range of usage on a daily basis little by little. So practice writing daily.

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6. Join A Class

.Join A Class

It is always advantageous to join a class as there are people who you can discuss things with. You can always practice on your own, but if it is hard there is no harm in joining a class for reading and writing English. Join the class and try to improve your confidence. If you are confident to practice on your own, then you may quit the class. This also helps you in improving your confidence in the language.

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7. Discussions


You can always find people with the same motive and conduct discussion sessions. Discussions are always knowledge giving and useful. This helps in improving your reading writing and also speaking skills. Try to conduct discussions on a regular basis and improve yourself.

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8. Participate In Competitions

Participate In Competitions

If your will power is good enough try and find some competitions like essay writing and try to participate in them. Give your best. It does not matter how bad your language skills are. Participation is important. It can be a way of testing yourself. Do not get scared if you are a beginner. Just give your best shot and try to improve yourself by always moving forward.

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9. Movies


Watch movies or shows in English. Try to read the subtitles. This improves your reading ability. This also may help in improving your listening skills and improves your English language.

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10. Practice Speaking With Native People

Practice Speaking With Native People

Last but not least here is what you can do to improve your language skills. Try to find some native people and practice speaking daily. This also improves your accent which might come in handy when you go abroad.

Practice the above steps and increase your reading and writing skills. Hope it helps.

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