How to Increase Sales in a Restaurant Business?

How to Increase Sales in a Restaurant Business?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to increase sales in a restaurant business. People out there with restaurants have only one wish that how can they increase the sale of their restaurant. It is a compulsion for them to increase the sale of the restaurant, because that’s why they open it, to sale there food at maximum quantity with good prices. So, every restaurant owner out there wants to put some extra effort to make their restaurant above the others in the market. But, the issue is that how would you increase the sales of your restaurant business in the tough competition of market. But you don’t need to worry about it, as we are here to rescue you with these tension by providing you various techniques that you can apply in your business and can easily increase the sale in your restaurant.

10 Best way to increase sale in a restaurant business

Increasing your sales in your restaurant is your biggest priority, here we listed some 10 techniques, which you can implement in your restaurant business and can increase the sales:-

1. Promote your restaurant with the help of existing customers

Promote your restaurant with the help of existing customers

Your existing customers can help you in the best way. Treat them in good manner, provide them the best services, and in return they will spread well about your restaurant. Whenever your customer come again to your restaurant try to recognise them, try to remember what they previously order, what review they give to your restaurant, and how you worked on them. You can also recommend them new dishes according to their choices, such actions will make them feel good and valued. You can also provide them various offers as they are your regular and old customers. These small little efforts are going to impress your old or regular customers and they will market for your restaurant through word of mouth and by bringing in friends and family. This will increase your customers and your regular customers also remain regular at your restaurant.

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2. Upselling


No matter how good is your restaurant business is going, you always want to increase your sales. And for increasing the sale there is one of the easiest way is restaurant upselling. Upselling means convincing your customer to upgrade their current purchase or buy more items. Restaurant upselling is the easiest and the most common technique used by most of the restaurants to increase their sales and to boost their profits. For successfully upselling your menu items you need a well trained staff. For best upselling, your staff must know all the menu items and should be good in developing a rapport with the customer. Along with this you can also provide offers, like providing them free samples of your new food items by including them with your menu, that will increase the restaurant sale and it will increase the chances that they may order new and extra food.

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3. Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Nowadays social media become a huge platform for selling the products or foods. Everyone out there with a business are available on social media platform, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or any other social media platform. That’s why to increase your restaurant sale it’s very important task that you present your restaurant on these platforms. You can create a social media page for your restaurant, but make sure that you update your page regularly by uploading pictures, videos, posts, informing about upcoming events, new offers, and many more informative thing. Along with this you can also use this platforms to notify your customers about changes in your restaurants like the timing, changes in menu and many more things. Also you can interact with your customers with these social media accounts. Social media is the easiest way by which you can notify your customers about your special offers and discounts.

Always make sure that you update your social media account regularly as a not updated account can create a bad impression on your customers. Also make sure that you reach to your customer with your social media account and communicate with them on chats and comments. Keep in mind that never ignore a bad review, always apologize for your inconvenience to your customer and assured them that you will never repeat your mistake again.

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4. Providing new offers

Providing new offers

Providing offers on different occasions is one of the best way to attract new customers and to impress already existing customer of your restaurant. This technique is common in all the restaurants but it is also true that this strategy always increase the crowd in the restaurant. For example you can provide them food combos or can provide complimentary beverage with the food. These simple strategies can increase your sale of restaurant during any special occasions and festival seasons. You can also offer you customer complimentary drinks on the special occasion. Also make sure that you mention your offers and deals on your all marketing channels like on your social media account. Post about your offers on the account so that it can reach to large population and they can know about your offers and discounts.

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5. Online ordering

Online ordering

Nowadays online ordering of food is the most common and demanded way. People want to buy food online as they love to eat food at their home instead of going to a restaurant. If your restaurant is still not in this field of online ordering then you are losing a large amount of potential customers. Online ordering help those restaurants too, who don’t have huge places and that’s why they can serve limited people at a time. Online ordering can increase their sale and profit as well.

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 6. Include smaller plates

Include smaller plates

Nowadays customers are interested in small meals rather than full meals, so it work as a best option if you considered small meals in your menu instead of full meals. Small meals may attract more customers. Also make sure that you have lot of variation in mini meals and also include items like, light snacks, desserts, which can also be shared among a group of friends too. Including snacks in your small dishes will increase your business as in today’s time snacks are the most demanding food. You can also add low crap, low calorie, low fat, sugar free, snacks in your meal, which may also attract customers as today’s customer are more interested in healthy food.

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7. Make sure that prices should be right

Make sure that prices should be right

The pricing of menu should be done carefully. While deciding the menu prices you must make sure that the cost should not be too high, considered the location of your restaurant, and which type of customer you are targeting for example if you are targeting middle class families, then the prices of your food menu should be relatively lower than the fine dining restaurant in posh locality as they target rich people.

Always search about your surroundings before deciding the menu prices, also consider your surrounding market and the competitors menu too, like if your competitor is serving the same dish in lower prices than your sale are going to see a drop. Abruptly increasing the cost of the menu items may lead to customer drop as it impact negativity, so always try to increase the cost slowly-slowly  in small installments that will not catch the eyes of the customer and this strategy will increase the overall sale and may also profit your restaurant.

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8. Use of pamphlets and posters

Use of pamphlets and posters

Just setting up a good restaurant will not give you customers. Advertising your restaurant is the most important part of increasing the sale, both online and offline marketing plays important part in increasing the sale of the restaurant. But only concentrating on online marketing and neglecting the offline marketing will also a bad idea as lot of customer out there, who are not good at technology and are not aware about the online market things. So you can do offline marketing by pamphlets and posters that you can distribute and also print them in newspaper.

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9. Email and SMS marketing

Email and SMS marketing

Email marketing is also gaining importance in recent years as it helped you to make long term relation with your customer which enable you to increase your restaurant sales. As messenger has word limit but email does not so you can market your restaurant food with sending longer emails. Also SMS marketing create a short term relation with the customers. You can use SMS services whenever you are providing new offers and discounts at your restaurant and can inform your customers about your discounts and offers, you can also provide link of your online ordering sites in SMS, by using the link customers can easily get to your sites and can know about different offers and discounts, this will increase your sales.

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 10. Providing combo meals

Providing combo meals

Combo meals is a good way to attract customer specially those one who want to keep it low on their pockets. You can create combos by combining your lunch or dinner with popular side dishes, beverages and desserts, like you can offer them a combo of dinner with some dessert cake and a complimentary beverage. Try to keep you combos simple. These combos not only help to attract customers but also increase your sales with overall huge profit.

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So, above we discussed some ways by which you can increase sales in your restaurant business. Go and apply these techniques to your restaurant business and keep in mind that customers are the most important part of business. These techniques definitely help you and will increase your business and you will surely gain profit.

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