How to Improve Your Thinking Capacity?

How to Improve Your Thinking Capacity?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to improve your thinking capacity. Your thinking capacity is directly affected by your brain power. Improving your brain power will immediately lead to a heightened thinking capacity as well. There are many advantages to improving your brain capacity. Problems of our daily life such as anxiety or stress can affect our ability to think clearly and hence decrease our cognitive abilities. Thankfully, there are ways to improve this cognitive ability. There are several sections of the brain which deal with several different functions. For example: the cerebrum deals with cognitive abilities, the hippocampus in the limbic system deals with memory and emotions, and the cerebellum maintains a sense of balance. Increasing your thinking capacity would mean an integrated elevation of all of the aforementioned parts of the brain. The education system tries to follow ways to increase our thinking capacity.

Co-curricular and extracurricular activities in school such as games, debates, singing, dancing, drama, art, creative writing are introduced in school in order to allow a more holistic growth of their mental capacities and to allow them to grow into good rounded individuals. Further, while it is important to instil discipline in children when necessary, children should also be allowed to go out and experience the world through their own eyes after a certain age. They need to be able to make their own mistakes and learn what consequences their behaviour will lead to.

Understanding the consequences of their actions will allow them to develop their own cognitive instincts about the world around them instead of always relying on other people, such as their parents, to guide them through life. All this and much more relate directly to a child’s mental growth during their growing stages.  There are many known ways to improve your brain capacity. Some of them are: maintaining a proper 8 hours of sleep and taking power naps when necessary, meditation, physical exercise, having a good balanced diet, reading knowledgeable books, quitting smoking, keeping a positive mindset towards anything you do, staying stimulated with high levels of mental activity, extending your education, and maintaining good and healthy relationships. Each of these ways has been explained in details below.

How to improve your thinking capacity?                                      

Here are the 10 ways to improve your thinking capacity listed below in detail:

1. Proper sleep and power naps

Proper sleep and power naps

Getting a full 8 hours of sleep every night is very good for your health. It is the perfect amount of time that your brain and body requires to reboot itself and be ready for tackling the new day. When you don’t get a good amount of sleep, the cognitive functioning of your body decreases and your brain goes into a condition where you respond to situations just as an intoxicated person would. Power naps will help you reboot your brain in short bursts of sleep periods so that you can wake up and get back to the work that you have.

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2. Meditation


Meditation for a small duration of time, at least once a day can help you refresh your mind when needed. It can be done in the morning after you wake up, so that you can start the day with a clear, open mind. Meditation can also be done in the evening after you are finished with your day. This will help you get your thoughts in order, especially after you have had a stressful day. You can let go of the day’s worries and problems through meditation so that you don’t carry your worries and problems to sleep, or even into the next day.

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3. Physical exercises

Physical exercises

A good amount of physical exercise done on a daily basis is very good for your physical health. Engaging in physical activity everyday for a certain period of time improves blood circulation to your brain which leads to better brain and thinking capacity. It is not only important to exercise for your physical health, but also for your mental health. It is also proven to be helpful for people suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety, depression etc. Getting into a habit of exercising every day, even if it is a small amount, can prove to be very beneficial for your overall well-being i.e. both physical and mental.

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4. Sticking to a good diet

Sticking to a good diet

It is important that we get the required number of nutrients in specific amounts every day as per the requirements of your body. Not only is it good for your physical health, but it is also good for your mental health. This is especially imminent if you are also engaging in physical exercise, as you are losing energy constantly. If you don’t maintain a balanced diet during this time, you will lose nutrients important to your body. This balanced diet will help provide your brain with the essential nutrients that it required to form neural connections at a fast pace. A lack of a balanced diet may lead to deficiency diseases.

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5. Read knowledgeable books

Read knowledgeable books

The brain is like a muscle. The more it is challenged, the more likely it is to be able to grow and stretch out of its abilities. If you read books that challenge your mind to think in ways or dimensions that you are not used to, you will be more likely to increase your thinking capacity. You might find it challenging at first, but making it into a habit to read those challenging books will make you more used to thinking out of your normal ways. Reading is a great way to broaden your horizons by immersing yourself in newer cultures.

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6. Quit smoking

Quit smoking

It is a known fact how injurious smoking is to your health and your lungs. Engaging in such activities, especially from early age can lead to problems such as early onset dementia later on in life. The amount of smoking that one engages in is also an important factor. Smoking large amounts of cigarettes and starting to smoke from a young age can hamper your brain development during the crucial stages of your life and can lead to more severe problems in the future. Additionally, studies also show that teens that start smoking from a young age are more susceptible to indulge in illegal drugs. Such drugs affect your brain development and thinking capacity irreparably.

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7. Keep a positive mindset

Keep a positive mindset

Hoping for good things to happen will lead you to do things such that it leads to good consequences in the future for yourself. If you keep a positive mentality towards your work, you are more likely to produce better work than if you did the work with a negative mindset. Keeping a negative mindset is about behavior that is self derogatory and which leads you to thoughts implying you are not good enough. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will be under confident in your work and this will affect your ability to produce the best quality of work that you are capable of producing.

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8. Stay stimulated with high levels of mental activity

Stay stimulated with high levels of mental activity

It is important to stay challenged and stimulated at all times so as to not make your brain lazy and used to less amount of work. It is important to introduce yourself to new activities in order to not get bored with the things around you. You can start to learn an instrument, a new language, or any skill that you are passionate about. It is very easy to remain lazy and not stay busy, but it is good for the development of our own abilities. It is also important, however, to pace yourself. Also, It is not possible to absorb all skills you could possible need at the same time, and it is not good to over-exert yourself. It is important to find the balance point between the two extremes.

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9. Extend your education

Extend your education

Another way to challenge yourself includes pursuing further studies in the subjects you are passionate about. This not only improves your thinking and brain capacity, but it also broadens your horizons in terms of having more qualifications for more jobs. This helps in making more money, as you will have more qualifications and hence will be able to land a better job as compared to someone who doesn’t have as many qualifications for the same job. This means you will be a more valued member of the community and hence will be more likely to have a better paying job.

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10. Engage in good relationships

Engage in good relationships

If you are involved with a person who takes up a lot of your mental energy with their problems or issues, it does not leave a lot of time or mental capacity for you to develop your thinking capacity. You might remain so engaged in their world that you will be exhausted by the time you are finished with them. They have a great ability to drain your mental capacity to a great extent. Hence it is good to keep and maintain happy, healthy friendships and relationships. If possible, it is good to stay away from people who bring you down with their own problems and issues.

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