Short Story About Being Lost in a City with Moral Lesson

Short Story About Being Lost in a City with Moral Lesson

We all feel lost when we move to another city or even go for one day for visits . When we visit a city we feel excited yet we feel lost. Many come with dreams , so today I am going to say a story of a village girl who comes to the dream city i.e. Mumbai to fulfill her dreams and how her life takes a u- turn from a simple girl to best teacher .

Short story about being lost in a city with moral lesson

Short Story About Being Lost in a City

Every girl dreams of living a life of her own. Ruchika a 23-year-old girl from a village near Baroda, came to Mumbai in search of a job. Ruchika always scored the highest marks in her class, though because of the lack of colleges she couldn’t get an education that is necessary for any bright student. She had a nature that would attract people as she was a girl who could make anyone smile. She was lively and cheerful. Also, She had lots of dreams and hopes while coming to the dream city of Mumbai. Her parents were proud of her and supported her. She came to Mumbai for an interview in a school as a Hindi teacher.

Though her English was really good but still applied for Hindi because she knew she could teach without hesitation. She already rented a small house which was near the school. But as she started living there for the first few days she felt like she was losing herself. She had some colleagues which gave her a friendly nod but many ignored her and gave weird looks too.

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She felt sad about this and also felt lost and started missing her family. One day she was walking through a path and as Mumbai is famous for its lanes, she always uses to get lost in her thoughts while walking through them. But that day what she saw was traumatizing for her. In her village families had a bond and everyone knew everyone outside. But no one knew who stayed in their next room. She saw that a kid was beaten up by his father very badly and his mother was standing there watching it.

Ruchika felt very sad for the kid and had to know what did that 8-year-old boy did. She stopped his father and told him angrily that it’s the right thing to do in the middle of the road. His father was too shocked by the strength of the girl, his mother although chuckled and said,” teacher Ji doesn’t come in the middle of our family matter, this boy has put our family on shame. He failed again in his languages.

“ Ruchika gasped saying,” so you will beat him like he committed some crime , I am a teacher I know how children think and let me tell you the more you hit your child the more he will grew apart from you and you are abusing the child mentally and physically too.” The child’s parents looked at her with regret and child was looking at her in awe. She was still feeling disappointed and thought to herself that her village and city was like north and South Pole.

She never knew parents would be so cruel, she had heard many stories but she never believed one. Also, She felt like she have come in a new planet. The child’s parents asked her to take tuitions for the kid. She gladly accepted as she could pass some time with these kids. She went to the school that day confused and sad; everyone noticed her but didn’t ask her what happened.

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Days passed and she didn’t hear from that kid or his parents. She was worried, she went nearby their house and his house was more inside in an isolated location and as she passed by she could hear someone screaming. She felt nervous and thought of turning back , but somehow gathered courage and went inside . As she knocked on the door she realized it was the little boys mother who was screaming and wailing. The door opened and the boy looked at her eyes and Ruchika ‘s hardened eyes turned soften. She smiled lightly and the boy hugged her tight. She knew definitely something was wrong.

The boy took her inside and what she saw in front of her she felt her heart drop at the sight in front of her. The man who had beaten his child in the middle of a road without any fear was lying there in a bed without moving. Ruchika asked his mother what happened and she started crying and said that the man fell down while working in a construction site and he is paralyzed. She sat with his mother and told that  he will be alright and told to send Raju to school from tomorrow and also said she won’t be taking fees from the child so don’t worry about money.

His mother smiled at her gratefully for understanding and saw that Raju’s father had tears pooling in his eyes. She went home with a sad smile but was also felt relief that she could help him. When she went back to her house , she realized she was again all alone in that house and would never be able to call it her home, she immediately called her home her mother was more than happy to hear from her.

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She said how lost she felt in the new city and how shattered people’s life here was. She cried and her mother said it was okay and she is strong enough to deal with it. The next day Raju came to her with his books she started to teach him and realized he was a good at his languages but didn’t wrote at his exams because he was scared of what if the answer is wrong. She gave him confidence and taught him many things there than his subjects. Next day she saw that there were two more children and their parents who came to tell her to teach their children too. And they also told that they could pay for it.

Raju’s mother met Ruchika and said to her “I and Raju’s father couldn’t pay for his fees and you are doing it for free so we thought we could spread a word of how amazing a person you are and how our Raju has started doing everything by himself, so I suggested others parents to send their children to you.” This made Ruchika cry happily of course! She thought to herself how lucky she was to feel happy after so much long time and she could also get an extra income from this which would help her in her father’s eye operation.

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Soon she was famous for the way she teaches and every child in that colony and nearby colonies came to her. The same year she got best teachers award in her school. She got many appreciations and the people who looked at her disgustingly and the ones who ignored her started looking at her admiringly and some of them even apologized to her. She felt content and happy. But some where she still miss the people she used to go back to her parents and friends back home. She felt lost sometimes deep in thought. Ruchika spread her positivity to everyone around her and changed them too with her charm.


You might come from different places and background but that doesn’t matter, you having a good heart is more important than your money. Only when you have a kind heart you will be receive love and respect.

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