Top 10 Most Respected Jobs In The World

Top 10 Most Respected Jobs In The World

In this article we are going to discuss about the most respected jobs in the World. In the modern era,  there are several emerging professions like never before, and hence today’s youth have a wide range of options to choose from to make their livelihood. However, not the same sense and feeling of respect and tribute is associated with every profession, and hence only people involved in certain jobs can experience the top-level respect from society.

Top 10 Most Respected Jobs in the World

This article highlights the top 10 most respected jobs in the world and inspires the youth to try and pursue such highly respectful professions, to be an inspiring and highly-looked upon person in the society.

 1. Doctor


The profession of a doctor is undoubtedly the most respectful one in the world, and the dignity of a doctor in a society is unparalleled to any other person. Doctors though often rich, but are respected due to their service to the society and not for their wealth. In our Indian culture, doctors are considered only next to God, and this respect for doctors is quite the same throughout the world. It is because other than the Almighty, only doctors are the ones who possess the ability to save a person’s life from the jaws of death.

The extremely complex and delicate medical surgeries performed by the doctors to save a person’s life require acute perfection as a slight mistake would lead to loss of life of a person, and hence they must be respected for being able to save people’s life from complicated situations.

Doctors are truly the unsung heroes of a nation in terms of crisis like an outbreak of an epidemic, as unlike soldiers who receive heroic stature on passing away fighting for their country, doctors are always present to protect people’s lives in times of crisis, even if it be by sacrificing their own lives due to treating of infected patients. Thus a world without doctors and medication is unimaginable, and hence it is undoubtedly the most respected profession in the world.

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2. Soldiers


Soldiers and Military people are one of the most respected citizens of a nation, as it is due to the soldiers guarding a nation’s border for which the citizens of the nation can rest in peace within their homes. Soldiers are the ones who are present during all crises of the nation, and willingly sacrifice their lives to serve his/her nation, and to protect their nation against foreign attack. They keep guarding our international borders 24/7, and it is only for their honest efforts that we do not feel even the slightest effect of any international struggle ongoing in the borders.

The service they perform for the nation by a dauntless guard the nation’s borders and risking their lives every moment while being involved in a military struggle with the enemies and other anti-nationals is completely selfless and perform their duty with complete honesty and dedication, despite knowing that they are risking the lives of themselves and their families every second. Hence a soldier must be respected as it is because of them, that we can lead our lives in peace without any foreign tension.

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3. Teacher


After doctors and soldiers, a teacher is an essential person in the society as it is only through a teacher’s guidance that a person acquires true knowledge about the world, and learns about all the good and bad things in the society. It is a teacher who is responsible for removing the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance from a student’s and enlightening him/her with the knowledge of the world.

Yes, it is true that in urban areas, the role of teachers is often underestimated as people have different digital sources to learn their desired topics from, but still in rural areas in India, where the children do not have a great access to the internet and hence the outside world, the role of a teacher is extremely crucial in sharing his/her personal experience and knowledge about the world and helping the student to acquire true wisdom and knowledge, which is essential for the progress of the society and maintenance of humanity.

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4. Policeman


Although the respect for policemen is gradually decreasing among the common masses, but we must remember that it is only the policemen across the nation, who are responsible for correct enforcements of the law and order and maintenance of peace in the world. Policemen are directly responsible for handling chaotic situations ranging from traffic to crimes, from thefts to accidents and it is only due to the proactive action of such policemen that we can smoothly complete our daily chores without bothering and being affected by the things and incidents happening nearby us.

Moreover the police force keeps a strict restriction on crime and injustice and tries to reduce any sort of crime or injustice in the society. Hene it only because of such honest and diligent policemen, who ensure strict obeying of the democratic laws as well as help us to stay safe and relaxed, without worrying about any criminal or theft acts as we know there is the police force always present to provide justice to us.

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5. Lawyer


A Lawyer is another important position in society and the position even becomes more important in a democratic nation like India having a lot of different laws and exceptions. To become a lawyer is firstly one of the most difficult professions to step into, as one needs to be extremely knowledgeable of all the slightest of laws and rules prevailing in the nation, and needs to remember them at every instant to support and guide his/her clients properly. The position of a lawyer is such a vital one as its a Lawyer who has the power to provide justice to people, who have not been provided so by the local people or by the police.

Even today, whenever there is a major dispute between people, they swear to each other to solve the dispute in the courtroom, hence the job of a lawyer becomes extremely crucial as he/she is responsible for fighting for their clients, and ensure proper justice to the victim. Hence Lawyers are the true pillars of any democracy, as they possess the power to go against the verdict of local people and police and provide true justice to the accused and victims, without any sort of discrimination, since everyone is treated equally in a courtroom.

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6. Nurse


A nurse although not much popular and recognized as a doctor, is an extremely important member of the health-care system and is a very respectable social job. The reason for the importance of this profession is that the medical system will be a completely useless one without the nurses and other staff who are there to look after the patients, take care of them and provide proper medication to them.

Although sadly in our country doctors are given all the credit for the recovery of a person, and are seen next to God, but even the nurses have a huge contribution in the recovery of a patient. People speak about doctors working throughout the day in times of crisis, but we hardly realize that even the several nurses spend their entire day inside the hospitals in times of epidemics or other emergencies, and despite their dedicated efforts, they are much less paid and respected as compared to doctors. Hence we must respect such real-life heroes.

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7. Accountant


Another respectable job in the society is of an Accountant, as it is a proper accountant who is responsible for the proper running of a large business firm, and hence plays a huge role in the development of the nation as well as in the Nation’s economic growth. An accountant is necessary for handling the economics of any large business organization, and hence is extremely trusted and respected by the business tycoons as he/she enables them to handle all their financial dealings, helping their firms to progress. Thus being an accountant is a very respectable job in the society.

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8. Local Government Manager

Local Government Manager

The post of the local government manager is the 8th most important profession in the world, due to the massive responsibilities associated with the post. The job of a local government manager is to supervise locally over the departments like health, education, social work, construction, and housing as well as implementing policies. They are officially responsible for implementing decisions of local councilors and hence are directly responsible for the progress and improvement of the assigned local area, thus resulting in the respect from the public.

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9. Management Consultant

Management Consultant

Management consultant is one of the latest emerging jobs that is gaining quite a large popularity in the modern world. The work of a management consultant involves advising and devising strategies for business firms for improvement and expansion, and hence they play quite a major role in the development of a nation by setting up big industries. They are highly paid and are well respected in the society, and possess a special trust and bonding with the business tycoons, as it is on their precious advice that the business firms depend on in any problematic situation, and hence are considered as their trustworthy fellows.

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10. Scientist


Lastly, the profession of being a scientist and researcher is highly appreciated and respected especially in our country, as it is a scientist who is responsible for all major discoveries, that are capable of making our life so easy and convenient as well as ensuring the progress of the human race. A scientist’s discoveries are not only a boon only for the nation to which he belongs, but one for the entire humanity, and his/her achievements are always recorded in the golden pages of history. Thus a scientist is extremely respected worldwide and seen as a person responsible for the progress of the human race.

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Thus the above article highlights the top 10 professions that most respected throughout the world, and hence people associated with them possess a high dignity and self-pride throughout the world.

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